Susannah Love
Daughter of Thomas and Susannah Polk Love

Named for her mother, Susannah “Susan” Love was born ca. 1812. She married first 10 Jun 1836 James L. Reed in Cabarrus County NC. James is the son of Conrad Reed whose discovery of gold in Meadow Creek triggered the first gold rush in America. The son of German Hessian immigrant John Reed, Senior, it is believed Conrad married Martha Love who is thought to be the sister of Thomas Love. The Reed’s and a few other neighbors joined together into a loosely defined mining partnership. In 1834 Conrad Reed died. Arising from his death, a new oral agreement was tested on the first day back to work when on 17 Nov 1834 a 13 pound nugget was found. Sending his young son Arthur to work while he tended a sick wife, Conrad’s brother George was accused of not holding to his end of the agreement. Trying to settle the issue, and dated 25 Nov 1834, Conrad’s son James L. Reed represented the family in establishing a court-recorded definition of the partnership. Though now spelled out on paper, George Reed pressed suit that reached the Supreme Court. The case eventually led to the selling of Reed’s mine.

D ated 28 May 1845, John Reed Senior died. In August of the same year, and as per his last wishes, advertisement for the sell of Reed’s mine appeared in the Carolina Watchman. And about the same time, his grandson James L. Reed died. Dated 4 Sep 1845, John M. Black Esq., David Kizer, Joseph Howell, and Andrew Carriker met at the home of James L. Reed Dec’d, to lay out one year’s widow’s provisions due Susannah Love Reed. And dated 22 Mar 1864, the court-recorded distribution of monies raised from the sell of Conrad Reed’s lands identifies the heirs including the children of James L. Reed. The children of James L. and Susannah Love Reed are:

Henry A. Reed

Born ca. 1836, Henry A. Reed died in the early 1860’s. Indicating he was not likely married, rights to his estate were assigned over to his brother and sisters. There is no mention of other family. How did Henry Reed die? Of age to serve in the war, could Henry A. Reed’s death be the result of the Civil War?

Julia Ann Reed

Born 11 May 1839, Julia married Adam Jackson Furr. He was born 3 Mar 1842. Julia died 15 Oct 1891 and Adam on 3 Nov 1906.

Ingram P. Reed

Born ca. 1841, Ingram P. Reed was named for Susannah’s Grandmother Mary Ingram Love. At age 18, Ingram enlisted in CSA Co. B, 7th Reg. NC on 26 Jun 1861. He was present and accounted for the duration. From the Henry A. Reed estate papers, we know that Ingram Reed was living in 1866.

Frances "Hester" Reed

Named for her Great Aunt, Frances Reed was also known as “Hester T. Reed.” Born 8 Oct 1844, Hester married 4 May 1867 Jacob S. Little in Cabarrus County. Born 6 Nov 1844, Jacob is the son of Jacob W. and Margaret Love Little. Frances “Hester” Little died 9 Jul 1900 and Jacob W. died 9 Dec 1929.


As follows, the 1850 census Susannah with what appears to be a second husband. Beside Susannah is the family of her brother-in-law, Thomas P. Reed. Note the name Thomas that echoes back to Susannah’s father, Thomas Love. And living with Thomas P. Reed is his 67 year-old mother Martha Love Reed, the widow of Conrad Reed.

1850 Cabarrus County

25 David G. Sossomon
38 Susan
1 Columbus P.
14 Henry A. Reed
12 Julia Ann
09 Ingram P
05 Frances

1850 Cabarrus County

27 Thomas P. Reed
27 Matilda
06 James S.
05 Nancy C.
02 Martha
65 Martha Reed

1860 Cabarrus County

35 David G. Sossomon
43 Susannah
11 Columbus P.
07 James A. Sossoman
05 Charles C. Sossoman
03 Martha A. Sossoman
21 Julia A. Reed
15 Hester T.
17 Ingram P.

David Green Sossaman married first 2 Dec 1847 Susannah Love Reed. Born ca. 1825, David G. Sossoman is the son of Christian and Susan Kiser Sossoman who are buried at Flat Rock Lutheran Cemetery in Stanfield, Stanly County NC. From the 1850 census, Susannah was 13 years David’s senior in age. Dated 7 Jul 1862, David G. Sossomon enlisted in CSA Co. E, 4th Cav. (59th Reg.), NC. Serving for three years, his horse was killed by the enemy at Jacks Shop VA. At some point in the early 1860’s, David’s first wife Susannah Love Reed Sossoman died. He married second on 3 Apr 1866 in Cabarrus County. A mistake in the interpretation of his second wife’s name as found on the marriage bond has resulted in a major error in how we view the family tree. Though listed on all indexes as “Elvira Levi,” closer inspection reveals that Elvira was actually Elvira Love. Elvira was the young widow of Martin Love. The son of Martha Love, in 1850, she is enumerated in Stanly County in amongst other Love families. At this point we do not know exactly how Martha fits into the family tree. We suspect that she relates to Thomas Love, possibly as his second wife. Serving in the civil war, Martin and his brother John both died in Virginia of disease. In 1863, the widow Elvira made formal request for the return of all items left to her by her deceased husband.

