Elizabeth Love
Daughter of James Love, Junior

Born ca. 1765 in Brunswick County VA, Elizabeth is the daughter of James and Mary Ingram Love. While her Grandfather and Uncle John Love settled in a portion of Surry County NC that first became Stokes and then later Forsyth County, Elizabeth’s father moved a bit further west where he purchased land in Wilkes County NC in 1780. When Elizabeth’s Uncle John Love died in 1786 Surry County, her father James is recorded in Moravian accounts as helping out with the estate. It was during this time that Elizabeth Love married 12 Dec 1788 John Henry Shore in Surry County NC. Henry’s brother Jacob served as bondsman. Born 18 Oct 1766 into a Moravian Family living in the Great Wachovia Tract of North Carolina, Henry is the son of Heinrich and Barbara Miller Schor.

An editorial found in the RECORDS OF THE MORAVIANS IN NORTH CAROLINA tell of a struggle in 1771 between Martin Armstrong and Gideon Wright. Written by Adelaide Fries, the article discusses the men’s attempts to gain advantage by placing the county seat on their individual land holdings. After initially placing it on Gideon Wright’s land, political winds eventually led to relocation on vacant land situated near holdings of John Armstrong and James Martin. Known as Richmond Town, the new county seat thrived until in 1789. At that time Stokes County was cut from the eastern half of Surry County. Surry removed its seat to Rockford and Stokes in turn relocated its seat of government to Germantown. Stokes was later divided again. Falling into the extreme northwest section of present day Forsyth County, the decaying community of Richmond was then wiped off of the map when a cyclone hit in the early 1800’s. Today this section of Forsyth County is known as Old Richmond District.

In her writings, Adelaide Freis locates the ancient site through information obtained from deeds and early estate settlements. Richmond Town sat on a hill northwest of Bethania nearer to the Yadkin River. She writes of purchases by William Sheppard and “the old Shore tract” located near Gideon Wright lands. Deeds mentioning “Richmond Town lands” tell of subdivisions through the hands of Kirby, Franklin, Poindexter, Conrad and Randleman families. This was the land where Elizabeth Love Shore lived. Her father-in-law Henry Shore Sr. wrote a last will and testament before his death in 1819. Naming son Henry Shore and son-in-law Christian Lehman to be executor, his estate accounted for large land holdings including that he purchased in western Tennessee. However, transactions made by the father make it difficult for us to distinguish the lands owned by Henry Jr. who married Elizabeth Love. Though possibly not fully portraying the story of Henry Shore, Jr., the following lands ultimately ended up passing through his hands.

Dated 13 Jun 1804, William Leech sold to Henry Shore 60 acres (5-109, Stokes County NC) situated on waters of Yadkin River. Being part of John Hunter’s 200-acre survey, the tract adjoined lands of “Franklin.” One of the survey lines runs with the path between the Shore and Hunter homes. This tract also includes the “Shore’s house and plantation.” The above John Hunter wrote a last will and testament 29 Jan 1803 that was signed as witnessed by Henry Shores and wife Elizabeth (x) Shores.

On 29 Nov 1815, Henry Shore purchased 120 acres (6-357, Stokes County NC) from Isaac Bonner. Situated on the waters of Fries Creek, the land adjoined that owned by Henry Waller and Christopher Lash. Earlier, Christopher Lash conveyed the same land to Isaac Bonner.

And then after his father’s death, dated 4 Nov 1819, Henry Junior becomes known in record as Henry Shore Senior. He purchased 100 acres (7-46, Stokes County NC) from Malachia Franklin. Sold by his agent Arthur Tate, it appears that at the time, Malachia had possibly removed from the county. Situated on the waters of Fries Creek of the Yadkin, this tract adjoined lands owned by Henry Wallice, Thomas Ransom and John Franklin’s old corner. Thomas Ransom was married to Elizabeth Tate. This deed accounts for the tract “including the house and plantation whereon the said Henry Shore now lives, it being part of a tract of two hundred acres of land granted by the state aforementioned to John Franklin, Dec’d and then by him conveyed to the aforementioned Malachiah Franklin.” Recorded Jun 1820, Jesse Kerby and John (X) Shores witnessed the transaction.

Entered 1819 and issued 1821, Henry Shore received a Secretary of State land grant for 5 acres located on Fries Branch.

