Jonah Askew Love
Son of Jonah A. Love

Born 26 October 1825 likely in nearby Cabarrus County, Jonah Askew Love married first Margaret Tyson Palmer ca. 1844. Born 8 Apr 1824, Margaret is the daughter of James and Martha Crump Palmer. Jonah raised his family on family lands near Love’s Chapel UMC.

Jonah Askew Love served in the civil war. Enlisting in Halifax County on 1 Mar 1863, he joined up with others from Stanly County serving in CSA Co. H, 42nd Reg. NC. Jonah was present and accounted for until reporting absent wounded in May 1864. He was furloughed for sixty days on 1 Oct. 1864. Loosing his right arm as result of a gunshot wound, Jonah returned home where he worked to piece back his life. His wife Margaret died 24 Feb 1879. As marked with a white marble stone, she is buried at Love’s Chapel.

The children of Jonah A. and Margaret Tyson Palmer Love are:

A. William J. Love

Born 3 Jul 1847, William J. Love was 16 years old during the time of the civil war. Being too young to serve, he worked building railroads. William J. Love married first 18 Apr 1865 Elizar A.Teeter. Born 13 Nov 1848, she is the daughter of Timothy and Margaret Stallings Teeter. William and Elizar lived in a two-story house on the west side of present day Love’s Chapel Road just north of the church. Older folks in the community remember well what the house looked like. Eliza died 23 Mar 1904 and is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC in the lower cemetery.

The Wiliam J. Love Family
Front Row (R to L): Jonah Askew Love, Dock Fletcher Love, William James Love and wife Liza Teeter Love, Ada Josephine Love(hand on her mother's shoulder), Florence Sossamon Love and her daughter Rissie Love.
Back Row (R to L): Mack Halton Love, Elam Croson Love, Crone Simpson Love, Charlie Monroe Love holding son Audie Love and wife Ella Honeycutt Love, James Daniel Love holding son William Columbus Love.

The children of William J. and Elizar A. Teeter are:

A. Sarah Elizabeth Love Born 26 Jun 1866 and died 6 Jun 1943, she is buried at Pine Grove Cem. in Albemarle. She married 10 Dec 1885 David Luther Treece, born 29 Feb 1864 and died 17 Aug 1934. He is the son of David and Benonia Angeline Efird Treece. Their children are: A.) George Belk Treece b. 30 Aug 1907, married Dollie Mae Burleson; B.) Hester Canary “Esther” Treece b. 28 Feb 1888; C.) Numa Pemberton Treece b. 30 Jul 1889, married 9 Jan 1909; D.) Benomy Avilas Treece b. 2 May 1889 d. 30 Oct 1922, married Monroe D. Sides; E.)Claude Brown Treece b. 7 Jan 1893 d. 8 Sep 1952, married Alma Rogers; F.) Martin Luther Treece b. 7 Oct 1894; G.) Wade Clifton Treece b. 2 May 1896, married Delphia Rogers; H.) Laura Loverine Treece b. 2 May 1898 d. 1905; I.) Dory Issabelle Treece b. 27 Mar 1900; J.) Grady Magee Treece b. 13 Sep 1902 d. 24 Jan 1966, married Emma Lou Hill; K.) Macon Isaiah Treece b. 27 Jan 1905 (twin); L.) Lisa B. Treece b. 27 Jan 1905 (twin); M.) Samuel Treece b. 7 Oct 1910 d. 29 Dec 1955 bur. Canton Bapt.; and N.) Ila Alaska Treece b. 4 Oct 1886 d. 14 Apr 1959, bur. Clark’s Grove.

