Photos, photos and More Photos!!!!!!!!!

Here are Links to some very Thought-Provoking Photos

Big Ghetto Fabulous B-day Party Pix - I turn 21!
Phil and Brad at my Party; Craig; Kathleen and Brian and Tacky Prom folks
Crystal Shows Pride; Zac, Faye & Jimmy; Crystal Gets Close to Cameron
Hilary, Monica & Melanie; MHHS Journalism Mug; the PLM Snobs Falling Down
Faye, Danielle, Kim, Brandy & Me; Shocking Crystal & Jimmy; Halloween 1998
Jimmy (MHHS talent show); Zac/Tongue; Crystal, Eva & Faye (MHHS Prom)
Faye, Jimmy & Me (Cameron); Me Again as a sophmore this time!!
Eva, Crystal & Faye (Prom 1998); Andrea (Chapel Hill--Halloween); Jimmy and Faye (Prom 1998)
A small, Naughty Crystal Collection
Good Shot of Zac and Me in Asheville; Chad (Halloween 1999); Jimmy (Halloween 1999)
PLM group shots; My freshman roommate, David
Cameron Resting Glamorously, Jimmy Goes Goth, & Phil Chills Out
Cameron and Faye Get Freaky, Jimmy is a Pedophile's Dream, & I Roller Blade
Cameron and Jennifer Get Naughty, Jimmy and Jennifer Get Naughtier, & Jimmy Plays in the Snow
Cameron and his Snow Dawg, Threesome of Sorts, & Jimmy on the Roof
Jimmy and his Fishes, Cameron Roller Blading, & Cameron and Faye Team Up
Glam Crystal with Cameron; Cameron gets into S&M; Cam and Faye up to no good
My baby and Me; Redneck personae; Edit Board
Does Cam love Porn this much?; My bud Eva and Me; Crystal and child
Nice Jimmy; Naughty Jimmy; Chad and his Dawg
Me, Jimmy, Faye, and Crystal; Faye/Crystal; Faye and i in Asheville

More Pix!!!!! - And New ones to Boot!!

Cameron w/Reddish hair; Trick Cameron; Blonde Cameron...I love me!
Crystal, Faye, Cameron at Xmas 2001; Kathleen and Cameron; Faye, Crystal and Jenn
Phil, Mark, Tony and Eva at Mt. Mitchell; a scenic picture of the mountain
Drag Jeff? Butch Jeff; Marks, Tony, and Jeff
Me and the Boys on Mt. Mitchell; Mark; Mark and Tony on the Mountain
Club kids; Tony; My Family
Graveyard Shift; Me and my Family
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