Henry’s father died in 1819 leaving a will naming son Henry as one of two executors. Dated 1 Feb 1820, John Christian Lehman and Henry Shore, as executors of Henry Shore, deceased, sold to Jacob Conrad 300 acres (7-7, Stokes County NC). Being the undivided part of a tract located in the western district of United States Territory South of the River Ohio, the land was part of a 1,000-acre tract located on Hauser’s Creek. It was further identified as part of an even larger 5,000-acre tract granted 10 Jul 1788 to George Hauser. Abraham Conrad and Travis Barber witnessed this conveyance.

Elizabeth Love Shore died 18 May 1824. Later in that year, dated 15 Sep 1824, Henry Shore sold all his holdings to cover a debt of $500 owed to Jacob Conrad. Written as a deed of trust, Henry conveyed three tracts and all his belongings to Augustus H. Sheppard. The deed states “Augustus H. Sheppard shall permit the said Henry to remain in possession of the said lands and personal property until the 15th day of September which will be in the year of our lord 1825.” Sold were:

Tract 1: 60 acres on the Yadkin River that was part of a larger 200-acre tract previously owned by John Hunter, Senr.
Tract 2: 120 acres purchased of Isaac Bonner to Henry Shore
Tract 3 100 acres s “purchased 24 Nov 1819 from Malachia Franklin”
Personal Properties “one wagon, three pair of gears, seven ploughs, four cows, two yearlings, one old horse, two mares, nineteen head of hogs, two still and tubs of all kinds belonging to the distillery, one house block, one desk and furniture.”


Elizabeth’s father James Love died in Cabarrus County NC. Published in the 24 April 1821 edition of The Western Carolinian, an obituary announcing his passing reads:


In Cabarrus county, on Sunday morning, the 15th of April, the Rev. James Love, in the 76th year of his age. Mr. Love belonged to that denomination of Christians called Anti-pedo-Baptists. He was a true Whig in the Revolutionary War.

Though James Love wrote a last will and testament, the instrument itself does not survive. Only a hint of its content is known from a very few related entries found in Cabarrus County Court records. And following the death of her father, Elizabeth Love Shore died soon after while living in then Stokes County NC. Documentation related to both the death of Elizabeth and her father provides the only real proof that she is the child of James and Mary Ingram Love . . .

As stated earlier, in the spring of 1824, Elizabeth Love Shore died after suffering through a lengthy illness. Moravian ministers kept diaries in which were recorded daily happenings. Dated May 18th, and as appears in Volume 8, Page 3724 of RECORDS OF THE MORAVIANS OF NORTH CAROLINA; Pastor Carl Anton Van Vleck entered the following in the Bethania Diary:

May18. I kept the funeral of the wife of Mr. Henry Schor who lives eight miles from Bethania on Jacob Conrad’s place on the river. She had been sick for seven months. The sermon, in the English language, was preached at the home; the interment was five miles from there, toward Bethania, at Schor’s former farm. She was buried near the grave of one of her little sons, (he was three years old). The deceased was a Love, from Virginia; her husband is a brother of our Sr. Lehman.

Elizabeth’s grandfather Love owned land and founded a Methodist Church in present day Walkertown located east of Winston Salem. It appears Elizabeth Love Shore and her family did not live in this area. According to the diary, we know that Henry and wife Elizabeth once lived at “Shor’s former farm” located about three miles west of Bethania in now western Forsyth County. This was also the location of the family burial ground in which Elizabeth and at least one child are buried. But prior to her death, Henry and Elizabeth moved a bit further west where they lived on Jacob Conrad’s land on the Yadkin River. Do the deed records account for the move?

There is another interesting connection to Jacob Conrad during this same time period. Elizabeth Love Shore’s brother John removed to Wilkes County NC where he served in the American Revolution in place of their father. After the war, he returned briefly to Surry/Stokes County where on 6 Feb 1787, he married Patsy James. They returned to Wilkes County and raised a family in the community of Hunting Creek. Martha’s father died and at some point the slaves were distributed among the heirs. Dated 1 Jan 1820, being a few years before the death of Elizabeth Shore, John Love of Wilkes County sold a Negro girl named Fillis (7-88, Stokes County NC) to John G. Poindexter. John Poindexter married Martha James’s sister. Formerly the property of John James Senr., the deed is confusing in that it states John Love sold the girl earlier to Thomas Cook. Jacob and Abraham Conrad witnessed the deed. Knowing John’s sister lived on the lands of Jacob Conrad, it makes sense he would serve as witness. And to further complicate this part of the story, dated 20 Aug 1827, a Henry Shore of Stokes County sold to John James two slaves being named Anthony and wife Polly (9 125, Stokes County NC). This deed states the slaves are “the dower part belonging to my wife of said estate, which estate said John James is now in possession of . . .” Not naming his wife in the deed, the record is signed into record by Henry Shores and Mary (x) Shores.” Is this the widower Henry Shore? If so, who is Mary? OR is this one of numerous other men named Henry Shore in the area?

