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Heya everybody! Thank you so much for visiting my Backstreet Boys page! It isn't really good yet, but, in time it will be! One thing that I think I should mention! In no way am I related to the Backstreet Boys! I have gotten so many e-mails from fans saying "Oh my god, I love you Nick!!" But, I am not them! *lol* But I would like to thank the people who have written to me saying that they enjoy my page! It really means a lot to me! So, thanks, and enjoy!! *S* First off, my name is Sue and I am 17 and from Nova Scotia, Canada!! Check at the end of this page to see who protects my site!!!! ;) Please sign the guestbook before you go!!! I really want to know what you think of my page and the only way I'll know is if you tell me!!! *S*




It is soooo unbelievably hard to find the time to do this! I am really busy and I try to do this whenever I possibly can! If anybody wants to help send me a type of application (kind of) that basically says why you think you should be the helper! I'll pick the person that seems to be the most trusting! Hope to get a lot of responses! Oh, and please include your age and e-mail address! Thanks!! *S*


~*How They Came To Be*~

~*Nick Carter's Biography*~

~*Brian Littrell's Biography~*

~*A.J. McLean's Biography*~

~*Kevin Richardson's Biography*~

~*Howie Dorough's Biography*~

~*Aaron Carter*~

~*Nick and Aaron Pics (so cute)*~

~*Lyrics to Millenium*~

~*What I made dedicated to the BSB*~


~*The Cutest Picture Of The Week*~

~*Check this out!! It's so cool!!*~

~*Real Audio*~

~*BSB Millenium Songs*~

~*Check here for some awesome links*~

~*Whatever you do, DON'T CLICK HERE!!*~

Want to write to the Backstreet Boys? Here's where to do it:
Backstreet Boys
P.O.Box 618203
Orlando, Florida 32864-8203


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Thanks for visiting my webpage! It took a lot of hard work! I hope that you enjoyed it! If you have any comments then feel free to e-mail me at or if you want you can write it in my guestbook!! Thanks again for visiting!! If you want to add me to your icq list then feel free to! Here's my # 19917056! Talk to yas soon, come back for updates!! :) - I'm out!