Sarah Love
Daughter of John Love

Born likely in Brunswick County VA, Sarah is the daughter of John and Ruth Crook Love. As a young girl, she moved a little west with her parents to Charlotte County VA. On 17 Nov 1781, Sarah Love married James Miiddleton in that county. On file at the courthouse, their marriage bond reads as follows:

This shall Certify that I have given Consent to James Middleton to take out License to Marry my daughter Sarah Love and that I will for ever warrant & defend any person from sustaining any damage for granting the same; Witness my hand
Jno Love

Nov 15th 1781

John Middleton
James Love

(reverse side)

William Morton

This record is valuable in that it provides the only known signature of her father John. Also, since John’s father signed with his mark "James I Love," the James Love that witnessed the marriage is not likely Sarah’s grandfather. We do know that John had a son James that acquired land first in 1791 Stokes County NC. The signature in this marriage bond somewhat matches later signatures by John’s son James. However, could this be John’s brother James Love who also moved through Charlotte County VA and lived nearby in Halifax County VA?

Written 2_ Oct 1764 and probated 4 Aug 1766 in Charlotte County VA, a John Middleton left a last will and testament mentioning his son James Middleton. If this is the same James Middleton that married Sarah Love, then from the will we know that John Middleton’s wife is named Marthew. She may be the mother of James Middleton who married Sarah Love.

Records in Surry County, North Carolina

James Middleton and wife Sarah moved to Surry County in the early 1780’s with others from his and his wife’s families. There are very few records that actually show this move. James does not appear in the deed books or as receiving a Secretary of State land grant. But he does appear briefly in the 1783 tax lists for Surry County. Also, Sarah’s father died and the resulting estate settlement appears in the __ November 1786 Surry County Court minutes as follows:

Admr Estate of John Love, decd, granted to Ruth Love, widow & relict of sd. Decd; James Middleton security; James Love & Wm. Campbell securities
Signed by Ruth (x) Love and James Middleton, the surviving estate inventory and record accounts for many common household items, John’s estate in Virginia, and Virginia notes and currency. The estate paid out to Frederick William Marshall, Joseph Banner, James Love Senr, Christopher Kinast, George Stophnar, Moses Martin, Anthony Bitting, Hasty & Company of Virgina, and John Binkley. Sheriff Richard Goode provided an account of the estate sale. From the items listed, it appears John was a farmer or possibly a carpenter by trade.

Back to Charlotte County, Virginia

On 5 Jan 1789, John Middleton and wife Ann of Charlotte Co. of the first part, and James Middleton and wife Sarah of Charlotte Co. of the second part, and Samuel Middleton of Abbeville District of SC of the third part, and Robert Middleton and wife Elizabeth of Wilkes Co. GA of the fourth part sold for two Negro girls and 300 pounds, 400 acres of land (6-38, Charlotte VA) to Charles Crenshaw of Charlotte County VA. Situated on Wallace’s Creek, the land is adjoined by that owned by Joseph Reynolds, Jacson, Little Joe Morton, and Stephen Bedford. The transaction was recorded 5 Jan 1789. Signed by James Middleton, this transaction shows that James and wife Sarah were back in Charlotte County VA by 1790.

The 1790 Charlotte County VA census includes the following entries:

James Middleton 4 white / 3 black
James Love 2 white / 3 black
John Love 6 white / 4 black
Charles Clayton 8 white / 2 black
James Love, John Love, and Charles Clayton are all listed side by side. James Middleton is enumerated about twenty entries before. Charles’s brother Brittain Clayton is also listed.

Dated 8 Sep 1792 and recorded 3 Dec 1792, James Middleton purchased 147 acres (6-219, Charlote VA) from Daniel, William, Robert, John, Jane and Sally Henry of Charlotte County VA. Being on Wallace’s Creek, the land adjoined that owned by Brent, Morgan, and Wyatt. The next page in the deed book begins the following sequence of three related conveyances:

Deed (6-220, Charlotte VA) dated __ Apr 1790, recorded 3 Dec 1792. James Brent sold 48 ½ acres to James Davis. Situated on Wallace’s Creek, the land adjoined that owned by Reynolds. The transaction was witnessed by Little Joe Morton and Samuel Lunderman.

Deed (6-221, Charlotte VA) dated 8 Sep 1792, recorded 3 Dec 1792. James Brent sold 70 ½ acres to James Middleton. Situated on Wallace’s Creek, the land adjoined Bedford’s road and that owned by Patrick.

Deed (6-221, Charlotte VA) dated __ Sep 1792, recorded 3 Dec 1792. James Middleton sold 35 ¼ acres to James Brent.

Dated 2 June 1800, James Middleton and wife Sarah sold 175 acres ( __-245, Charlotte VA) to John Stembridge. Situated on Wallace’s Creek, the land adjoined that owned by Patrick, Morgan, Wyatt, and the road. Knowing that James earlier purchased lands from what appears to be a Henry family, and that Patrick Henry lived and died in Charlotte County, is this deed showing that James Middleton lived beside Patrick Henry? Note that Patrick Henry died shortly before this conveyance was made. Witnessed by Wm. Andrews, Wm. Harris, and James Harris, the above transaction was recorded 2 Jun 1800.

James Middleton died some time between the above transaction that took place in June of 1800 and prior to Christmas of 1801. On 18 Nov 1801, an appraisal was made of the estate of James Middleton, deceased. Filed 18 Nov 1802, Sarah Middleton signed, approving the accounting as acting Administrix. Wm. Morton, L. Joe Morton, Wm. Wyatt, James Davis, and Joseph Wyatt made the accounting. The known children of James and Sarah Love Middleton are:


Sarah Love Middleton marries John Stowe in Charlotte County, Virginia

On 29 Mar 1803, Sarah Middleton “widow of James Middleton” married John Stowe in Charlotte County VA. The marriage bond was returned and filed by Rev. John Chappel on Dec 1 1803. Sarah and John raised a second family before on 2 Apr 1839, John Stowe wrote his Last Will and Testament. The will was probated December 1839 indicating John died shortly after it was written. He prominently mentions Andrew J. Middleton "(son of Robert, dec’d)." It appears Andrew is the son of Robert who is the deceased son of Sarah and James Middleton. John Stowe also appoints William B. Green as trustee of the share bequeathed to his (John Stowe’s) daughter Paulina, the wife of Josiah Thaxton. For some reason not trusting of his son-in law, John Stowe intends for William B. Green to manage the share in such a way so that Josiah Thaxton cannot have access or benefit of the estate. If Paulina and her children shall die, John stipulates that her share shall be divided between his “nephews” John Adams and Thomas Stowe. The will was witnessed by John W. Deshazer, A. Middleton, and John Middleton. On 6 Jan 1840, Sarah and others applied for administration bond with the security amounting to $50, 000 dollars.

Dated 7 Sep 1840, Sarah Stowe filed a statement in the Charlotte County Court Orders (8-182, Charlotte VA) renouncing her claim to all that which her deceased husband had left her in his will. The statement reads:

I, Sarah Stoe do hereby declare that I will not take or accept of the provisions made for me by my deceased husband John Stoe in his last will and testament or any part thereof, and I do hereby renounce all benefit, which I might claim under and by virtue of said will, including to claim that portion of my deceased husband’s estate to which I am by law entitled
Given under my hand and seal this 7th day of September 1840
Sarah [her (x) mark] Stoe (seal)

John W. Deshazer
A. Middleton

Soon after the death of her husband John, Sarah Stoe wrote a . Sarah Stowe mentions only her daughter Sally A. Deshazer.


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