Second Letter from Gwen Burkhead Platt
Dear Linda

I’m using red ink because my face is red!! –The picture I sent you of Esther Carriker Love Tucker was not she. It was a picture of my g-grandmother Sarah N. Love made shortly before her death in 1901.

I am enclosing a recently discovered picture of Esther Carriker taken while on a visit to presumed Carriker relatives in Union County.

I am also sending another picture of Esther’s daughter, Sarah N. Love Burkhead at age 70, who is the lady’s picture I sent you previously – I was able to identify that picture because of that little pin at her throat and another older picture of Sarah recently received, wearing the same dress as in the picture I sent to you. I am so sorry to have sent you the wrong picture; but of course I had to take the word of the lady who sent it to me – We have had much illness since I returned from N. C. and so have done nothing on the Love booklets. My mother has been here for 3 weeks & I am leaving with her tomorrow morning to take her back to California. My husband is on his way to Florida where his father is critically ill. Wanted to get these pictures to you before I left.




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