Looking back at the diary record mentioned above, the very next entry adds a bit more to our story. We learn that Measles had made it to Peter Shor’s and that small pox was on the rise. Maybe it was one of these diseases that claimed the life of Elizabeth. Also we see that a Methodist Minister took part in dedication of a new school:

June 7. The weather is oppressively hot, as it has been for several days, I held the first religious service in the new school house, half a mile from Salomo Sponhauer’s, in the woods, toward David Sponhauer’s, and (so to say) dedicated it. The new school teacher, Mr. Hickman, began school today with nine children. About seventy persons were present for the service, and when I finished, Mr. Evans, a Methodist, rose and emphasized what I had said.

At present there are several epidemic diseases in Bethania, such as colds, and dysentery among the children. Measles has not yet come nearer than Peter Schor’s family, this side of Bethabara. Since smallpox has made its appearance in this state, and is epidemic in Halifax, a number of the members here are discussing the advisability of having their children inoculated with cowpox.

Dated 13 Jun 1825, Henry Shore appears as follows in the minutes of the Stokes County Pleas and Quarters Session:

“Administration on the estate of Elizabeth Shore dec’d is granted to Henry Shore who entered into bond of $2,000 with James Martin Junior security.”
For this day and time, $2,000 was a large amount required for bonding in regards to the settlement of a female’s estate. And this entry hints at a source of wealth external to the home since a few months prior her husband was required to sell off lands to cover personal debt.

Looking back to the Cabarrus County Trial Docket for the Court of Pleas and Quarter Session, Henry Shore appears briefly in record. Representing the estate of his deceased wife, he asserts a rightful claim to the estate of James Love, deceased. The records appear as follows:

Book A, Oct 1825,
Court of Pleas and Quarter Session Trial Docket
R.H.A.      Henry Shore, Adm.            Answer Filed
  42             vs.       PETITION
D.F.C       Heirs of James Love, Decd.   Cont.

Book A, Jan 1826,
Court of Pleas and Quarter Session Trial Docket
R.H.A.      Henry Shore, Adm.            Judgement of the
                                         Court that the
21               vs.         PETITION    will of the defdts.
                                         testator be
D.F.C.      Heirs at Law of              established
            James Love, Decd.
                                         appld. prayed & granted 

From a petition that no longer survives, we know that Henry Shore sought a ruling on a last will and testament that at best needed clarification. It seems that after reaching a decision, the case was appealed to the higher court. On Thursday morning, November 9th 1827, the petition of Henry Shore was read and ruled on by the Honrable Thomas Ruffin Esq. in the Cabarrus County Superior Court (page 127). The minutes of this court read:

Upon hearing the petition and answer of Henry Shore, admr. of Elizabeth Shore against George Tucker guardian, and wife, reprobate of the will of James Love dec’d was granted and the heirs at law of Elizabeth Shore to be made parties upon the issue of divisia wit vil non, and upon motion a write of produndo was granted.”

Shore family historians indicate that Henry Shore Junior married Catherine Wagoner shortly after the death of his first wife Elizabeth Love. And then not too long thereafter, it is believed Henry himself died sometime between 1827 and 1830. Though we really do not know exactly when he died, the last known record for Henry was in 1827. His weakened financial situation led to no discernable estate record. And yet another deceased cousin named Henry Shore died about the same time. The difficulty of attributing records greatly hinders this search. So the story of Henry Shore ends, for now, with many questions remaining yet unanswered.