B. Martin Luther Love Martin Luther Love was born 1 Oct 1869. He married first 28 Aug 1887 Margaret Isabelle Brooks who was born 28 Jan 1867. The daughter of Ezekiel and Jane Byrd Brooks, as a child, a story written in the Stanly County newspaper indicates she and her sister were picked up and carried across Island Creek by a “cyclone.” Martin and Isabelle moved to McKinney, Collin County TX where on 26 Jan 1904 Martin’s wife died. She is buried at Wilson Chapel. The children of Martin Luther and Margaret Isabelle Brooks Love are: A.) Hattie J. Love b. 2 May 1889 d. 25 Feb 1918, married Felix O. Self; B.) Cora Isabelle Love b. 22 Jul 1891, married Dellie Festis Kite; C.) Leila Love b. 2 Mar 1897, married Bill Hartsell; D.) Rettie Love b. 2 Aug 1895, married 6 Oct 1915 Ben Thomas; E.) Effie Love b. 26 Nov 1897, married 7 Nov 1915 Henry Thomas; F.) Rillie May Love b. 27 May 1900, married Levi Lowry Bass; G.) Joneth William Love b. 24 Apr 1903, married Frankie Anis Miller; and H.) Martin Mathew Love b. 13 Jun 1906, married Ila Bandy.
Martin Luther Love married second Mary Elizabeth Rutledge. Born 1878 and died 1930, Mary is the daughter of C. R. Rutledge. She is buried at Wilson Chapel in Collin County TX. The son of Martin Luther and Mary E. Rutledge Love is: A.) Harry Adrian Love b. 1916 d. 1921.
Martin Luther Love married last a Ms. Shepard from Concord NC. Martin L. Love died 1 Apr 1956 and is buried at Wilson’s Chapel.

C. James Daniel Love Born 10 Sep 1870, James D. Love married 2 Nov 1890 Florence Geretta Sossamon. Born 20 Sep 1871, she is the daughter of Columbus P. and Lucy Hartsell Sossamon. James Daniel Love owned and operated the J. Daniel Love Livery Stable in Oakboro. J. Daniel Love died 3 Nov 1954 and Florence Gerretta died 9 Dec 1957. Both are buried at Love’s Chapel UMC. Their children are: A.)Wrissie Douglas Love b. 3 Oct 1891 d. 8 Apr 1965, married 1919 Archie Ellis McLester b. 24 Jun 1882 d. 11 Jun 1964, son of William Penn and Mary Carter McLester; B.)William Columbus Love b. 8 Feb 1894 d. 8 Aug 1976, married Minnie Ann Love b. 31 May 1894 d. 23 Jul 1951, daughter of John E. and Frances Isabell Hinson Love; C.) Coil Brown Love b. 20 Nov 1897 d. 28 Mar 1979, married 18 Jun 1921 Lottie Mae Osborne; D.) Rush D. Love b. 9 Feb 1898 d. 18 Jan 1965, married 16 Apr 1922 Julie A. Love; and E.) Annie Emma Love b. 19 May 1903 d. 19 Aug 1903.

D. Charles Monroe Love Born 21 Apr 1872, Charlie M. Love married 6 Feb 1896 Laura Ella Honeycutt. She was born 30 Sep 1875, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Honeycutt. Charlie M Love died 26 Dec 1944 and his wife Laura died 20 Jun 1947. They are buried at Love’s Chapel UMC. Their children are: A.) Audy Love b. 15 May 1896 d. 1960; B.) Ona Love b. 30 Jul 1900, married W. Lester Little; C.) Raymond A. Love b. 6 Aug 1902 d. 17 Oct 1945; D.) Baydon Johnnie Love b. 30 Dec 1907 d. 19 Sep 1945, married Eunice F. Sossamon; E.) Marshall James Love b. 25 Mar 1910; F.) Craig Love b. 21 Mar 1914, married Rosa Burris; G.) Frank Love b. 25 Aug 1916 d. 17 Mar 1957, married Letha Brewer; H.) Winfred Love b. 12 Jan 1920, married Rupert Smith; I.) Mildred Love b. 24 Mar 1924, married Woodrow Lowder; J.) Hoyle Love, married first Myrtle Morgan and second Lillie Hinson.

