Carolina Observer
Fayetteville, N.C.
Found at North Carolina State Archives

12 Jun 1823

Gold Mine In the county of Anson, N. C. two miles from Rocky river, and about thirty five miles from this place, there has been recently discovered an extensive Gold Mine; in excavating which, twelve workmen are now employed with very considerable success. We have conversed with a gentleman who a few days since visited this mine; from him we learn the ore is exceedingly pure, and sells readily in its crude state, at 91 cents the penny-weight. While he was present, one piece was dug up weighing forty ounces, equal to $340 40 cts. One other piece had previously been found weighing twenty-two ounces, equal to $728. Gold is not found deeper than than three and a half feet below the surface. There is a small creek running directly through this mine, the bottom of which is covered with millions of small particles of gold glittering through the running stream, presents a very interesting and beautiful appearance.

Cheraw (S.C.) Intel


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