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The Knights of the Galaxy

"If you're not having fun, you're doing domething wrong."

The Formation of our Order

The Knights of the Galaxy clan was formed to allow players of online games to interact and work together in a friendly, trusting, and mature environment. Due to irreconcilable differences in opinion with our former clan, insert names of fellow members here, and myself broke away and formed the Knights in enter month and year here. We wanted a clan with straightforward rules of conduct and pre-established guidelines for dealing with breaches of those rules. Our former clan will always have a special place in our hearts, but we wanted something more.

Our Former Clan

We joined our former clan under the impression that honor and integrity were important parts of the clan charter. This impression was built up when members were expelled for what some clans would consider minor offenses (offensive or seditious statements on icq and irc, et al). Looking back on these incidents, it seems clear that those members who were expelled were simply considered "unpopular" by other members and the leadership.

After attempting to expose and punish two cheaters within that clan, the "popular guys" factor worked against us. We were accused of perpetrating a witch hunt against those two members, while the members themselves were coddled and given a slap on the wrist. Whatever illusions of honor we had remaining about the clan were shattered when the clan leader himself posted in defense of hacking and cheating. In short, the purported honor of the clan was nothing more than a public relations page on the website.

Once it became clear to us that our former clan was being run like a high school "in" group, we had no choice but to leave and found our own guild. Thus was born the "Knights of the Galaxy."

Knightly Ambitions

Our main ambition is for all members to enjoy themselves as much as possible when playing online games. We intend to promote a feeling of brotherhood (and sisterhood) amongst our members. If you feel that something is being handled inappropriately, it is your right, and duty to inform us of the fact. We will keep our members informed of any new directions the order will be taking, and we will allow you to voice your opinions on these issues.

While the four of us are the leaders of the order, you should not expect us to sit on high and pass down judgment. We will be there with you, in the trenches, playing the same games you are. We will be there for you to discuss your opinions and ideas.

The Knights of the Galaxy was started as an alliance for Taenaria Derivia Zallus Kitara, or TDZK as it is more commonly known. The main focus of the Knights is centered on browser-based games, or BBGs. We will expand our membership to include other BBGs as time goes on, and we may eventually branch into other games, if there is enough interest. If you think you have what it takes to start a Frontier Realm for another game, gather a few like-minded players and petition us for recognition as a Frontier. Eventually, with enough support and a good player base, your game of choice will be granted full Realm status.

Rules of Conduct for The Knights of the Galaxy

There are seven basic rules of conduct for Knights. For most of these rules, we will follow a "three strikes" policy. Rule breakers get two warnings. On the third offense, they are excommunicated from the order. The only exceptions to this policy are traitors. If it is proven that a member of the order has turned traitor, they will be dropped immediately, and hunted down in whichever game they turned. Once that game is complete, a traitor will be ignored thenceforth.

  1. Traitors to the Order will be dealt with harshly. If it is found that a member of the Order has passed privileged information or purposely caused the demise of another member, the Knight will be stripped of rank and excommunicated from the Order.
  2. Cheating will not be tolerated. Knights are not permitted to use mods, scripts, multi-characters, hacks, or any other form of cheating while they are members of the Order.
  3. The Knights of the Galaxy clan does not have a recruitment process within the order. Once you have signed up on this website to become a full member of the order, you are considered a Knight. Players who have joined one of our in-game alliances, but not yet joined at this website are known as Squires.
  4. All Knights must seek to follow a chivalric code as closely as possible within our supported games.
  5. A Knight must always respect fellow members of the order, and may expect the same from them. By the same token, if an outsider shows disrespect to yourself or another Knight, that outsider has shown himself to be without honor, and should be dealt with expediently.
  6. A Knight leads by example, shining a beacon of light into his dark surroundings. Always comport yourself in an honorable manner, and demonstrate by your actions the true meaning of chivalry.
  7. A Knight should always help fellow Knights. If a member of the Order is having difficulties in a game, offer your advice, encouragement, and assistance.

Recruitment into the Knights of the Galaxy

Prospective members of the Knights do not go through a recruitment period. Once you are a member here, you are a full Knight. That is not to say that we will accept just anyone. If you wish to join our guild, please sign up through our Recruitment Office.

If you believe that you have what it takes to join the order, you are encouraged to sign up here and approach one of our members for entry into an in-game guild. Membership in the order is decided based on maturity, NOT on skill. Skill can be trained, while maturity is a part of you.

Document composed by me, based on an IRC discussion between insert fellow members here, and myself.