James M. Hagler
Son of John and Mary Love Hagler,
and Grandson of James Love, Junior

Born ca. 1800, James M. Hagler is the oldest son of John and Mary Love Hagler. Though the initial for his middle name stands for Merriman, James is also known in later records as “Marion.” From his sister Martha’s 1830’s marriage bond, the bondsman was L. Merriman. Is his family the namesake of James M. Hagler? Dated 22 Jan 1821, James Hagler made a legal agreement (10-328, Cabarrus NC) with his Grandfather James Love. Between “James Love and his grandson James Hagler,” the agreement stated that the said James Hagler:

“ . . . is by bargain to move his grandfathers barn from where it now stands & build it again over the hollow by the crib & is to find covering & new logs if there is any wanting to repair with –The agreement of this bargain this that the sd. Jas. Hagler is to have a certain piece of land lying on the west side of Rocky River joining Michael Garman Wm Bost John Carathers Geo. Garman & Jos. Howel & if not complied with it will be of none effect & if complied with the sd. Jas. Hagler is to have the land more or less.”
James Love died the next year. And his Grandson James Hagler did move the barn as he later appears as owner of lands mentioned by his Grandfather in the above agreement.

Dated 23 Nov 1824, James Hagler married Eve Garman. The bondsman was M. Hunt. Born 30 Oct 1808, she is the daughter of neighbor George and Rachel Lollar Garman. George Garman and Rachel Lollar married 12 Dec 1791. Born in Kentucky, Rachel is the daughter of Henry Lollar.

One year after he married, the following court entry records a suit raised against James M. Hagler:

Book A, Jul 1825,
Court of Pleas and Quarter Session Trial Docket
D.F.C.           Doe on the demise of              
                 Darling Love & Others   Common Rule
                          vs.            Not Guilty
M.J.A.         Richard Roe and James Hagler

Had James moved the barn as he agreed? Known to be heirs, were Darling and the others doubting the legitimacy of an earlier agreement made between James Love and his grandson? Or are there yet some other concern held by the other heirs? The above case was ruled in favor of James Hagler indicating he was legally in the right. And just a few months later, a series of four important agreements (10-328, Cabarrus NC) appear on one page of the Cabarrus County deed book. Dated 29 Dec 1825, John Hagler gave to his son all rights in his deceased brother’s estate. He also gave to son James all rights in his deceased parents estate. And both John and wife Mary Love Hagler then gave to their son all rights to her father’s estate. And lastly, and back dated, the above agreement between James Hagler and his grandfather James Love is recorded. Filed in April of 1826, all the deeds reflect not only the mortality of John and Mary Hagler, but also show their need to distribute their parent’s legacies. As the oldest son, John M. Hagler must have also been a favored grandchild.

Three years later, on 5 Sep 1828, James Hagler purchased 165 acres (11-72, Cabarrus County NC) from George Tucker, the Executor of James Love deceased. The land was earlier “granted to James Love by patent.” For $150, James Hagler purchased land on the south side of Rocky River adjoining lands of John White, Geo. Garmon, Jos. Howell, and Wm. Bost. Filed Jul 1828, Jno Barnhart and Geo. Garmon witnessed the transaction. This appears to be the same land referred to in the1821 agreement between James Love and his grandson James Hagler. Dated 4 Dec 1833, Jas. Hagler and George Garman Senr. of Cabarrus sold the same land (12-387, Cabarrus County NC) to George Garman Senr. The metes and bounds match up and the same people own adjoining lands. But in this transaction, the land is identified as being land “granted to George Garmon by patant.” It appears that James Hagler and George Garmon owned the land jointly and that George Garmon purchased the James Hagler’s rights to the same. John Sprinkle and Solomon Karicker witnessed the transaction. Dated 11 Jul 1835, the very next deed in the book (12-388, Cabarrus County NC) is a conveyance of 150 acres from James Hagler to his brother-in-law John Sprinkle. Situated on the north side of Anderson’s Creek, this land also adjoins most of the same landowners as in the deeds above. Following the legal description of the land, the deed specifies: . . . containing one hundred and fifty acres be the same more or less this with the exception of Mary Hagler’s dowry with the house she now lives in during her lifetime.” From this deed, we know that Mary Love Hagler was alive and living on her dowry land as of 1835. I believe the two tracts above joined and were once part of James Love’s 320-acre grant.

