First Letter from Gwen Burkhead Platt

27 Sept. 1979

Dear Linda,

Excuse this little note, as usual, I am in a rush, but wanted to send you the enclosed at once. I just received this picture of EASTERBELLE LOVE TUCKER from a Burkhead relative. So it would appear that I have been wrong in my assumption that James Love’s widow did not marry George Tucker. My correspondent however, had not previously heard that her maiden name was Carriker. I expect it was tho. I still cannot understand why there is no marriage record for any Carricker to James Love when the marriage bonds for Cabarrus, Stanly Cos. are all intact. Perhaps she was a young widow “Tucker” before she married our James Love. Whatever, I wish I had had the knowledge of this picture 15 years ago. It sure would have saved me a lot of frustrating researches. When I have more time, will give you the details on how this picture was obtained.

I am going to North Carolina the 3rd of October. I have arthritis in my spine which is giving me more and more trouble and this will be my “last shot” at trying to “tie-up” the Burkhead “stonewall” research problems. When I come back I want to begin compiling for publication the Burkhead family genealogy before I am unable to sit at the typewriter.

I am flying into Charlotte and be a guest of a Hartsell descendant ad the first 3 days we will drive to Cabarrus Co. and environs; from there we will go to Raleigh and spend 5 full days at the Archives 4 State Library. Then I will have 3 more days in Iredell, Davidson, and Mecklenburg Co., before returning home. My Charlotte hostess, Eunice Sechler has been in contact (I believe it is some sousin or aunt) that has been working with you on the Love family research. In Eunice’s last letter, she asked me if I had been in touch with you; so your name has come up in her conversation with that relative. Is is a small world in that part of the country, it seems.

Celebrated my 53rd birthday yesterday and it was a happy day, but the best is yet to come when I make the N. C. trip!

Hope you are well and that your business enterprise is coming along well too. Will write you when I get back.



Note: along with the letter, zerox copies of the above two photographs were found
in the envelope mailed from Gwen to Linda. The photograph on the left
is that of Sarah N. Love Burkhead. The other photograph is believed by Gwen
to be that of Sarah’s possible mother EstherBelle Carriker Love Tucker.
But this is in error as Gwen states in her second letter.


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