E. Wallie F. Love Born 1876 and died 1 Nov 1891, Wallie is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC

F. Crone Simpson Love Born 2 Dec 1877, Crone Simpson Love married Minnie Lucinnie Coley. Born 12 Jul 1879, she is the daughter of J. Tillman and Matilda Love Coley. Their children are: A.) Lucille Love, married Howard Protz, B.) Carrie Viola Love, married Edward White; C.) Goldie Belle Love, married John James Motley; D.) Ernest Houston Love b. 20 Jan 1914 d. 10 Apr 1980, married 18 Dec 1934 Margaret Talbot; E.) Clyde Love, married Pearl McDonald; F.) Dolph Brown Love b. 23 Dec 1901, married 21 May 1924 Minnie Miller; G.) Dora Emma Love, married first Will Troutman; H.) Florence Love; and I.) Estele Love, married Marshall Crinshaw.

G. Elam Crowson Love Born 21 Jul 1880, Elam married 16 Aug 1900 Fannie Jane Osborne. Born 6 May 1882, she is the daughter of Jonah and Beedie Morgan Osborne. Elam died 31 May 1959 and his wife Fannie Jane died 22 Aug 1963. They are both buried at Love’s chapel UMC. Their children are: A.) Lonnie S. Love b. 2 Jun 1901, married 5 Sep 1920 Ethel Scott Love; B.) Wade Douglas Love b. 5 Sep 1903 d. 4 Nov 1974, married 2 Sep 1922 Verla J. Scott; C.) John Henry Love b. 13 Mar 1906, married 30 Jul 1937 Stella Helms Love; D.) William Ollie Love b. 8 Sep 1908, married 5 Sep 1926 Bertie Honeycutt; E.) Dessie Gracie Love b. 27 Jan 1911, married 29 12 1930, married Roy Lee Furr; F.) Lizzie Ann Love b. 10 May 1913, married 2 Aug 1930 Ralph Furr; G.) Ethel Lee Love b. 14 Feb 1915, married 23 Dec 1936 Clyde C. Mills; H.) Marvin James Love b. 7 Apr 1921, married 1 Apr 1940 Evelyn L. Talley; and I.) Mammie L. Love b. 14 Jan 1924, married 14 May 1947 Carl L. Trull.

H. Mack Halton Love Born. 26 Nov 1882, Mack H. Love married 14 Mar 1901 Minnie Dora Ann Carriker. Born 8 Jun 1879, she is the daughter of Martin and Betsey Osborne Carriker. Betsey died 13 Jan 1966 and her husband Mack H. Love died 9 Aug 1968. Both are buried at Clark’s Grove. Their children are: A.) Dewey Martin Love b. 29 Nov 1901 d. 9 Jul 1980, married 6 Sep 1919 Adie Blanche Kizer; B.) William Houston Love b. 11 Jan 1903 d. 8 Mar 1903; C.) Florence Malinda Love b. 29 Nov 1903 d. 15 Jan 1904; D.) Nellie Anna Bell Love b. 20 Oct 1904, married 13 Oct 1948 Lee J. Foster; D.) James Cordell Love b. 24 May 1906; E.) Roy Franklin Love b. 10 Nov 1907, married 21 Jan 1928 Mary Etta Clark; F.) Bernice Theron Love b. 4 Jan 1909 d. 12 Dec 1928; G.) Fronia Adeline Love, b. 23 Jan 1910, married 12 Dec 1928 James Jacob Lee; H.) Arie Brice Love b. 12 Apr 1911, married first Eula Mae Brice and second Beulah Inez Fisher Allman; I.) Charlie Ernest Love b. 2 Jun 1912 d. 2 Aug 1912; J.) Onnie Louise Love b. 17 Jun 1913, married 20 Oct 1934 Lee Roberson Rushing; K.) Cathleen Mary Love b. 19 May 1916; L.) Ben David Love b. 2 Nov 1917, married Louise; M.) Jacob Thomas Love b. 9 Aug 1919 d. 13 May 1966, and N.) William Jennings Love b. 17 Jul 1923, married 6 Sep 1941 Edna Veda Honeycutt.

