Osborn Love
Son of Charles Love

Osborne Love was born ca. 1799, the son of Charles and Fereby Osborne Love. Osborne Love as likely born in Cabarrus County NC. He was named for his grandfather Christopher Osborne who left a will and died 1789 in Mecklenburg County NC. As a baby, Osborne moved with his family to the part of Rutherford County that would later become Cleveland County NC.

On 15 Aug 1825, Osborne Love married Jane Fondren in Rutherford County NC. Osborne’s father Charles served as bondsman for the marriage. John Fondren served as second bondsman. Born ca. 1793, Jane is the daughter of John and Kesiah Roberts Fondren. Kesiah is the daughter of Morris Roberts of Virginia. A Supreme Court case arising in Rutherford County NC accounts for the settlement of Morrice Roberts’s estate in the 1760’s VA.

Dated 13 May 1832, Charles Love gave lands to his sons James and Osborne. “For and in consideration he has for his son,” Charles Love gave to his son Osborne 100 acres (38-611, Rutherford NC). Adjoining Ledbetter and John Waterson lands, the tract included improvements made by Osborne Love. It appears Osborne and his wife Jane had settled on the land. The transaction was witnessed by M. R. Alexander, Alexander Beaty, and Alexander.

Charles Love died ca. 1837 in Rutherford County NC. About that same time, a land transaction signals Osborne Love’s move from North Carolina. On 11 Dec 1837, Osborn Love and Andrew Putnam jointly sold the above gift lands (43-407, Rutherford NC) to William Allen. Being a tract “whereupon the said Love once lived,” the land was sold by Osborne Love and Anderson Putnam of the State of Georgia and District of Murry.”

In 1840, Osborne Love is listed in Murry County GA census. He is enumerated one person from his friend Anderson Putnam who was also from Rutherford NC. In 1850 Murray County Georgia, Osborne Love and others from Rutherford are listed in the census as follows:

52 Love, Osborne 52 NC
57 Jane
16 Perry
14 John
11 Ameretta GA
9 James GA
7 William GA
4 Osborne GA
2 Martin H. GA
By 1860, the family of Osborne Love removed to Dallas County TX where they are enumerated as:

858/856 Dallas TX 1860
60 Osborn Love NC
59 Jane NC
17 Wm GA
14 Osborn P. GA
12 Martin H. GA
13 Miranda GA
12 Frances GA

Osborne and Jane Fondren Love owned a farm in an area known as "Post Oaks" in Dallas County TX. Their burial location is unknown. However, family descendants believe them to be at rest on the land where they lived.

The children of Osborn and Jane Fondren Love are:

A. Jonah Love

Born ca. 1826, Jonah was likely named for his Uncle living in Stanly County NC. Jonah married first Mary Eliza Floyd in Murray County GA. She died prior to 1860 in Georgia. The children of Jonah and Mary Eliza Floyd Love are:
A. Miranda Love Born ca. 1847, in 1860 Miranda was living at the home of her grandparents in Dallas County TX.
B. Frances I. Love Born ca. 1848, Frances was living at the home of her grandparents in 1860 Dallas County TX.
C. Morris B. Love Born ca. 1851 in Georgia, Morris married 30 Jul 1871 Mary E. Rose. Their children are: a.)Emma viola Love b. 21 Jan 1874; b.) Loneya Loveb. Nov 1877; c.) Robert E. Love b. May 1880; d.) Claudie W. Love b. 1882; e.) Dudley M. Love b. 1883; and f.) Thomas H. Love b. Feb 1888.

Jonah Love married second Frances Jane Holt. She was born ca. 1841 in Alabama, the daughter of John Holt. Jonah and family appear in census of Parker and Hood counties TX before removing to Baum, Carter County Oklahoma. Jonah and Frances died ca. 1911 in Oklahoma. The children of Jonah and Frances Holt Love are:

A. Mary Virgina Love Born ca. 1862, Mary married Jason Ince in Dallas County TX.
B. James William Love Born ca. 1862, he died ca. 1911. James married Jane Blevins. The photograph of James was graciously provided by his Great-Granddaughter Pat Stubblefield.
C. Alvady Love Born ca. 1867
D. Annie Love Born ca. 1870
E. John Osburn Love Born ca. 1871, he married Annie Bowman
E. Peter Clinton Love Born ca. 1874.
F. Alice Love Born ca. 1879, she married Andrew Jackson Fletcher.
B. Emalina Love

