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You are looking at the Slingshot footbed stuck on a Liquid Force Ultra Suction binding plate. The footstraps are NSI. I have a closet full of old bindings, so I decided to see if I could make Anti-Bindings and save some money. Anti-bindings from Slingshot, and others, are just a dream right now. None are available to me. The binding plate worked great. The same screws used to hold the binding wraps, worked to screw the footstrap in place. I had to drill new screw hole locations for the straps. The toe of the Slingshot pad was a perfect match to the radius of the heel on the Ultra Suction plate. The toe on the Ultra Suction plate is plastic. This made it easy to trim and match the heel outline of the Slingshot pad. I used tin snips to trim the plastic after I stuck the pad onto the plate. In 30 minutes I had home made Anti-Bindings.