I. Ada Josephine Love Born 25 Apr 1885, Ada J. Love married 31 May 1906 Nelson Bost Saunders. Born 30 Nov 1879 d. 17 Nov 1952, he is the son of B. H. and Sarah E. Saunders. Ada died 4 Mar 1976. They are buried at St. Paul’s Methodist Church. Their children are: A.) Alfred Jelet Saunders b. 25 Dec 1908 married 24 Aug 1940 Hazel Sides; B.) George Brantley Saunders b. 6 Nov 1910, married 1943 Elma Alexander; C.) Willie Henry Saunders b. 27 May 1912 d. 11 Jun 1939; D.) Ernie Nelson Saunders b. 14 Apr 1914 d. 24 Sep 1954; E.) Ollie Henderson Saunders b. 12 Feb 1916; F.) Marshall Mump Saunders, married Frances Rose Dry; G.) Lena Sallie Saunders b. 15 Mar 1920; and H.) Sadie Nellie Saunders b. 18 Apr 1922, married 25 Feb 1956 Lonnie Trexler Welch.

J.) Dock Fletcher Love Born 15 Dec 1886 in Stanly County NC, Dock Love heard of a land rich in cotton and moved briefly with his brother Martin to be near kinfolk in McKinney TX. There he met and married first 20 Jan 1907 Mary Elizabeth Brooks. Born 4 May 1878, she is the daughter of Ezekiel and Jane Byrd Brooks of Stanly County NC. Dock and Mary had one son in TX before returning to Stanly County. Mary E. Brooks Love died 27 Aug 1927 and is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC. The children of Dock Fletcher and Mary E. Brooks Love are: A.) Ezekiel William Love b. 14 Oct 1908 in TX, married Lula Bell Motley; B.) Jewel Irvin Love b. 21 Oct 1910, married 4 Jun 1932, Margie Elizabeth Barbee; C.) Eddie James Love b. 5 Nov 1913, d. 11 Nov 1913; D.) Woodrow Wilson Love b. 13 May 1915, married Cora Alice Little; E.) Ira Dock Love b. 25 Mar 1918, married Mary Eva Whitley; and F.) Geneva Mae Love b. 1 Jun 1921, married James Adolphus Lomax.

Dock Fletcher Love married second Daisy Crump. He died 17 Jul 1973 and is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC. Of note, Dock Fletcher Love was the next-door neighbor of the author’s grandfather. I remember well “Uncle Dock” and many visits to Concord where he lived.

K. Martha J. Love Born 22 Aug 1887, Martha died 11 Oct 1887 and is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC.

L. Laura H. Love Born 19 Feb 1896 and died 21 Jul 1896, Laura is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC.

William J. and Sophronia Simpson Hartsell Love

After the death of Elizar, William J. Love married 15 Mar 1903 Sophronia Simpson Hartsell, the daughter of Hampton and Sallie Simpson. There were no children born to this union. William J. Love died 3 Mar 1924 and is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC in the lower cemetery. Sophronia married third to James McLure

B. Mumpford Parker Love

Born 24 Nov 1848, Mumpford married ca. 1869 Martha Jane Garmon. Born 24 Jan 1847, Martha is the daughter of Michael III and Jensey Little Garmon. Dated 26 Oct 1870, Michael and Jensey Garman sold M. P. Love 119 acres (23-156, Cabarrus NC) adjoining that belonging to Michael and Henry Garman and others. In 1870, Mumpford and wife Martha are listed as living in township ten, Cabarrus County. Mumpford P. Love began buying land in Stanly County in 1874. Before 1880, Mumford had purchased land from Jonah I. Love, James Symon Love, James E. Hartsell, and S. C, Hardwick. In 1880, Mumpford and wife Martha J. are listed as living in Stanly County. Martha Garmon Love died 7 Jul 1914. Mumpford died 7 Jul 1914. Both are buried at Love’s Chapel UMC.

