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"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival."

You will find all my ICQ friends here......

Here are all my friend's on ICQ. Go check out their web pages and don't forget to sign the guest books at their sites.


Alien Head Go check out this cool web site in the making.

Andy This is a cool college guy from MN.

Blue Dragon

BRYANWHITE21 This is a true country music fan.

D-ROCK A cool DJ from Milwaukee.

don Azea One cool guy from Australia. check out his pic on his page. He has some really wild hair.

DrUgStOrE CoWbOy


Flowergirl A very nice woman from OR.

Gary One of the coolest guys I know on the net. He used to be a king. Go check this page out for sure.

J-Dawgg22 This kid has really got some talent. Look at some of his art work on t-shirts.


Ledoux Cowboys are not always from Texas. This is living proof.

Lestat One of the youngest 35 year old guys you will find. Ladies check him out.:-)

Meat Popsicle U.S.D.A. choice, grade "A" slab of meat on a stick

Milena and Jen's Page



Phil Cute guy from CA.



Rob Cool kid from Indianapolis

The IceMan You have to read the gerbil story.


r阮v My cyber son.

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