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Photos from Past Celebrations!

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Most of the time there are not photos to remember our gatherings. But, once in a while, with the permission of those present, we take a few. If you have any you would like posted, please send them to me.

Autumn Equinox, 2002

Tim was the Cernnunous.

Gryphon was Artimis.

Dick called East and Alyse called South.

Sundance called West and Lance called North.

We began to circle into ourselves. As a walking meditation, we spiraled into our community center.

This Maypole has been used by CTC since 1999(?) and year after year we have sheathed it in ribbons. There are many layers of color on the pole. Beltaine 2003 marked its last use, as it had rotted at the base. That year we notice that birds had built a nest in the top and were raising young. During the Ritual, they flew in and out. A beautiful blessing.

Celebrate the Circle had our Imbolc, 2001 celebration in early Feburary. Here are some photos of our get together.

This was our alter. At this time of the year, we bless all the candles that will be used by CTC for the rest of the year.

Lance pulled the Ritual together and wrote some of it himself. He was the High Priest, Gryphon was the High Priestess.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from both Bridget (embodied by Brydie, background) and Pan (pictured here channeled by David).

Then we had quite a feast!

Feasting is also a good time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

Then on to drumming and dancing.