The children of Mumpford P. and Martha J. Love are:

A. Adam Jones Love Born 8 Jul 1872, Adam Jones Love married 5 Aug 1891 Sophronia Little. Born 5 Aug 1874, she is the daughter of Pharaoh S. and Mary Little. Adam died 15 Apr 1933. Sophronia died 31 May 1940. They are buried at Love’s Chapel UMC. Their children are: A.) Fred Love b. 30 Mar 1902, married first Mamie Smith, married second Ida Wheeler; B.) Howard Stafford Love b. 9 Jun 1905, married Bertie Christy; C.) Samuel Jones Love b. 24 Feb 1895, married Faye Drye; D.) Mumpford Clydell Love b. 10 Dec 1907, married Claudia Nesbit; E.) Margaret Elizabeth Love b. 12 Apr 1893, married Daniel Carl Fink; F.) Elsie Love b. 12 Jul 1899, married married Charles Burwell McAnulty; G.) Grace Love b. 15 Mar 1897, d. Jun1975, married Charlie Conner; H.) Martin Love b. 8 Dec 1910.

B. Nettie Garmon Love b. 8 Jul 1881 d. 17 Jul 1951 bur Love’s Chapel, married Sylvester J. Furr; son of Jefferson Davis and Mary Elizabeth Ferguson Sossamon. Is said that Sylvester did not trust the banks and so buried his money in jars in the field. Sylvester and Nettie had one son who was born and ied on 31 Dec 1892. Sylvester and Nettie raised Ethel Simpson who later married Homer Love.

C. Cornealia “Nealie” J. Love Born 3 Dec 1896 d. 12 Oct 1964, Nealie married 1 Jan 1908 Ray Furguson Sossamon. He is the son of Jefferson Davis and Mary Elizabeth Ferguson Sossamon. The children of Ray F. and Nealie J. Love Sossamon are: A.) Eunice F. Sossoman, married Baydon Johnnie Love, B.) Helen Sossoman, married Lonnie Mills; C.) Felix Sossoman, married Bertha Clark; D.) Ed Sossamon, married Bessie Belk.

D. Thomas Cleveland Love Born 31 Mar 1888, Thomas C. Love married 25 Dev 1907 Bessie Elizabeth Barbee. She was born 24 Jan 1889, the daughter of George W. and Lucy Compton Barbee. Thomas died 27 Oct 1955. Bessie died 2 Jul 1964. Their children are: A.) James “Pete” Cleveland Love, married Marie Almond; B.) Evelyn Love, married Grover C. Little; C.) Virginia Kathleen Love, married James Isaac Josephs; D.) Lucy Juanita Love; married Oliver Boycce Ware; E.) Leonard Taft “Little Pete” Love, married Orphelia Lippard; F.) Marvin Parker Love, married first Hortense Marshall; G.) Lewis Cleveland Love, married Merrie Mills.

E. John Love

F. Hugh Born 5 Oct 1890, Hugh Love married Ollie Burris. She was born 23 Apr 1893. Hugh Love died 14 Sep 1969. Their children are: A.) Harry Lee Love, married Lillian Hatley; B.) Lyndall Rose Love b. 26 Jan 1919 d. 11 May 1953, married Burno Craig Carpenter; C.) Martha Love, married Bill Hartsell; D.) Hal Love b. 29 Nov 1913 d. 29 Nov 1913 bur. Love’s Chapel.