From Sossaman & Sossamon edited by James Eugene Sossaman,

David was a very colorful character of his day. He inherited 800 acres of land from his first wife, Susannah Love Reid, which he used to support his nine children and his two subsequent wives. His great grandchildren still retain a small portion of this land and live on it. It lies on the County line of Cabarrus and Stanly Counties.

The date of his death is unknown. He was buried, according to tradition, in a grove of trees near his homestead, probably with his three wives. This private cemetery is on the property of Lane Teeter, lying in the edge of Stanly County. In this graveyard are buried John and Sarah Reid, also several Teeter children. No visible markers or dates have been recorded.

The children of David G. and Susannah Love Reed Sossoman are:
Columbus P. Sossaman

Born 6 May 1849, C. P. Sossamon married 21 Sep 1867 Lucy Hartsell. Lucy was born 20 Nov 1847, the daughter of Joshua and Hester Love Hartsell. Columbus died 5 Sep 1908 and Lucy on 19 Oct 1918.

The children of Columbus and Lucy Hartsell Sossamon are:

A. Dock Franklin Sossamon Born 1 Oct 1869, Dock Sossamon married 2 Jan 1891 Ida Inez Jenkins. She was born 1875 and died 6 Jan 1954. Dock Sossamon died 30 Aug 1933 and is buried at Love’s Grove UMC. The children of Dock Franlin and Ida Ines Jenkins Sossamon are: a.) John Carlie Sossamon; b.) Omi Elizabeth Sossamon; c.) Ethel Sossamon; and d.) Oscar Linn Sossamon.
B. Florence Geretta Sossamon Born 20 Sep 1871, Florence G. Sossamon married 2 Nov 1890 James Daniel Love. He was born 10 Sep 1870, the son of William J. and Louiza A. Teeter. James Daniel Love ran the Livery Stables in Oakboro. An old poet by the name of Mr. Smith told me of his memories of mule trains being unloaded in Oakboro. The train would line up perfectly with a shoot from which the mules would off the train. All from the area would create a large human circle in which the mules would be corralled. The people would separate and a man on a great white horse would enter the circle, leading the mules up Main Street and directly into the stables of James Daniel and Son’s Livery Stable. James D. Love died 3 Nov 1954 and Florence 9 Sep 1957. They are at rest at Love’s Chapel UMC. The children of James Daniel and Florece Gerretta Sossamon are: a.) Wressie Douglas Love; b.) William Columbus Love; c.) Coyle Brown Love; d.) Rush Love; and e.) Annie Emma Love.
C. Alice Sossamon Born 16 Dec 1873, Alice Sossamon married George A. Jenkins.
D. Jennie Sossamon Born 18 Sep 1875, Jennie Sossamon married William Bost McAnulty. The son of Julius A. and Sarah White McAnulty, William B. died 27 Jul 1919. Jennie died 17 Oct 1952. The couple are at rest at Bethel UMC in Midland, Cabarrus County NC. The children of Julius A. and Jennie Sossamon McAnulty are: a.) Charles McAnulty; b.) Viola McAnulty; c.) Wilene McAnulty; d.) Naomi McAnulty; and e.) Ila McAnulty.
E. Hester Eunice Sossamon Born 16 Sep 1877, Hester E. Sossamon married Julius Pinkney Wilson. He was born 20 Jan 1872 and died 2 Jul 1926. Hester died 18 Oct 1962. The couple is buried at Bethel UMC in Midland. The children of Julius P. and Hester Sossamon Wilson are: a.) Connie Mozell Wilson; b.) Elsie Deliah Wilson; c.) Addie Leona Wilson; d.) Florence Secretia Wilson; e.) Annie Luctretia Wilson; f.) Julia Mae Wilson; g.) Arthur Burnell Wilson; h.) George Lee Wilson; i.) Charles Homer Wilson; j.) Greshum Mathew Wilson; and k.) Agnes Eunice Wilson.
F. Daniel Jack Sossamon Born 1879, Daniel J. Sossamon married 25 Dec 1906 Elizabeth Carter
G. James Oscar Sossamon Born 4 May 1883, James O. Sossamon married 20 Feb 1912 Elizabeth Levenia Eury. Born 20 Feb 1883, she is the daughter of Jacob Archibald and Martha Jane Coley Eury. James O. Sossamon died 18 Jun 1953 and Elizabeth 15 Jul 1962. Both are buried at Bethel UMC in Midland, Cabarrus County NC. The children of Jomes Oscar and Martha Jane Eury Sossamon are: a.) Leroy Sossamon; b.) Oscar Baine Sossamon; c.) Mary Ethel Sossamon; d.) Boyd Buford Sossamon; e.) Helen Elizabeth Sossamon.
H. Arthur Columbus Sossamon Born 17 Aug 1886, Arthur C. Sossamon married 19 Feb 1911Carrie Little. She is the daughter of Thomas W. and Mattie Little. He died 12 Mar 1978. The children of Arthur Columbus and Carrie Little Sossamon are: a.) Howard Thomas Sossamon; b.) Ranzy Bost Sossamon; c.) Evelyn Sossamon; d.) Arthur Columbus Sossamon Jr.; e.) Hugh G. Sossamon.
I. Coen Dwight Sossamon Born 3 May 1890, Coen married 24 Dec 1911 Odessa Gray, born 22 Jun 1893. She is the daughter of Jefferson Gray. Coen died 20 Jun 1935 and Odessa on 28 Nov 1967. The children of Coen D. and Odessa Gray Sossamon are: a.) Neeley Mae Sossamon.
James Alexander Sossamon

