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Sgili's Poetic Side

Shadows of Samhain

Down in the valley
the pale moon shines
the soft glow on the churning water

As balefires burn
the year's wheel turns
Flickering shadows 'neath the trees

Witches come forth
the rites begin
to celebrate the night of Samhain

Witches dance
and spirits prance
the God bids farewell to the Goddess

Feast of the Dead
the Dumb Supper
the souls of those who have gone before

The Horned One dies
Witches' cries
follow him into the Cauldron's womb

The spirits mourn
in silence wait
to welcome the Horned One at Yule

The fires burn low
the witches, they go
to welcome the Horned One at Yule

Blessed be,


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