James Ingram Love
Son of Charles Love

Born 6 Jan 1796, and likely in Cabarrus County NC, James I. Love is the son of Charles and Fereby Osborne Love. In honor of his grandmother Mary Elizabeth Ingram Love, James was given the middle name Ingram. As a young child, James Love moved with his family to Rutherford County NC near the Lincoln County line. About 1823, he married Susan Putnam. She was born 28 Sep 1797. The 1850 Cleveland County Census enumerates Susan's sister Jenile and mother Nancy living at the home of James Love. James Love was also appointed Executor of Jenile's 4 Dec 1855 last will and testament.

James Ingram Love first acquired land in May of 1832. In the form of a gift deed from his father Charles Love, he received one hundred acres of land on Hickory Creek. James’s brother Osborne was given land at the same time. Their father Charles died in the mid 1830’s.

On 11 August 1841, and being just after the formation of Cleveland County, James Love gave one hundred and forty seven acres of land (A-15, Cleveland NC) to the “County of Cleveland and State of North Carolina.” Seeking a county seat for the newly formed county, the state legislature appointed a commission to “locate the town of Shelby in the county aforesaid.” He donated land adjoining that owned by T. M. Alexander, Samuel Wilson, and _________. On 11 Jan 1843, James Love deeded roughly the same land that was earlier conveyed to the county and state (A-282, Cleveland NC). Again giving the land to the county and state, the record was now for 150 acres with subtly different metes and bounds. Was this a corrected survey or transaction?

Dated 6 Oct 1847, James Love and William Hendrick and wife Charity sold land (C-137, Rutherford NC) to Thomas Wilson. Though the transaction appears in the Rutherford County deed book, the document states the that all of the parties live in the newly formed Cleveland County. James Love and William Hendrick sell "two separate tracts of land belonging to the estate of Charles Love, deceased." They sold their rights to brother-in-law Thomas Wilson. The transaction further states that James Love and William Hendrick also represented and conveyed "their claim with and Osborn Loves and Levi Miller and wife Sarah it being their seventh or their share of said estate lands." One tract was 102 1/2 acres and the other contained 78 acres. The transaction was witnessed by Richard Champion and D. Birchette.

James Love died 15 Nov 1878 and is buried at Zoar Baptist Church in Cleveland County NC. His wife died a year earlier on 29 Apr 1877. James is buried beside his wife.

The children of James and Susan Putnam Love are:

A. Christopher G. Love Born 6 Mar 1825, Christopher G. Love is named for his great grandfather Christopher Osborne. In the spring of 1847, Christopher enlisted at rank of Corporal in Co. I, 12th Reg. USA for service in the War with Mexico. He was honorably discharged at Camp Carollton, Louisana on 25 Jul 1848. Returning to Cleveland County NC, in 1850 he is enumerated as twenty five years of age living at the home of his father. Still living at the home of his father in 1860, he is enumerated as "Dental Surgeon." Did Christopher go to college? Christopher Love also served in the civil war. He was appointed rank of Captain at enlistment on 1 May 1861. Serving in CSA Co.C, 15th Reg. NC, Christopher served in that rank until being defeated for reelection when the company reorganized 2 May 1862. He later served as Corporal CSA Co. F, 41st Reg. NC. This unit was apart of the 3rd Regiment N. C. Cavalry. Returning home from the civil war, C. G. Love appears in the 1870 census with his wife S. P. Love. From her grave stone, we know that Christopher's wife is named Sarah and she was born 17 Nov 1838.

On 10 Mar 1887, Christopher Love applied for a pension for his service in the War with Mexico. He farmed locally and provided goods to a grocery firm. A dispute raised by Christopher eventually made it to the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Sarah P. Love died 22 Jan 1892 and is laid to rest in Shelby at Zoar Baptist Church. Christopher G. Love died 15 Feb 1910 and is buried at Zoar Baptist Church beside his wife. The children of Christopher G. and S. P. Love are: A.) C. James Love b. 1868; B.) George Wm. Love b. 28 May 1869 d. 15 Dec 1891 bur. Zoar Baptist Church.

B. James I. Love Likely named James Ingram Love, the record for this James may be mistakenly interpreted. He was born 13 May 1827 and died 12 Aug 1847. Buried near his father, the grave of James I. Love is marked with a War with Mexico marker indicating he died in service. But James is not listed in the unit in which his brother Christopher served. That unit was raised in the spring of 1847. Since James I. Love did not survive the war, would that be reason enough for him not being listed in the regimental records?

In 1850, this Jame's father is listed with son Christopher born in 1825 and next oldest son James P. born ca. 1830. If James I. Love died in 1847, he would not appear in the 1850 census. But the 1837 birth date of James I. Love fits perfectly between Christopher's 1825 and James P. Love's 1830 birth dates. Is this in error? Could there be two sons named James? Could James P. Love actually have changed his name to James in honor and following the death of his older brother?

C. James P. Love Born ca. 1830 as appears in the 1850 census.

D. Susan A. Love Born ca. 1841, she married 20 May 1851 William P. Anderson.

E. Thomas W. Love Born ca. 1843, he married Aug 1866 Lizzy Logan, the daughter of R. and Sarah. In 1860, he was listed as "comon school teacher" and living at the home of his father.

F. Anderson M. Love Born ca. 1838, he enlisted at age 23 on 27 Apr 1861. Serving in CSA Co. C, 15th Reg. NC, Anderson mustered in as Seargent and reduced in ranks in 1862. He was present until mortally wounded 5 May 1864 at Wilderness, VA. Exact place of death is not known. However, a grave marker at Zoar Baptist Church indiactes Anderson may have made have been brought back home by family. He is buried near his father at Zoar Baptist Church in Shelby. His grave marker matches the death date as appears on his combined war record.

G. Elizabeth Love Born Ca. 1843.


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