Eve Garman Hagler died 1839 and is buried at the Barbee family cemetery near present day Midland NC. The 1840 census reflects her loss. But in 1850, the James M. Hagler family is enumerated in Cabarrus County as: James Hagler 50, Elisa 40, Elizabeth 22, Mary 20, Merriman 18, James 15, John 13, Jane 10, and Margaret Gray 15. Who is Elisa? Is she a second wife? At this point I am unsure as to when James Merriman Hagler died. Since he does not appear in the 1860 census, it is believed he died prior to that year. The children of James M. and Eve “Eave” Garman Hagler are:

George W. Hagler

Born ca. 1827, George moved to Pontotoc County, Mississippi shortly before 1850. In the census of that year, George is enumerated as a carpenter. His wife’s name is Rosaline. In the the 1860 census he appears as an overseer with personal value of $2000. George enlisted in CSA Co. F, 41st Reg. MS and died soon after. The children of George and Rosaline are:

Elizabeth Hagler

In the 1850 Cabarrus County census, Elizabeth is enumerated as 22 years of age and living with her father.

Mary C. Hagler

Born 6 Feb 1830, Mary C. Hagler married 21 Jan 1855 Beverly Spain Gray. J. H. Hodgens was bondsman. Born 17 Feb 1822, Beverly is likely the son of Beverly Senior and wife Margaret Garman Gray. That couple was married 16 Oct 1798 in Cabarrus County and are buried at the Gray Family Cemetery.

Beverly S. Gray enlisted in Cabarrus County on 12 Aug 1863 for service in CSA Co. , Reg. NC. He was captured at Petersbug VA 1 Apr 1865 and confined at Point Lookout MD until being released on 3 Jun 1865. He lived out his life in Cabarrus County and died 3 Jul 1889. Beverly S. Gray is Buried in the Gray Family cemetery. His wife “Mary C.” died 16 May 1903 and is also buried in the family cemetery. The children of Beverly Spain Junior and Mary C. Hagler Gray are:

Clarissy “Chrissie” Hagler Hagler

Chrissie Hagler does not appear in the 1850 census with her parents. On 18 Mar 1851, a Chrissie Hagler married Richard Sherrill in Cabarrus County NC. It is believed she is the daughter of James and Margaret Garman Hagler. There is not record of civil war service for Richard and have not been able to locate further records for this family.

Merriman “Marion” Jackson Hagler

From the 1850 Cabarrus County census, Merriman was born ca. 1832. He moved to Pontotoc County MS where on 20 Dec 1855 he married Elimina Smith. They appear in the 1860 census of Pontotoc County. Marion served in CSA Co. F, 41st Reg. MS under the command of Capt. S. E. Melson. From notes provided to Travis Jackson Hagler from descendants in Texas, Merriman “Marion” Jackson Hagler and family left Mississippi about 1877. They moved to Bell County Texas where on 17 Aug 1895, Jackson Hagler died as a result of a mule kick. He is buried at Volo Cemetery, Sparks, Bell County TX. The children of Merriman Jackson and Elmina Smith Hagler are:

Nancy Hagler

Not listed as living in her parent’s household in 1850, Nancy is only known as an heir in the last will and testament of her grandfather George Garmon Jr.

James M. Hagler Hagler, Junior

Born ca. 1835, James appeared first in 1850 living in his parent’s home. Dated 7 Mar 1858, he married first Margaret Robinson in Cabarrus County NC. James M. Hagler does not appear in the 1860 Cabarrus County census as the family was likely in route to Mississippi to visit his brothers. Returning to Cabarrus County, on 20 May 1885, James M. Hagler applied for a Civil War Soldier’s Pension. At age 50 and living in the Pioneer Mills community, he stated that as a “bonafide citizen of NC,” he “was on a visit to Miss and volunteered in a company with my brothers …Cabarrus County has always been my home before and since the war.” Serving in CSA Co. F 41st Reg. MS, he was wounded 13 Dec 1862 in Fredericksburg VA “For which his right arm was amputated below the elbow.”

Dated 6 Nov 1882, James M. and wife Margaret Hagler mortgaged 60 acres of land (37-231, Cabarrus County NC) on Muddy Creek “being the place which the said Jas. M. Hagler now resides. Margaret died soon after as on 4 May 1891, 56-year old James M. Hagler married second M. J. Isehour. Sons James M and George M. Hagler, and George’s father in law witnessed the licensing.

John Monroe Hagler

Born 13 Mar 1835, John M. Hagler first appears in the 1850 census as 13 years of age and living in the home of his father. He married first 29 Jan 1859 Abigail C. Gray in Cabarrus County. Dated 27 Jul 1861, 23 –year old John M. Hagler enlisted for service in CSA Co. B, 7th Reg. NC. Wounded in the knee 13 Dec 1862 at Fredericksburg VA, he reported absent until being discharged 27 Mar 1864 at Liberty Mills VA. He was discharged for reasons of disability. Indicating Abigail had probably died earlier, John M. Hagler married second 6 Aug 1864 Malinda Teeter in Cabarrus County. John M. Hagler died 23 Jul 1888 and is buried at Bethel UMC in Midland.

Jane Hagler

The 1850 Cabarrus County census enumerates what appears to be a daughter Jane Hagler living in the home of James Merriman Hagler.


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