Sarah “Sally” Love
Daughter of Jonah and Mary Garmon Love

Born 9 Oct 1818, Sarah Love is the daughter of Jonah and Mary Garmon Love. Sarah married 9 Nov 1833 Andrew Hartsell. Twenty-two years her senior, Andrew was born ca. 1796, the son of Leonard and Barbara Sides Hartsell. A widower, Andrew Hartsell had married first 4 Nov 1816 Catherine Reed, the daughter of John and Sarah Kiser Reed. Eleven children were born to the union of Andrew and Catherine Reed Hartsell. They are: a.) Solomon Hartsell, b.) unknown child, c.) John R. Hartsell, d.) Joshua Hartsell, e.) Noah W. Hartsell, f.) Nimrod Hartsell, g.) Elizabeth Hartsell, h.) Lucy Ann Hartsell, i.) James M. Hartsell, j.) Andrew Jackson Hartsell, and k.) unknown child believed buried 1840.

Catherine’s father, John Reed, is the paternal head of the lucrative Reed’s Gold Mine. But he likely died heart broken as the lure of gold overwhelmed the simple family mining operation. Working long hours and in inclement weather, newspapers provide accounts of just how terrible mining was on the health of those involved. Possibly related, Andrew’s first wife Catherine Reed Hartsell died sometime prior to mid 1833. Dated 9 Nov 1833, Andrew Hartsell married Sarah Love. Hugh C. Hamilton was bondsman and Den. Coleman witnessed the bond. And within a year after her death, Catherine’s brother Conrad also died. His earlier discovery of gold was to be the first found in America. And just as the family returned to work after the death of Conrad, his brother George’s wife Elizabeth Freeman Reed became ill. Staying home to be with his wife, one Tuesday morning, George sent his son Arthur to the mine to work in his place. And on that fateful day in September 1834, the discovery of a large nugget raised the question of whether or not George was due his share of the find. Though Andrew Hartsell witnessed a new written and legally documented agreement, George Reed was not to be appeased and filed suit against members of the family. Providing the best accounting of the mining operation, the case reached the North Carolina Supreme Court before being settled in favor of George Reed.

Before his death in 1845, John Reed wrote a last will and testament. John mentioned the children born of the body of his deceased daughter “Catherine Hartsell.” Seeking to end the cycle of greed and make things right, he also ordered for the gold mine to be sold. And as per his wishes, Executor’s John Reed Junior and George Barnhardt placed an advertisement for the mine in the Carolina Watchman. Dated 18 Feb 1846, Andrew Hartsell and John Reed’s grandson Timothy purchased the mine for just over $18,000. They could not make a go of it as in 1852 the mine was again advertised for sale.

So as a teenager, the daughter of Jonah Love married Andrew Hartsell and likely became a real player in this saga. Can you imagine a sixteen year old being wife and head of a large family of children who were not much younger than she herself? And she also bore Andrew Hartsell as many children as Catherine before. As follows, the Cabarrus and Union County census records the life of Andrew and Sally Love Hartsell:

1850 Cabarrus County NC

53 Andrew Hartsell, Mining & Farming
32 Sarah
19 James M.*
17 A. A.*
15 Jonah C.
12 M. J.
10 Francis Marion
06 Sarah C
05 Adam A.
02 Leonard A.
*born to Catherine Reed Hartsell

1860 Cabarrus County NC

63 Andrew Hartsell
41 Sarah
25 Jonah C.
22 McDonald J
20 Francis M.
15 Adam A.
11 Leonard D.
09 Victor J.
04 Doctor F.
M. V. 3/12

1870 Union County NC

42 Andrew Hartsell
42 Sarah
20 Victory
18 Michael
15 Dock
14 Margaret
12 George
08 Jesse

From the 1850 census, we can see at that time Andrew was in process of loosing his desire to mine for gold. I have been told that as a young man, Andrew had been a wealthy lawyer living in Concord. And likely leveraging off wealth he obtained through his marriage to John Reed’s daughter, Andrew acquired and sold large amounts of land in Montgomery, Cabarrus and Anson/Union County. But Andrew Hartsell may have reached farther than his dreams could support. At some point after 1860, he and wife Sarah removed to Union County where in 1870 he was recorded as a farmer. Let’s take a look at some of the land records for Andrew Hartsell:
Deed 10-443, Cabarrus County NC) 28 Jan 1824, filed Oct 1827. Evan Howell to Andrew Hartsell. Being 109 acres on the east side of Rocky River adjoining “James Love’s corner,” and lands belonging to Jacob Tucker. W. Creaton and Green H. Swearingen witnessed the transaction.

Deed (11-223, Cabarrus County NC) 1 Apr 1828, filed Jul 1829. John Reed Senr to Andrew Hartsell. Being 224 acres situated on Big Meadow Creek adjoining lands owned by Geo Tucker, Barber, and John Reed’s corner. Jno Barnhardt and Wm. Creaton witnessed the transaction.

Deed (11-404, Cabarrus County NC) 25 May 1831, filed Oct 1831. John Reed to Andrew Hartsell. Being two tract situated on Rocky River. The frist tract is 30 ¼ acres and the second 9 ¾. James S. Burkhead and Conrad Reed witnessed the transaction.

Deed (14-114, Cabarrus County NC) 19 Jun 1838, filed Oct 1838. John B. Allstot to Andrew Hartsell. Being 142 acres “including his improvements in the big bend on the north & east side of Rocky River. Nick’s Sedewick and Henry E. Reed witnessed the transaction.

Deed (14-397, Cabarrus County NC) 16 Apr 1839, filed 16 Feb 1842. John Reed to Andrew Hartsell. Being 615 acres on both sides of Rocky River adjoining lands of Needham Green, McLarety, Garmon, Wallace, and Kiser. George Barnhardt and Leonard Hartsell witnessed the transaction.

