Michael Garmon Love
Son of Jonah and Mary Garmon Love

Born 23 February 1823, Michael Garmon Love is the son of Jonah and Mary Garmon Love. He is named for Mary’s father. Michael married 10 Aug 1843 Phebe Love. Thomas P. Reed is listed as bondsman with the marriage bond being witnessed by Kiah P. Harris. Being his first cousin, Phebe Love was born 11 Oct 1827, the daughter of Thomas and Susannah Love. In 1849, Michael’s father donated the land for Love’s Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church. In the deed (2-255, Stanly NC), Phebe’s father was named as a member of the Board of Trustees who received the donated land.

Phebe F. Love
Wife of Michael Garmon Love

Dated 25 Mar 1862, Michael G. Love enlisted in Stanly County at rank of Corporal in CSA Co. H, 42nd Reg. NC. Just five days later, on 31 March 1862, Micheal Garmon Love wrote his last will and testament. Mentioning wishes for what would someday be his share of the estate of his then living parents, Michael G. Love was thinking of his family before going off to the unknowns of war. In the summer of 1862, M. G. Love wrote a letter to his wife from Lynchburg VA. He was promoted to rank of Sergeant on 20 Mar 1863. Dated 15 Nov 1863, Mr. M. G. Love wrote another letter to his wife and family. Physically sick and uneasy about his life, Michael Garmon Love now questioned the war and dreamed only of seeing home and his family. He was accounted for until wounded in an unspecified action on 15 Jul 1864. On 14 Dec 1864, he was furloughed from the Richmond VA hospital for sixty days. Returning home, Michael Garmon Love died on 29 Dec 1864. And his will was probated in Stanly County in November of 1865. Michael Garmon Love is buried beside his father at Love’s Chapel United Methodist Church. And on the other side of Michael, between he and his wife Phebe, rests two of his children.

Dated 24 Nov 1869, Phebe F. Love donated five and a quarter acres (8-270, Stanly NC) for “the use of the Methodist Protestant Church at Love’s Grove.” She deeded the land to Jonah Little, Jacob Little, and ______ Furr who were members of the Board of Trustee for the said Church. Henry Reed and E. Tucker witnessed the gift deed.

Love's Grove UMC

Phebe Love applied for a civil war pension in 1901. She died later in that year leaving the pension request not issued. “Phebe F. Love” died 29 Oct 1901 and is laid to rest near her husband at Love’s Chapel Methodist Church. Her loose estate records include the following listing of heirs at law:

T. A. Love, Michael Love, Jane Tucker, Titus Love,
Mary Little, Susan Love, Mollie Little, Michael Little, Martha Davis,
Ferrell Little, Ingram Little, Bessie Little, Roxie Little, Little Little

The children of Michael G. and Phebe F. Love are:

A. Postell Porter Love Born 1845, Postell Love married 27 Dec 1863, Rutha Caroline Taylor. His grandfather’s brother’s son, C. C. Love was bondsman. Caroline’s sister is Elizabeth, who married first Henderson Love and second Jonah Askew Love. Within a month following the marriage of Postell and Caroline, on 25 Jan 1864, Postell Love enlisted in Beaufort County NC. Joining up with others from Stanly County, he served in CSA Co. H, 42nd Reg. NC. Postell P. Love died later that year on 14 Dec 1864 at a hospital in Petersburg VA. He died of “Rubeola.” There are no known children born to Postell and wife Caroline.

Following the death of her first husband, “Rutha C. Love” married second 16 Oct 1865 David Eudy in Union County NC. The 1870 Union County census lists David and wife Elizabeth. And also listed, their first-born son was named Edmond Postell Eudy in memory of Caroline’s first husband.