Born ca. 1853, James A. Sossamon married 18 Mar 1875 Permely Eunice Curlee. She is the daughter of John and Sally Curlee. Dieing young, the children of James A. and Permely Sossamon were raised by his sister Martha Sossamon Bundy. James and Permely are believed to be buried at Chaney Hill Cemetery. The children of James A. and Purmely Eunice Curlee Sossamon are:
A. Sally Ann Sossamon Born 7 Jul 1878, Sally married 21 Jun 1900 Thomas P. Gaddy. She married second Robert P. Leazer. The children of Thomas P. and Sally Ann Sossamon Gaddy are: a.) Marvin Frederick Gaddy; b.) Martha Gaddy; and c.) Eunice Leslie Gaddy.
B. James Hamilton Sossamon Born 31 Jan 1879, married Willie Mae Johnson.
C. Readie Sossamon Born 1885, Readie died in Roswell GA.

Cannon Charles Sossamon

Born 1855, Charles is named for his mother’s brother Charles Cannon Love. Cannon Charles Sossamon died 3 Apr 1932.

Martha A. Sossamon

Born 22 Jun 1857, Martha married Shubal Bundy. She died 17 Apr 1937.

Jefferson Davis Sossamon

Born 7 Dec 1861, Jefferson Sossamon married 14 Sep 1886 Mary Elizabeth Ferguson. She is the daughter of McKamey Wilson and Jane White Ferguson. Jefferson died 10 May 1948. The children of Jefferson Davis and Mary Elizabeth Ferguson Sossamon are:
A. Roy Ferguson Sossamon Born 12 Aug 1887, Roy F. Sossamon married Cornelia J. Love 1 Jan 1908. She is the daughter of Mumpford Parker and Martha Garmon Love. The children of Roy and Cornelia Love Sossamon are: a.) Eunice Cornelia Sossamon; b.) Helen Sossamon; c.) Felix Reece Sossamon; and d.) Edward Sossamon.
B. Jennie M. Sossamon Jennie was born 17 Feb 1889 and died 1 Apr 1889.
C. Hilda Sossamon Born 8 Apr 1894, Hilda married 15 Jan 1916 Oscar Blackwelder.
D. Mackamie Ferguson Sossamon Born 1 Sep 1901, MacKamie Sossamon married 2 Oct 1922 Dolly Viola Ballard.
Ulysses Grant Sossamon

Born 1870, Ulysses Grant Sossamon married Nannie Marie Carver . Ulysses disappeared when his son was a small child. The son of Ulysses and Nannie Marie Carver Sossamon is:
A. Paul Dewey Sossamon Born 1899, Paul married Kevenia Love.
Wesley Edward Sossamon

Born ca. 1875, Wesley Sossamon married 3 Oct 1894 Josie Elizabeth Harvil. The child of Wesley and Josie Harvil Sossamon is:
A. Harvey Kelsie Sossamon Born 3 Feb 1902, Harvey married Fannie King Deaton.
Henry H. Sossamon

Henry is listed in the census as being born 1877.


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