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Cape Fear Kiteboarding

and Windsurfing

last update Jan 18, 2003

Rhino for sale: 16m in excellent condition, plus NEW 6.2 m Rhino never flown.

Geeky Stuff

How to make a pulley bar

Cable park fun on a kiteboard   The cable park is in Deerfield Beach Florida. Home park of Shannon Best

How to make sandal bindings from junk parts

 The best full bindings and what they look like


A safer way to mount the shackle

The fishersfort  (the one with a windmeter on the roof).

The famous Wave Tray close up photos

Christmas 2002 in upstate New York. Our failed attempt at snow kiting. The wind would not cooperate.

My incredible light wind session on my new 20m Rhino2. Dreams do come true for us heavier guys.

Dwight October 2002, a very early 18m prototype. Production kite is different. It performs even better!


Img_0029.jpg (26974 bytes) Img_0035.jpg (27557 bytes) Dwight June 3, 2001 Fort Fisher Recreation Area.

 Img_0071JACKY.jpg (43507 bytes)Img_0064JACKY.jpg (60195 bytes) Jacky June 2001 The Fort Fisher Basin.

jacky2.jpg (27542 bytes) Jacky in the Florida Keys, Islander Motel, Feb. 2001

northend.jpg (124877 bytes) Dwight at the north end of Carolina Beach, NC    March 2001

wakejump.jpg (144461 bytes) Dwight, May 2001 Fort Fisher Basin.


Dwight at the north end of Carolina Beach during Hurricane Edward. (Windsurfing)


NorthEnd2.jpg (38064 bytes) Dwight on a Concept Air 3.8 EXS December 1999

75butt.jpg (7326 bytes) Dwight on a 4.5 AR5, May 2000



* e-mail Dwight or Jacky

The Fishers Fort (Dwight and Jacky's house) 910-297-4567


INFLATABLE KITE REPAIR (all types Wipika, Naish, etc.)

Tear your favorite kite?  Bladder break through your leading edge?  Land or crash your kite in an unfortunate spot?  Want to get back in the snow/water ASAP?

call Kite RipAir for EXPERT kite repair and QUICK service GUARANTEED

YOU just:
-Give us a call to discuss the damage
-Send us your kite

WE will:
-Call or email you with an estimate immediately
-Do the repair (with your approval)
-Have your kite back to you fast, so you can get it back in the air where it belongs

Kite RipAir
(sanctioned by Blowing In the Wind kite shop in Wilmington, NC 910-763-1730)
Wilmington, North Carolina