Born ca. 1831, Emalina married Caswell Johnson in likely Murry County GA. They removed to Dallas County Texas. The children of Caswell and Emalina Love Johnson are:
A. Amanda Johnson Born 1850 Murry County GA.
B. Sarah E. Johnson Born 1852 Murry County GA. She married 7 Jan 1871 Samuel Coats in Dallas TX.
C. Lee Ander Johnson Born 1 Oct 1854 in Georgia, Lee married Emma Helsabeck.
D. Emma A. Johnson Born ca. 1859 in Georgia, Emma married Turner Lumley in TX.
E. John Osborn Johnson Born 27 Apr 1866 in Texas, John married Hattie Jane Sheppherd. Born 18 Dec 1878, she is the daughter of William Shepherd. Mattie died 4 Jan 1932 and John on 9 Mar 1947. They are buried in Laurel Oaks cemetery, Mesquite, Dallas County TX. The children of John and Hattie are: A.) Oakley Johnson b. 27 Oct 1907, married 21 Dec 1935 Mildred Lee Lewis b. 21 Aug 1916; B.) Gordon T. Johnson b. 1912 d. 1978.
F. Lovenia Johnson Born 31 Jan 1864, Lovenia married 1 Aug 1882 George Albert Middleton. Born 9 May 1853, George died 3 Nov 1905. Lovenia died 3 Feb 1910. They are buried at Rylie Cemetery in southeast Dallas County TX. The children of George A. and Lovenia Johnson Middleton are: A.) Hattie Middleton b. 24 Aug 1883 d. 17 Oct 1951, married William Paris Bennett b. 27 Jan 1873 d. 13 Jan 1962; B.) Arter William Middleton b. 11 Aug 1885 d. 27 Jan 1981, married Linnie Florine Wilkerson, born 27 Aug 1882 d. 19 may 1971, daughter of Thomas Isaac and Martha Naomi Bennett Wilkerson; C.) Earvie Middleton b. 21 Aug 1894 d. 10 Jul 1967, married Marguerite Guess b. 13 Nov 1902 d. 10 Feb 1980, daughter of William F. and Devony Dautless Guess.

C. Perry Love

Born in 1834 Rutherford County NC, Perry married Melvina A. Palmer. The children of Perry and Melvina Palmer Love are:
A. William Thomas Love Born 12 Jan 1866 and died 4 Apr 1920, William married 19 Aug 1903 Eliza Naomi Porter
B. Ida A. Love Born 1872
C. Hedgemon C. Love Born 1872
D. Mary A. Love Born 1875

D. John Love

Born 22 Jun 1836 in Rutherford County NC, John Love married 14 Jun 1868 Mary Ann McBride. Born 6 Oct 1847 in Illinois, she died 6 Oct 1913 in Dallas TX. John died 6 Jun 1916. They are buried at Rylie Cemetery in southeast Dallas County TX. The children of John and Mary Ann McBride Love are:
A. William Andrew Jackson Love Born 18 Mar 1869, “Jack” died 30 Aug 1900 and is buried in Rylie cemetery in southeast Dallas County TX.
B. Osborne P. Love Born 1873.
C. Thomas M. Love Born 1875.
D. Harwell D. Love Born 1872
E. Ameretta Love

Born ca. 1839, Ameretta Love married John Holman 11 Aug 1861 in Dallas County TX. They removed to Limestone County TX.

F. James A. Love

Born ca. 1841, James Love married Mary Ann Kilby. She was born 12 Nov 1848. In 1880 he is enumerated as Stockman living in Kerr County TX. James died 1907 and Mary followed in 1915. They are buried in Wharton Cemetery located near Kerrville, Kerr County TX. The children of James and Mary Ann are:
A. Louella Love Born 1865, Louella died 1876 and is buried at Wharton Cemetery.
B. Perry B. Love Born ca. 1870, Perry appears on the 1880 census. C. Albert C. Love Born 1872, Albert died 1887 and is buried at Wharton Cemetery.
D. James Ross Love Born 1876, James died 1940 and is buried at Wharton Cemetery.
E. Richard C. Love Born 1877, married 25 Oct 1897 Ira Ruth Leavell b. 16 Jan 1878. Ruth died 10 Jul 1957 and Richard in 1969. They are buried at Mountain View cemetery in Kerrville, Kerr County TX.
F. Minnie Dallis Love Born ca. 1880, Minnie married 11 Dec 1898 Lee A. Goss.

G. William Love

Born ca. 1843, William died ca. 1863 in the civil war.

H. Osborne P. Love

Born ca. 1846, Osborne married first Sarah E. Crain 20 May 1866 in Dallas County TX. Sarah had married just five years prior Joshua Pruitt on 14 Jul 1861. Following the death of Sarah, Osborne Love married second 21 Apr 1873 Missouri Jane Pruitt. Born 1858, she is the daughter of Silas and Mary Jane Pruitt. The children of Osborne and Missouri J. Love are:
A. Minnie Love Born ca. 1873.
B. Charles Love Born ca. 1877.
C. Mertie Love Born ca. 1880.

I. Martin H. Love

Born ca. 1848, Martin married Zerilda Muncie in Dallas County TX. The children of Martin and Zerilda Muncie are:
A. Leona Love Born ca. 1873.
B. Clergiman Love Born ca. 1875.
C. Audy Love Born ca. 1879.


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