In the recent past, I made contact with family researchers Danny Shore and Dawna Vickers. I also tried unsuccessfully to make contact with Linda McDaniel Smith. Information on the children of Henry and Elizabeth Love Shore can be found on two websites belonging to Linda and Dawna. I learned from Dawna that Linda was given years ago a copy of a wonderful letter written from Shore descendants in Cabarrus County NC to relatives in Habersham County GA. With permission given by Dawna Vickers, I will include here information on the descendants of Henry and Elizabeth Love Shore. I have not verified details beyond the borders of North Carolina. However, I hope to add a bit through a discussion of records in relation to what is known or believed here in NC.

The children of Henry and Elizabeth Love Shore are:

A. Maria Magdalena Schor

From Dawna’s website, and as sourced in LDS information, Maria Magdalena Schor was born 30 Dec 1789. This same information indicates her death or adult life record is unaccounted for. However, on the same site and as provided to her by Linda McDaniel Smith, a letter eludes to the life of “Mary Shore Garmon.” We know that Henry and Elizabeth Love Shore had a son Johannes or John Shore who moved to Georgia. Living in Cabarrus County NC, Michael and wife Jincy Little Garmon wrote a letter in 1854 to Michael’s Uncle John Shore who resided in Habersham County GA. Knowing Michael’s mother is Mary Shore, this letter indicates she is the sister of John and therefore a daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Love Shore. Are Maria above and Mary Shore Garmon the same person?

Born in 1789, Mary Shore married in the 1810’s Michael Garmon Junior. Michael is the son of Michael and Sarah Pinion Garmon. Sarah was born a member of the Pinion family whose migration through NC looked much like that of our Love family. The children of Michael and Mary Shore Garmon are:

A. John E. Garmon John married 19 Oct 1836 his cousin Susan Garmon.
B. Rowan Garmon Rowan married 13 Dec 1839 Elizabeth Love.
C. Michael Garmon III Born ca. 1814, Michael married 3 Nov 1835 Jincey Little. Darling Love served as bondsman. Born ca. 1819, Jincey is the daughter of Daniel Little. The children of Michael and Jincey Garmon are: a.) Lovina Garmon b. 1842, married 18 Dec 1865 Jacob M. Hartsell; b.) Mary Garmon b. 1848; c.) Martha Jane Garmon b. 24 Jan 1847 d. 7 Jul 1914, married Mumpford P. Love b. 24 Nov 1848 d. 10 Apr 1939; d.) Franklin Garmon; e.) John Calvin Garmon b. 18 Jan 1857 d. 15 Mar 1927, married Sarah Hawkins Carriker b. 20 Jul 1859 d. 30 Nov 1914 dau. of Wiley and Caroline Greene Carriker; f.) Jesse Garmon b. 1831, married Julie Anne Salome Tucker; g.) Lundy Garmon b. 1853, married Frank Greene; h.) Frances Candice Garmon, married Henry Muse; i.) Martin Calvin, married Mary Ellen Polk.
D. Rev. Henry Garmon Born ca. 1823, Henry was a licensed Methodist Exhorter. Henry married first 12 Jan 1845 Martha White. Their children were a.) Wesley Garmon and b.) Robinson L. Garmon. Henry married second Betsy Hartsell. Their children are a.) Martha Garmon; b.) William A. Garmon; c.) Henry D. Garmon; d.) Mary E. Grmon; and Postell P. Garmon. And he married third Martha Traywick.
E. Mary Garmon (twin) Born 15 Sep 1830, Mary married 24 Dec 1846 George Washington Crowell, Jr. Folwoing the death of Mary, George married Lucy Catherine Miller. The children of George and Mary Garmon Crowell are a.) Daniel Crowell, b.) Martha Rosie Crowell b. 12 Oct 1864 and c.) William Jones Crowell b. 6 Jun 1869 d. Mar 1957, married Lillian Ethel Murphy.
F. Margaret Virginia Garmon (twin) Born 15 Sep 1830, Margaret married 6 Mar 1847 Thomas Jefferson Crowell.
G. Betsy Garmon Betsy married Alan Garmon, son of John Garmon.
H. Sarah Pinion Garmon Sarah married Hartwell Spain Love, son of James and Mary Tucker Love.