C. Doctor Franklin Love

Born 8 Jul 1850 in Stanly County, Doc Love married 20 Dec 1871 Margaret Ann Moss. Born 17 Jan 1853, she is the daughter of William Franklin and Sophronia Howell Moss. The Doctor F. Love Family moved to Texas. The 1900 Wichita County TX census enumerates D. F. Love as follows:
Doctor Love Jul 1850 NC
Maggie A. Jan 1853 NC
Jonah F. Apr 1873 NC
Henry H. Feb 1878 NC
Marion F. Jun 1880 NC
Hallie B. Nov 1884 NC
Sophronia L. Oct 1893 TX
This record indicates Doctor F. Love moved to Texas sometime between 1884 and 1893.
Dated 29 Jan 1907, D. F. Love wrote his Last Will and Testament in Iowa Park, Wichita County, Texas. Doctor Franklin Love died 4 Mar 1907. Margaret Ann Moss Love died 22 Nov 1932. The children of Doctor Franklin and Margaret "Maggie" Love are:
A. Jonah Franklin Love Born 11 Apr 1873 d. 28 Jul 1951, Jonah married Nov 1903 Ora A. Powell. Jonah F. Love died 28 Jul 1951 in Iowa Park TX.

B. John Webster Love Born 10 Apr 1875, John married 17 Aug 1898 Belle Sims

C. Henry Hampton Love Born. 28 Feb 1872, Henry H. Love married May 1904 Vera McCurdy. Henry died 17 May 1946

D. Fletcher Marvin Love Born 2 Jun 1800, d. 10 Jul 1952 Dumas TX, Fletcher married 12 Nov 1907 in Dumas TX Mary Minta McDade. He died 10 Jul 1952 in Dumas TX.

E. Hattie Bobbitt Love Born 7 Nov 1884, Hattie married 15 Mar 1905 George Leonard Troutman in Wichita TX

F. Thomas Bunion Love Born 1887 in Hunt Co. TX, Thomas died 1889

G. Lottie Sophronia Love Born 14 Oct 1893 in Archer Co. TX, Lottie died 25 May 1956 in Panhandle TX. She married 23 Oct 1912 James Walter Denny.

D. Jonah K. Love

Born 27 Mar 1857 and died 24 Nov 1860, Jonah is buried near his parents at Love's Chapel UMC. His stone reads: "2 years 7 Months 27 Days."

E. Hartwell Pinkney Love

Born 25 Jan 1860, Hartwell married first 6 Jul 1879 to Lundy Jane Furr. Born 4 Mar 1860, Lundy is the daughter of Israel J. and Usley Reed Furr. In the 1880 Stanly County census, Jonah Askew Love is enumerated as living at the home of his son Hartwell P. Love. Lundy died 17 Oct 1887 and is buried at Love’s Grove UMC. Their children are:
A. Elam Silas Love Born in 1880, this child was enumerated in the census of that year as “Elam S Love,” a newborn 1/12 year old, being born in the month of April. The 1900 census lists in the home of Hartwell Love, a son named “Silas.” At that time he was enumerated as being born in Apr 1879. He is not listed in later census records. Situated near the foot of Hartwell Pinkney Love’s grave is mid-sized stone suitable for a young man. As carved on the surface, the stone records the resting place of “Silas E. Love.” No dates given. But in an old family photo, as appears below, the young man standing behind Hartwell P. Love may very well be our Silas E. Love.

B. Baxter Love infant

C. Florence Love infant

D. Dock Love infant

E. Thomas Bunyan Love Though Thomas B. Love’s tombstone identifies his birth as prior to the death of Lundy J. Furr Love, all histories record him as being the son of Hartwell’s second wife Eliza J. Brooks Love. Thomas married first Bessie Mae Morgan. Born 25 May 1891, Bessie is the daughter of Jim and Laura Goodman Morgan. Bessie died 3 Mar 1932 and is buried at Love’s Grove UMC. The children of Thomas and Bessie Morgan Love are: A.) Madeline Love b. 1 Sep 1914 d. 22 Sep 1914; B.) Infant daughter b. 11 Dec 1929 d. 5 Jan 1930; C.) Melbourne Thomas Love b. 16 Jun 1912, married 24 Feb 1934 Jocelyn Easely b. 7 Jun 1918; D.) Charlotte Delena Love, married James Kirkpatrick; E.) Carl Avery Love b. 15 Apr 1918, married 4 Mar 1942 Lucene Newsome; F.) Avalea Love b. 25 Apr 1922, married 11 Nov 1939, Laurence McLester; G.) Robert Vance Love married second Wilma Barbee; H.) Christine Alice Love b. 11 Mar 1927, married 18 Jan 1953 Paul Overcoat.

