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Billy Crump, SR. 47 years old


Ann Crump was so busy juggling papers and a coke, she didn't see the two men emerging from the midnight shadows."hold it right there," one called in a cold, clear voice as Billy stepped from his BMW. "Oh, my God!" Billy cried. Ann heard the gunshots, saw the flash from the barrels and watched her husband fall to the pavement.

Billy Crump was killed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on January 4, 1992.
Born and raised in a rough section of Charlotte, N.C., Billy eventually became a trusted employee of Rick Hendrick. Hendrick became famous and wealthy, acquiring many car dealerships and moving into the NASCAR circuit. Hendrick saw an opportunity in selling NASCAR souvenirs. This gave birth to "Hendrick Sportswear" in 1986. This $600,000.00 company grew to a $20-million value under the new management of Crump. By the time Billy Crump was killed, allegedly a contract killing, Billy had been the general manager since 1987. He was trusted by many famous NASCAR drivers and their managers. They dealt with him openly, knowing that a handshake was sufficient to seal a deal. Upon sale of the company, one of the famous driver's manager told the new owner of Hendrick Sportswear, "if Crump is no longer involved with Hendrick Sportswear, we are going with him." The new owner, Ken Barbee, had no experience with NASCAR, but knew there was a chance to make lots of money. Billy was working out his last few months with Hendrick Sportswear. He had liked Myrtle Beach, S.C. and had purchased an older condominium with a close friend of his, and he had started to dream of making lots of money and wanted his own new condo.

In December of 1991, he bought his new condo. Part of the complex was still being developed. He and Ann, his wife of over 25 years, moved into their dream condo three weeks before he was killed. Very few people knew about this new residence.

Because of Ken Barbee's purchase of Hendrick Motorsports, Billy Crump had decided to start his own company called "Promotional Management Inc". (PMI). He had received signed contracts from many NASCAR drivers and/or their managers to promote their souvenirs. Billy also purchased a bingo operation in N. Myrtle Beach, where his wife, two sons and he could make extra money. They were traveling from Charlotte, N.C. to Myrtle Beach almost daily, living at either residence. Billy was excited about PMI and the bingo operation telling his wife, " After the first of the year we will be making a lot of money. We will be set. I'm working on a big deal, and should make lots of money for us."

On Friday, January 3, 1992 Billy Crump and his wife were together. They had just finished a good night at their bingo parlor. They left their bingo game at closing, followed a short distance by their security guard they hired for the bingo games. Traveling north toward Little River, South Carolina, the security guard went one way and Billy and Ann went toward their new condo at Eastport Condominiums in Little River. As Billy Parked his BMW, he and Ann were getting out of their car. Billy got out of the drivers side, carrying a bag containing $10,000 of bingo earnings and a 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol he normally carried in his hand. Prior to his closing the car door and his wife Ann getting out of the passenger's side, two males approached Billy from the darkened area of the condo building. Upon approaching within 20 feet of the car, one of the men said "hold it right there" , one carrying a shotgun, the other a revolver, opened fire and immediately killed Billy Crump. His wife Ann screamed and watched in horror. Ann went into shock, which lasted for weeks. Billy lay dying on the ground, with an unfired pistol, $10,000 , his Rolex watch untouched and a bullet riddled gold BMW.

Billy's and Ann's dreams were destroyed by two killers at 20 minutes past midnight on January 4, 1992. Please help our family in solving this "NIGHTMARE".

The case is being investigated by the nephew of Billy Crump. Former police officer, now Private Investigator, Brian Crump of Charlotte, North Carolina. Please contact Brian Crump with any information:

Telephone number 704/506-7162 or E-Mail

Billy Charles Crump

May 12,1944
January 4,1992

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