B. Johannes “John” Shore

Born 23 Jun 1793, John Shore married ca. 1812 Mahalia Suddeth who was also born in North Carolina. For this family I strongly recommend Dawna Vickers’s Shore Family History . They moved to a portion of Habersham County GA that later became Banks County. Mahalia died 15 Mar 1877 and John died after 1887. The children of John and Mahalia Suddeth Shore are:
A. John Ingram Shore Named for his great-great grandfather, John was born 15 Jun 1818 and died before 1880 in Alabama.
B. Elizabeth Ann Shore Born ca. 1821 in Georgia, Elizabeth died unknown.
C. Mildred Shore Born ca. 1822, Mildred married Croy Wade.
D. Martha Shore Born ca. 1823, Martha married Alfred Gailey.
E. Henry Shore Born ca. 1824, Henry’s death is unknown.
F. Sarah C. Shore Born ca. 1824, Sarah married 25 Feb 1849 James H. Allen.
G. Nancy L. Shore Born ca. 1830, Nancy is likely named for her great Aunt Nancy Love who was named for her Aunt Nancy Love who married Charles Clayton.
H. Robert M. Shore Born ca. 1830, Robert died in 1920 and is buried at Baldwin Cemetery, Baldwin GA.
I. William Columbus Shore Born 15 Mar 1827, William C. Shore died 27 Dec 1904 in Baldwin GA.
J. Ellender Jane Shore Born 17 Jul 1834, Ellender Jane married Alvin D. Grier.
K. James L. Shore Born ca. 1835, James died 1859.
L. Harriet M. Shore Born ca. 1837, Harriet married first L. Masters and second John H. Kyle. She died 19 Mar 1928. M. Louisa Dean Shore Unknown.
C. Jacob Thomas Shore

Jacob Thomas Schor was born 19 Jan 1795.

D. Anna Shore

Anna Shore was born 7 Mar 1797.

E. Samuel Benjamin Shore

Samuel B. Shore was born 17 Oct 1800 and died 8 Dec 1862.

F. Elizabeth Shore

Elizabeth Shore was born 5 Feb 1803.

G. Sarah Shore

ESarah Shore was born 7 Aug 1805.