Thomas Bunyan Love married second Erma Helms. Thomas died 16 May 1948 and is buried at Love’s Grove UMC. The children of Thomas B. and Erma Helms Love are: A.) Billy Ray Love, married Oshia Wilson; B.) Carolyn Ann Love, married Sherwin Honeycutt; C.) Virginia Wilson Love, married Buel Burris; D.) Jimmy Bunyan Love, married Bonnie Ketchman.

F. Margaret Elizabeth Love Born 23 Feb 1882, d. 23 Nov 1954, Margaret married Hampton Phillip Carpenter. Born 3 Dec 1871, he is the son of Allen and Cornelia Ann Henry Carpenter. Hampton died 19 Feb 1939 and Margaret died 23 Nov 1954. Hampton is buried at Oakwood in Concord and Margaret rests at Love’s Chapel. Their children are: A.) William Crawford Carpenter b. 20 May 1900 d. 10 Mar 1945, married 14 Jun 1922 Annabelle Furr b. 6 Apr 1902; B.) Cornelia Ann Carpenter b. 26 Mar 1902, married 31 May 1921 Manlius Smoot Lyles b. 8 Mar 1901 d. 1 Sep 1979; C.) Viola Cormelia Carpenter b. 21 Aug 1904, married 5 Apr 1921 James Elisha Furr; D.) Boyd Hampton Carpenter b. 16 Sep 1906 d. 16 Jan 1966, married 18 Jun 1933 Nellis Pauline Hinson; E.) Pinkney Allen Carpenter b. 6 Mar 1908 d. 20 Mar 1960, married 23 Feb 1934 Gladys Louise Green; F.) Ruby Lee Carpenter b. 13 Nov 1911 d. Dec 1976, married 23 Mar 1923 Joseph Ritchie Williams b. 1 Dec 1913 d. 27 Jan 1979; G.) Edgar Lee Carpenter b. 28 Apr 1913; H.) Raiford Carpenter b. 2 Aug 1915; I.) Margaret Elizabeth Carpenter b. 14 Dec 1914, married 21 Dec 1935 Jane Rogers Wagner b. 7 Aug 1911 d. 21 Dec 1935; and J.) Barbara Elaine Carpenter b. 30 Jun 1921, married 22 Jun 1941 Hoy Walker Lippard.

Hartwell P. Love married second 19 Feb 1888 Eliza Jane Brooks. Born 26 Aug 1858, Eliza is the daughter of Ezekiel M. and Jane Byrd Brooks. Prior to her marriage to Hartwell P. Love, Eliza gave birth ca. 1875 to a son Cilas Marion. Research by others in the 1970’s indicate Cilas may be the son of Alexander Cagle. However, this was based more on speculation than fact. Cilas moved ca. 1892 with his grandfather Ezekiel Marion Brooks and others to McKinney, Collin County TX. The estate of Cilas’s grandfather Israel J. Furr accounts for Silas Love in TX. However, from descendants in Texas, he is known as “Silas Brooks.” Knowing Silas was born ca. 1875, we have yet to find him in the 1880 census. And to complicate this matter, it appears Hartwell P. and Lundy J. Love had son “Silas Elam Love” born ca. 1879. One day we find the key to unravel the events surrounding the name “Silas.”

