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The idea behind this shackle mounting is to fix the handle location. You don't want to fumble trying to find the handle when you're getting dragged in a panic situation. With this design I always know where the release handle is. It does not move. The shackle can not rotate because of the oval ring.  The oval ring was purchased at the beach hardware store. These are common rigging parts. It cost $5.00. It becomes automatic to grab it with my right hand. Some people don't think clearly when they panic. This will help you when your brain shuts down. Unless you have participated in extreme sports before, you may not know how your brain reacts in a panic situation. As a former hang glider pilot, I saw a lot of newbies crash when their brains shut off because of panic.

The webbing handle is tucked under a bungee strap tied around the spreader bar. This holds the webbing handle up out of the way. This keeps the main harness line from getting caught by the release handle. When the webbing handle is pulled, the webbing slides out from under the red bungee cord as the shackle pulls away from the body.