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My beliefs

I owe my life to one very important man, Jesus Christ. He came to earth to die for all mankind. That means everyone! Everyone sins, or does wrong things. He loved me and you enough to lay down his life and be tortured so that we wouldn't have to suffer for eternity. Eventually everyone dies. It's up to you to decide what happens after that. I have decided to give my life to the Lord. Someday I will be able to walk beside him in Heaven. What do you decide to do?

If you want to accept Christ all you have to do is pray a simple prayer. Say "Father, I know that I have done things to disapoint you. I pray that you would forgive me of those things. I believe that you sent your Son to die for me so that I could live in heaven with you. I pray that you would come into my life and save me. I ask you to come into my heart and be my Savior. Amen"

If you prayed that prayer, I welcome you into God's family. If you have anything you want to ask me, feel free to email me. I would be more that happy to answer anything. Christ has done so much for me. I have a wonderful family, and friends.Things have not always been easy, but I have learned from everything that has happened to me and I know it was all for the best. I have commited my life to him and his love. I ride motorcycles with my Dad with a group called the Christian Motorcyclists Association. A link to their webpage is on my home page. If you are interested if finding out about them go there! I work with the Children's Ministry Team. I love it! The children are so much fun to work with. I have a special place in my heart for children. They are so honest. They see things for what they really are. They love unconditionally, the same as we all should. Please go out in the world in peace and love one another. "Show a gentle attitude toward everyone. The Lord is coming soon." Philippians 4:5 (Good News Bible)