Eliza Brooks Love died 1 Oct 1926. The children of Hartwell P. and Eliza Brooks Love are:

A. Possibly Thomas Bunyan LoveBorn 15 Dec 1885, bur. Love’s Grove UMC, married first Bessie Mae Morgan b. 25 May 1891 d. 3 Mar 1932, daughter of Jim and Laura Goodman Morgan. Thomas married second Erma Helms

B. Wade Hampton Love Born 25 Nov 1889, Wade married 9 Aug 1909 Ona Belle Barbee. Born 2 Jul 1893, she is the daughter of George W. and Lucy McLean Compton Barbee. Ona died 12 Mar 1963 and is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC. Their children are: A) Everette Hampton Love b 9 Aug 1910, married 21 Nov 1936 Louise Barnhardt; B.) McLain Louisa Love, b. 5 Jul 1913, married Roy L. Furr; C.) Clayton Charles Love b. 25 Aug 1915, married 7 Aug 1941 Merle Clontz; D.) Wilford Clay Love b. 29 Aug 1947; E.) Wayne Barbee Love b. 17 Apr 1923, married 25 Oct 1950 Kathleen Morrow; F.) Paul Max Love b. 19 Apr 1928, married 27 Dec 1953 Lilly Thornburg; G.) Wadene Love b. 22 Apr 1920, married 6 Mar 1943 Warren McHenry; H.) Dollie Marie Love b. 9 Dec 1911 d. 20 Aug 1912; I.) Russell Love b. 13 Jul 1925, married 4 Apr 1945 Wanda Norman.

C. Mattie Jane Love Born 3 Sep 1894, Mattie married 28 Jun 1911 John Conn Teeter. Born 18 Oct 1894, he is the son of William Lafayette and Mary Elizabeth Yow Teeter. Their children are: A.) Robert Teeter b. 10 Apr 1913, married Verna Mae Teeter; B.) Virginia Ramelle Teeter b. 6 Dec 1917, married Marvin Little; C.) John Conn Teeter Jr. b. 29 Sep 1920, married Eula Little; D.) Mildred Frances “Mickey” Teeter b. 25 Dec 1922, married Don Trexler.

D. Bertha M. Love Born 29 Jun 1900, Bertha married first Lonnie Little Carpenter. Their children are: A.) Burns Craig Carpenter b. 18 Oct 1918, married Lyndell Rose Love; B.) Catherine Marie Carpenter b. 1 Mar 1921, married Stanley E. Mitchell.
Bertha married second 27 May 1942 Grady Carr Greene, b. 27 May 1896.

E. Zelma Marie Love Born 28 Jan 1903, Zelma married 25 Oct 1922 Brooks Jerome. Zelma was a school teacher in Stanfield. Born 9 Apr 1895 d. 23 Jan 1962, Brooks is the son of Dr. J. R. and Elizabeth Shinn Jerome. A Methodist Minister, Brooks died 23 Jan 1962. He is buried in Charlotte NC.

Hartwell P. Love Family
Front Row (L-R):Thomas Bunyan Love, Hartwell Pinkney Love, Mattie Jane Love, Eliza Jane Brooks, Wade Hampton Love
Standing in Back (L-R): Silas Elam Love, Margaret Elizabeth Love.

Late in life, Hartwell Love married last Buena Horley. Hartwell Pinkney Love died 18 Mar 1933 and is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC.


Jonah A. Love married second 19 Aug 1890 Elizabeth “Betsy” Taylor. She is the daughter of Hutson and Mary Taylor. Elizabeth had also been married before. Her late husband was Jonah’s first cousin Henderson Love. Henderson is the son of Thomas Love. While serving in CSA Co. B. 5th Reg. NC, Henderson died of “pneumonia” on 12 Nov 1862 in Richmond VA.

Elizabeth died 7 May 1896. Dated 28 Jul 1901, Jonah A. Love applied for a civil war pension. In the application, his doctor wrote:

“Mr Love lost his right arm by a gun shot. He is almost entirely deaf and by reason of age he is very weak and feable. He is wholly incapacitated for any kind of manual labor.”

Jonah Love wrote a last will and testament on 8 Nov 1898. He died 14 Feb 1907 and rests with wives Elizabeth and Margaret at Love’s Chapel Methodist Church.


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