Deed (10-438, Anson County NC) 19 Dec 1835, filed Apr 1842. Peter Hagler to Andrew Hartsell of Cabarrus County. Being 715 acres situated on Crooked Creek, Watery Branch, and where Weatherford’s branch empties in the Rocky River. Also adjoining lands of Charles Hagler, Jeremiah Clontz, and James Little’s land. Jno. McCollum witnessed the transaction

Deed (2-419, Union County NC) 1 Mar 1851, filed Jul 1851. Andrew Hartsell of Cabarrus County to Solomon Louder. Being 315 acres and part of Andrew’s 715 acres tract. Wiley E. Harris and James M. Hartsell witnessed the transaction.

Deed (9-349, Union County NC) 15 Jan 1849. Andrew Hartsell of Cabarrus County to Tilmon Green. Being a remaining 400 acres of the 715 acre tract. David Hinson or Kiser and John Green witnessed the transaction.

Shortly after being enumerated in the 1870 Union County Census, being dated 9 Sep 1873, the aged Andrew Hartsell filed for Bankruptcy (9-476, Union County NC) in Union County. At the time of bankruptcy Andrew was a resident of “Oak Grove in the County of Union.” Filed in “the District Court of the United States for the Western District of North Carilina,” testimony was heard in “The City of Greenston in the Western District of North Carolina." Should this be Greensboro? The case was heard by Union County Probate Judge G. W. Flow and District Judge Robert P.Dick. Likely knowing his days were numbered, Andrew wanted or was forced to clear his debts. Just three months later, and dated 19 Dec 1873 and probated on the same date, Andrew Hartsell wrote his last will and testament. He mentioned his “wife,” sons George Henry, Jesse, Victor J., and daughter Margaret J. Hartsell. Son F. M. Hartsell was named Executor and J.A> Russell and John H. Long witnessed the writing of the will.

The children of Andrew and Sally Love Hartsell are:

Jonah Courtain Hartsell

Born 19 Jun 1835, Jonah C. Hartsell married 16 Jul 1860 Mary M. Howell in Cabarrus County NC. Mary was born 29 Jan 1838, the daughter of ____________. He served in CSA Co. f, 57th Reg. NC. Mary died 20 Oct 1906 and Jonah on 23 Mar 1910. Both are buried at Howell’s Baptist Church in Midland, Cabarrus County NC.

McDonald Joab Hartsell

Born 9 Apr 1838, McDonald J. Hartsell enlisted 24 Jul 1861 at age 33. Serving in CSA Co. B., 7th Reg. NC, McDonald was admitted to hospital in Richmond VA on 23 Feb 1865. Shot in the left foot, he was furloughed for 60 days on 24 Mar 1865. Returning home from the war, McDonald J. Hartsell married 6 Feb 1866 Sarah E. Boger Little. Born 9 Dec 1831, the widow Sarah married first Calvin Little who died in the Civil War. McDonald J. Hartsell died 5 Sep 1910 and is buried at St. Martin’s Lutheran Church in Cabarrus County. His wife Sarah died the next year on 30 Aug 1911. The children of McDonald J. and Sarah Boger Little Hartsell are:
A. Robert Lee Hartsell Born 26 Aug 1867, Robert married 22 Dec 1898 Bessie J. Boger.
B. John B. Hartsell Born 5 Aug 1869 and died 20 Jan 1880.
C. Luther Thompson Hartsell Born 13 Oct 1870, Luther married Janie Witherspoon Ervin.
D. Infant Died 1873
Francis Marion Hartsell

Born 29 Apr 1840, F. M. Hartsell enlisted 12 Jul 1861 in CSA Co. B, 7th Reg.NC. He was present until wounded 20 Sep 1862 at Shepherdstown VA. He reported absent wounded until being promoted to Corporal in Dec 1862. And promoted to Sergeant in Jan 1864, Francis M. Hartsell was present through 1 May 1865 when he was paroled at Greensboro. Returning home, F. M. Hartsell married 7 Jul 1866, Delilah I. Sprinkle. Born 20 Apr 1848 the daughter of John and Mary Hagler Sprinkle, Delilah is the granddaughter of John and Mary Love Hagler. F. M. Hartsell died 25 Jan 1909 and is buried at Bethel United Methodist Church in Midland, Cbarrus County NC. Delilah Isabella Sprinkle died 22 May 1928
Milly T. Hartsell

Born 19 Jul 1843

Sarah V. Hartsell

Born ca. 1844.

and is also buried at Bethel UMC.

Adam A. Hartsell

Born ca. 1845, Adam enlisted 26 Apr 1864 in CSA Co. B, 7th Reg. NC. He served until being paroled at Greensboro on 1 May 1865.

Leonard Dolphus Hartsell

Born ca. 1848.

Victor Jiles Hartsell

Born ca. 1851, Victor married 6 Aug 1872 Martha A. Funderburk in Union County. Born ca. 1854, she is the daughter of George Funderburk.

Michael Garmon Hartsell

Born ca. 1853.

Doctor Franklin Hartsell

Born 6 Jul 1855, D. F. Hartsell died 20 Dec 1870 and is buried at Bethel UMC in Midland, Cabarrus County NC.

Margaret Joanne Hartsell Hartsell

Born 1858, Margaret married 28 Feb 1875 Julius C. Kiser in Union County. Born ca. 1853, he is the son of J. L and M. L. Kiser.

George Henry Hartsell

Born 25 Mar 1860, George H. Hartsell married 19 Jun 1894 Margaret E. Small in Union County.

Jesse H. Hartsell

Born 1865, Jesse married 25 nov 1888 Elizabeth Gray. Born ca. 1866, Elizabeth is the daughter of Spain and Margaret Gray.


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