H. Patience Shore

Born ca. 1805, Patience was named for her Aunt Patience Love who lived most of her life in Cabarrus/Montgomery Counties NC. Patience Shore married 20 Sep 1825 Pleasant “Kearbey” in Stokes County NC. Charles Scott served as bondsman and the bonding was witnessed by Matt. R. Moore. In 1850 Forsyth County, the family of Pleasant Kearby is enumerated as:
48 Pleasant Kearly, farmer
45 Pateince
21 Jesse L., teacher
18 Susannah P.
15 Catherine
12 Martha
11 Pleasant B.
09 Henry R.
05 Patience M. Clurley
It is believed Pleasant died in the 1850’s as in 1860 his wife Patience is enumerated as head of household. Living with her are children Pleasant B., Malinda, and Henry R. Kirby. Also living in the house are 6 year-old James Evans and 4 year old John Sawyers. Living next door is the family of son Lee T. Kirby. And living two houses away, in 1860, is the free-black Lucy Evans aged 80 years. In her home are children Lucinda, Anna, Gibson, and Sarah. Also living with her is John Sawyers. Noting the Sawyers surnames in both homes, and remembering it was a Methodist minister named “Evans” who blessed a new school soon after the death of Elizabeth Love Shore, I wonder if there might be some kind of connection here?
In the winter of 1854, while sitting by the fire on a cold snowy day, Michael Garmon III wrote to his Uncle John Shore who lived in Habersham County GA. Growing up in Cabarrus County NC, the son of Michael II and Mary Shore Garmon, Michael III mentioned reading a letter his mother had received from his “Aunt Patience”. Telling how he loved his mother’s people, he went on to say that Aunt Patience broke her leg just above the ankle in 1853. But from census records we know that this fall did not deter this family matriarch. She lived on through the civil war and was enumerated in all census records through 1880. At that time she was 79 years of age, living with her daughter Patience in Yadkin, Forsyth County NC.
Tthe children of Pleasant and Patience Shore are:
A. Jesse Lee T. Kirby Born ca. 1829, Jesse Lee is enumerated in 1850 as a “teacher” living in the home of his parents. He married 11 Oct 1851 Susan E. Hunter. In 1860 the couple with growing family are enumerated living next to his mother Patience Kirby. And then dated 15 Jul 1862, Lee T. Kirby enlisted at age 34 for service in CSA Co. G, 33 Reg. NC. He was present and accounted for until being hospitalized 7 Dev 1863 at Richmond VA. He died prior to 28 May 1863 of “chronic diarrhoea.” Jere Hunter served as administrator, settling his estate in Forsyth County NC.
B. Susanna P. J. Kirby Born ca. 1831, Susanna married 13 Oct 1854 Alexander Smitherman. In 1880 the family was living in Marsh Township, Surry County NC where Alexander was enumerated as being a miller. The children of Alexander and Susanna J. P. Kirby are: a.) A. L. Smitherman b. 1862; b.) H. R. Smitherman b. 1865; c.) P. L. C. Smitherman b. 1867; d.) J. W. Smitherman b. 1871; e.) N. J. Smitherman b. 1863.
C. Catherine V. L. Kirby Born ca. 1835, Catherine married 27 Dec 1855 John (J. J. ) Setliff, Junior. Aug. Randleman served as bondsman. Born ca. 1828, John was son of John and Nancy Parks Setliff. John Jr. was a Methodist minister. The 1880 census enumerates this family in Marsh Township, Surry County NC living beside the family of Alexander Smitherman. Born 4 Feb 1832 and died 14 Mar 1899, Catherine is buried at Dobson Cemetery. Folowing her death, John married second Emma Flynn. John died 21 Nov 1914 and is buried at Zion UMC in Pinacle.
The children of J. J. and Catherine V. L. Setliff are: a.) Susan Josephine Setliff b. 1858, married 1 Sep 1881 Dr. George Evans; b.) Thomas Rayton Setliff b. 1860, married Mary Phillips; c.) Lenore P. Setliff b. 21 Dec 1861 d. 23 Nov 1893; married Thomas Roberts; d.) Elizabeth L. Setliff b. 1864, married first Hasten Dockery and second Rev. N. H. Adams; e.) Emer L. Setliff b. 12 Aug 1861 d. 9 Dec 1895, married B. W. Snow; f.) A. Cornelly J. Setliff b. 14 Oct 1872 d. 26 Jul 1897, married Joseph Layne; and g.) Carrie Marrie Setliff b. 2 May 1877 d. 24 Jun 1898.
D. Martha Kirby Born ca. 1838, Martha appears in the 1850 census as 12 years of age and living with her parents. Dated 20 Jul 1853, Martha M. Kirby married J. C. Head. The children of J. C. and Martha are: a.) C. Ann Head b. 1857; b.) P. Emma Head b. 1858; c.) P. Henry Head b. 1859; d.) P. Elizabeth Head b. 1862; e.) V. V. Head b. 1863; f.) L. C. Head b. 1864; g.) John Head b. 1866; h.) P. F. Head b. 1868; and i.) David Head b. 1869.
E. P. Burke Kirby Born ca. 1839, P. Burke Kirby 9 Apr 1861 Martha A. F. Hauser. P. B. Kirby enlisted 25 Jul 1862 in Stokes County. Mustered in as private, he was promoted to Corporal 15 Sep 1864 and then Sergeant in May 1865. He was present and accounted for until being captured 6 Apr 1865 near Sayler’s Creek VA. Confined at Newport News VA, he was released 27 Jun 1865. From an addendum to his military record, we know his birth date was 11 Apr 1838 and his full name was “Piercy Burklin Kirby”. This even though he was known in all census records as “Pleasant Kirby.” The children of P. B. and Matha Kirby are: a.) Reuben Howard Kirby, b. 1862; b.) Henry L. Kirby, b. 1864; c.) Cora Ann Kirby, b. 1867; d.) John Edwin Kirby, b. 1869; e.) Columbus Jefferson Kirby, b. 1872; f.) Mary Kirby, b. 1874; g.) Henrietta I. Kirby, b. 1877; and h.) Charlie Edgar Kirby, b. 1879.
F. Henry R. Kirby Born ca. 1831, Henry appears in the 1850 census living with his parents.
G. Patience Emma Malinda Kirby Born ca. 1845, Patience E. Shore married Henry Benton Hauser. The children of Henry and Patience are: a.) Plutina F. C. Hauser b. 1867; b.) Adam L. Hauser b. 1869, c.) William D. Hauser b. 1871; d.) Patience Emma Hauser b. 1874; e.) Lilly C. Hauser b. 1878; f.) Arless Benton Hauser b. 1881; g.) Cora C. Hauser b. 1884; and h.) James E. Hauser b. 1886.


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