B. Jane Matilda Love Born ca. 1848, Matilda married 7 Nov 1867 J. E. Tucker, son of Duncan and Catherine.

C. Thomas Alexander Love Born 16 Jan 1852, Thomas married 12 Dec 1872 Bedy Asbury Helms. She was born 16 Apr 1855, the daughter of Archibald and Betsy Helms. Bedy A. Love died 9 Nov 1897 and is buried at Love’s Grove Methodist Church in Stanly County. Thomas Love died 22 Sep 1907 and is buried beside his wife. The children of Thomas and Bedy A. Love are:

a. Mary Asbury Love Born 1874, Mary A. Love married William Jackson Wallace in Cabarrus County.
b.Thomas A. Love

D. James Symon Love Born 27 May 1854, James married ca. 1875 Julia A. Yow, born 18 Oct 1857. In 1880, Henry Yow is listed as living with James S. and Julia Love. Henry is listed as “brother in law.” James S. Love died 15 Sep 1883. He is buried at Love’s Grove in Stanly County NC. Julia died 8 Apr 1892 and is buried beside her husband. The children of James S. and Julia Yow are:

a. Michael J. “Garmon” Love Born 24 May 1875, Michael J. Love married 19 Jan 1892 Flora Jenkins. Born 10 Jan 1877, she is the daughter of Julius and Mary J. Jenkins. Michael and family moved numerous times back and forth between Stanly County NC and McKinney, Collin County TX. In Texas he learned of sweet onions and brought them back with the idea of growing them here in North Carolina. Michael died 12 Aug 1957 and Flora on 8 Jul 1960. They are buried at Love’s Grove UMC in Stanly county NC. The children of Michael J. and Flora Jenkins Love are: A.) James Titus Love 13 Oct 1892 ; B.) Robert “Bobbie” Lee Love b. 15 May 1894, married Addie Heard; C.) John Henry Love b. 14 Jun 1896 d. 10 Jan 1908 Wilson Chapel, McKinney TX; D.) Mary Adeline Elizabeth Love b. 8 Sep 1898, married Claude Henry Cootes, b. 16 Nov 1892; E.) Dock Love b. 27 Jan 1900 (never married); F.) Daniel Jackson Love b. 24 Jun 1902 d. 27 Aug 1902; G.) Infant son Aug 1903 bur. Wilson Chapel, Mckinney TX; and H.) Homer Ray Love b. 16 Nov 1908, married Ethel Wilburn; I.) Flora Ann Love b. 29 Jan 1915 d. 26 Sep 1919.
b. James Titus Love James was born 1877. He married Ms. Brooks. Their son is Ralph Love who married Ann Osborne.
c. Martha Love (twin) Born 22 Sep 1879, Martha died 10 Aug 1898. She married 14 Jan 1897 J. Hampton Furr, the son of L. L. and Betsy.
d. Mary E. Love (twin) Born 22 Sep 1879, Mary married 3 Mar 1898 James Robert Little, son of Hamp and Jane Little.
e. Henry D. Love Born 18 Oct 1881, Henry died 4 Aug 1883.
E. Susan Telitha Love Born 4 Jul 1883, Susan married 31 Jul 1898 Milas Henderson Love. Born Jul 1879, he is the son of James W. and Mary C. Love. Milas and Susan lived below Love’s Chapel in a house still standing on the east side of Love Mill Road. Buried at Love’s Chapel, Milas died 20 Jul 1946. Susan died 30 Sep 1964. The children of Milas Henry and Susan Telitha Love are: A.) Julia Love b 17 Nov 1904, married 16 Apr 1922 Rush D. Love b. 16 Apr 1922 and d. 18 Jan 1965; B.) Infant Daughter b. 3 Sep 1899 and d. 3 Sep 1899; C.) Claude Love b. 3 Aug 1900 d. 6 Mar 1972, married first Margaret Malone and second Mary Snipes Allen; D.) Blanche Love b. 26 Nov 1902 d. 17 Dec 1971, married Quiller Carter; E.) Ralph Hubert Love b. 2 Apr 1908, married Martha Austin; F.) Rachel Love b. 13 Aug 1910 d. 9 Dec 1963, married James Roy Little; G.) Ruby Louise Love b. 29 Oct 1915 d. 10 Jan 1973, married J. Clemon Baucom, d. 12 Jan 1977; H.) Bobby Jack Love b. 1 Apr 1919 d. 7 Dec 1952, married 7 Dec 1952 Sybil Honeycutt.
E. Mary Elizabeth Love Born 19 Jul 1856, Mary E. Love married 19 Aug 1869 Jacob W. Little. Mary died 25 Aug 1899.

F. Calvin Deberry Love Born 5 May 1859, Calvin died 9 Nov 1877 and is buried at Love’s Grove in Stanly County NC.


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