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Welcome to my home on the web. This is the first homepage that I've ever created!! It'll take awhile before it's perfect but I'll update it frequently. The one thing I ask is before you leave will you please sign my guest book, I beg you. PLEASE sign my book. If anyone knows of anything cool I could add to my page then drop me a line to share it with me. I really do not know everything I can put on here yet, so if you know something cool that would make my page better I would love to have it. You will find a lot of things on my page. There is a section on myself and the area I come from. There is also a joke page of some jokes I found to be funny. You can also check out my music page and go check out different bands web pages. I hope you enjoy yourself while here, but please let me know you stopped in, sign my guest book please.

If you would like to e-mail me, please do. For those who have ICQ, you can page me. I am #1234128.

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What if Edgar Allen Poe used a computer?

ThE gReAt WiZaRd'S cOrNeR

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This page was last updated on Feb. 2, 1999.