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Delizbieta's Tarot Reading

These cards, for those interested in the tarot, are laid out in a Celtic Cross (which, incidentally, had not yet been invented, and was never used west of Germany until the modern age anyway). The Querant card is placed upright on the table, the second card directly over it, the third perpendicular to the first two on top of that pile. Four more cards are then placed just to the south, north, east, and west (in that order) of the cross. The final four cards are placed to the right of the cross, from bottom to top, in order, not overlapping.

The Querant Card - The King of Pentacles

The Moon represents powerful forces and passions outside your control. You stand in the midst of these forces. This covers you.

The Three of Swords denotes great sorrow. Your heart is pierced by conflict that surrounds you, threatening that which means the most to you. This crosses you.

The Eight of Cups indicates abandonment in your past. Those who supported you have already begun to withdraw their approval, perhaps seeing in you a threat to their own authority. This is the basis or foundation of your present dilemma

The High Priest stands for tradition and faith. It is this force that holds the power to unlock and translate the secrets of the future. This crowns you, for it lies immediately ahead of you.

Death is but the beginning of a new life. It is a renewal, and it lies in your immediate past. You have recently experienced a transformation that will greatly affect your future actions. This lies just behind you.

The Two of Pentacles. This card stands for balance. Its position indicates to me that your actions in the coming times will sway the delicate arrangement of forces in the world around you. What you do will afect more lives than your own. This determines your extended future.

The World represents fulfillment. It occupies the position of your innermost concerns. You have lived through difficul times, yet you long for your existence to have meaning and you fear that you will remain forever a pawn of someone greater than yourself.

The Seven of Cups symbolizes temptation. Its place in your fortune represents the forces outside you who wish you to enact their will and who lure you with promises. Weigh carefully the value of their words against the reality of their actions. You face a time of great trials and tribulations.

The Ten of Cups represents satiation. This is your goal, to satisfy your desires and fulfill your ambitions in whatever way you can. It is a deceptive card in this position, for you may achieve one thing only to find that you really desire something else.

The Wheel of Fortune is the card of Destiny. This is the culmination of what has gone before. Just as the wheel turns, everything repeats itself in an unending cycle of activity. But here, in this time, you stand as the turners of that wheel. You are part of fate, but in some sense, you are your own destiny.

With that, she ends her reading.

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