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Knight of the Galaxy Rank Listings


This rank denotes the leader of the entire guild.

Master of Webs

The Master of Webs is in charge off all things related to the guild website. The Master of the Webs secondary commanders are called "Knights of the Web."

Master Bannerman (Recruitment)

The Master Bannerman is in charge of recruitment and discipline. Secondaries to the Master Bannerman are called "Knight Bannerman."

Master Diplomat

The Master Diplomat is in charge of public and inter-guild relations. Secondaries to the Master Diplomat are called "Knight Diplomat."

Lords of the Manor

Lords of the Manor are the leaders within an individual region. Persons of this rank are referred to as "Lord (Name)." For formal occasions, you may use "(Name), Lord of (region name)." For example, a leader of the SE region would be called "Lord Bob," or "Bob, Lord of Solar Empires," depending on the formality desired. Secondaries to the Lords are called "Knight Defender of (region)"


Guildmembers who have distinguished themselves in-game shall be referred to as Knights, and are addressed as "Sir" or "Lady." For a formal announcement or signature, you may use "Sir (name), Knight of (region name)."


Members who have joined in-game but have not yet registered at this website, are referred to as Squires. Squires should not be confused with recruits. Squires are full members of the guild, and may participate in any of our online games. If at any time a Squire signs up here for the multi-game guild, they are thencefore considered full Knights.