Thomas E. Hagler

There is actually little known about Thomas E. Hagler. From court records in Cabarrus County, the slaves so long held in the estate of James Love were legally distributed. As follows, on 24 Jul 1848, Thomas Hagler is listed as one of the heirs:

Cabarrus County Court October Session 1848
Page 231

Division of the slaves of James Love, Dec’d.

July 24 1848 in pursuance of the 8th item of the
last will and testament of James Love, dec’d,
I George Tucker proceeded to divide the lot of Negroes
therin mentioned to wit:

Lot No. 1 boy Peter to James Hagler valued at ................. $530

Lot No. 2 girl Rachel to Thomas Hagler valued at .............. $550

Lot No. 3 girl Lucinder to Paul Hagler valued at............... $500

Lot No. 4 boy Pleasant to John Hagler valued at. .............. $600

Lot No. 5 boy Spencer to Polly Hagler 
        .....but now Polly Garman valued at...................  $600

Lot No. 6 boy Daniel to Charles Hagler valued at .............. $350

Lot No. 7 boy Enoch to Martha Hagler 
        .....but now Martha Sprinkle valued at ................ $325
Lot No. 8 boy Wesley &girl Eunas to Elizabeth Hagler 
        .......but now Elizabeth Hinson valued at ..............$400

George Tucker, Adm.

But yet looking at the census records for 1850, there is no enumeration of Thomas E. Hagler. Less than four months prior to the above distribution, the recording of a power of attorney in Union County holds a clue as to what may have happened. Dated 21 Apr 1848, Thomas E. Hagler appointed first cousin C. C. Love as his true agent and attorney (2-49, Union County NC). C. C. Love represented Thomas Hagler of then Union County in the “division of nine Negroes & their increase, eight, in the possession of Polly Hagler, one in possession of James Hagler, aged from three to twenty-six.” John Long and R. W. Pinion witnessed the legal instrument that was recorded at the July Term 1848 Union County Court of Pleas and Quarter Session. And the very next deed in the book was for Power of Attorney appointed to John Long and George W. Polk as representatives of Thomas Polk Senior and Junior in the estate of John Polk. I am not sue of the relation between the two instruments, but it appears both the Polks and Thomas E. Hagler left Union County NC before the respective estates were settled. The record also indicates that Thomas Hagler’s mother “Mary “Polly” Hagler may still have been alive at the appointment of the power of attorney.


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