Margaret J. “Peggy” Love
Daughter of Jonah Love

Margaret Love was born 29 Jan 1810 in Cabarrus County NC. She is the daughter of Jonah and Mary Garmon Love. Ca. 1829, she married Jacob W. Little in likely Montgomery County NC. Born ca. 1805, Jacob is the son of James and Rosannah Tucker Little. Jacob W. Little died 10 Oct 1858 in Union County. Margaret died in 1911 in Stanly County and is buried at Love’s Grove Methodist.

The children of Jacob W. and Margaret Love Little are:

A. James Murmon Little Born 1830, Murmon married Elizabeth….

B. Jonah F. Little Born 14 May 1832, Jonah married Martha Jane Love on 7 Mar 1858 in Stanly County NC. Martha was born 7 Aug 1837, the daughter of Martha Love. Jonah Little died 20 Mar 1909. Martha Jane Love Little died soon after on 11 Jan 1911. The children of Jonah F. and Martha Jane Love Little are:

C. Nancy E. Little Born ca. 1834, Nancy Little drowned while crossing the Rocky River on a ferry. Her sister Delphia also drowned. A special thanks goes out to Julie Hampton Ganis who abstracted issues of THE NORTH CAROLINA ARGUS in which is found the following account of the drowning:

April 14, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC)

-A very sad occurrence took place, on Saturday last, at the mill-dam of Col. John E. AUSTIN, of this county, on Rocky River. The river was quite high, and a party, consisting of two brothers and two sisters, children of Mrs. Jacob LITTLE, of Cabarrus or Stanly county, who had been to Charlotte with a wagon, and were returning home, undertook to cross the river above the mill dam, in flat, at a private ferry belonging to Col. AUSTIN, where another wagon had crossed in the flat but a short time before, and were carried by the force of the current towards the dam. One of the poles used to guide the flat slipped out of the hands of one of the parties, and the flat became unmanageable. Mr. Wm. AUSTIN and one of the LITTLES, perceiving that the flat would inevitably go over the dam, jumped out and swam ashore. The other Mr. LITTLE and his two sisters were carried over with the wagon, four horses and the flat. The wagon ran forward and off the flat, excepting two wheels, which caused the flat to keel up at one end and throw the young ladies out into the river. The young man, their brother, recovered them and replaced them in the flat, and finding that he could do nothing with the flat himself, after floating down the river some distance, told his sisters to hold on to the flat while he would swim ashore and seek help and return to their rescue. He did swim ashore, and ran to Mr. GREEN’S, about a half or perhaps a mile, and returned and found the flat floating down the river, the wagon loose and his sisters gone. One of the bodies of the young ladies was afterwards found lodged against a raft. The body of the other had not been found at last accounts. They were both undoubtedly drowned. It is thought they and the wagon were thrown out at a rapid and rough shoaly place in the river, or that they had attempted to grasp hold of a small tree which bent over the stream and near to the water, and were dragged in that way and drowned. It was a deplorable fate for the poor, helpless young women, and is a heart-rendering accident to their widowed mother, as well as their brothers, and everybody. It is wonderful that they were not all lost; and it is probable that if they had all remained in the flat, and kept their presence of mind, they might all have been saved. One of the horses broke loose and swam out but the other three drowned. [note: The girls that drowned were Nancy E. LITTLE (b.1834) and Delphia L. LITTLE (b.Apr 14, 1836), both daughters of Jacob. W. “Jack” LITTLE and Margaret “Peggy” LOVE

D. Delphia L. Little Born 14 Apr 1836, Delphia drowned on 2 Apr 1859 while crossing the Rocky River on a ferry.

E. Mary Love Little Born 8 Nov 1837, Mary L. Little married Ca. 1852 James M. Green. James as born Feb 1828.

F. Rosannah R. Little Born 25 Jan 1840, Rosannah married H. A. Tucker. Rosannah died 14 May 1886.

G. Margaret Little b. ca. 1842.

H. Jacob S. Little Born 6 Nov 1844, Jacob married Frances “Hester” E. Reed 4 Mar 1867 in Cabarrus County NC. Hester as born 8 Oct 1844, the daughter of James L. and Susannah Love Reed. James L. Reed is the son of Conrad Reed whose discovery of gold unleashed the first gold rush in America. Hester Reed Little died 9 Jul 1900. Her husband Jacob S. Little died 9 Dec 1929.

I. Elizabeth L. Little Born Aug 1847, Elizabeth married George Tillman Tucker on 18 Feb 1871 in Stanly County. Born Sep 1841, George T. Tucker is the son of __________.

J. Benjamin Daniel Ransom Little Born 27 Oct 1849, Benjamin married Margaret Rebecca Furr on 9 Oct 1873 in Stanly County. Born 27 Sep 1853, Margaret is the daughter of Israel Jackson and Ursula Reed Furr. Margaret R. Furr died 19 Mar 1925 and is buried at Love's Grove in Stanly County. Benjamin died 30 Jun 1933.

K. Pharoah S. Little Born ca. 1850, Pharoah married Mary Elizabeth Reed on 13 Mar 1873. Pharoah died in 1879.

L. Harrison Little Born ca. 1851, Stanly County NC.

M. Loranzie Chester Little Born 8 Aug 1853, Loranzie married Louis Adeline Mann on 27 Jan 1875 in Stanly County NC. Loranzie died 13 Nov 1929 in Concord NC.


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