Ingram Love
Son of John Love and Grandson of James Love, Junior

Born ca. 1807 in Wilkes County NC, Ingram Love is one of the younger sons born to John and Patsy James Love. As with numerous lines in the Love family, the name Ingram harkens back to earlier generations. Ingram’s grandfather is James Love Junior. And James’s wife is Mary Ingram Love, the daughter of John and Patience Berry Ingram of Brunswick County VA.

Dated 16 May 1823, Ingram Love married Hiley Parker in Wilkes County. Reuben Standley served as bondsman and R. Mastin witnessed the marriage bond. Scanning estate and census records for the ancestry of Hiley Parker, a short search turned up no positive identification of her parents. More work needs to be done.

Dated 20 Nov 1830, Peter Claywell of Iredell County NC sold 160 acres (Z-166, Wilkes County NC) to Ingram Love. The land was situated on Hunting Creek and adjoined that owned by John Parker, Haden, and Turnbull. Witnessed by Arch’d Lovelace, Azel Sharpe, and Wm. Bell, the deed was recorded 17 Mar 1861. At that time Wesley Reynolds and Henry Hayes witnessed as to the signatures on the original deed. On 5 Mar 1847 Ingram Love placed 30 acres of the land in a deed of trust (F2-413, Wilkes County NC) for a debt owed to Noel Johnson also of Wilkes County. Wm. Mastin witnessed the deed. Nine days later, being 14 Mar 1847, John J. Love deeded the same land (7-314, Wilkes County NC) to Noel Johnson. The land adjoined that owned by John Parker. Evan and Archibald Bell witnessed the deed. Being less than five years from the death of their father, could these transactions reflect two brothers working to settle a debt within the estate? And what relation is John Parker to Ingram’s wife Hiley?

A Glass, Shew, and Shatley Family searcher by the name of Mike Cavenaugh corrected some errors in my thinking and also pointed me in the direction of early Wilkes County school records as a wonderful source material. In 1841, the census for District No. 8 of the Wilkes County Schools includes the following entry for Ingram Love:

Heads of Family Males and Under 21 Females and Under 25
Ingram Love John Love
Wm. Love
Martha Love
Elizabeth Love
Charity Love
Mary Love
Deborah Love

Also in this record are the neighbors and future husbands and wives of the children of Ingram Love. The broken set of records documents the family up through 1850 where they are picked up in earnest by the county population census of that year. In 1850, Ingram Love appears as head of a large family. But as appears below, the next census marks the death of Ingram Love to be sometime in the 1850’s. In 1860, we see his oldest and then newly married son John is the head of the house with his wife and mother following in the enumeration. John’s sister Mary is also living in the home with brother William Love and his wife Nancy. And then there is Matilda Love who never married. But what happened to the younger children enumerated in the same household in 1850? Note the listing of two John Loves in 1850 points out that the younger children are likely the grandchildren of Ingram and Hiley Parker Love.

1850 Wilkes County
1092, Hunting Creek

43 Ingram Love
44 Hyley
25 Patsy
22 Eliz.
20 Charity
17 Polly
19 John
15 Biddy
14 William
4 John
2 Martha
5/12 Rachel

1860 Wilkes County
1360, Hunting Creek

26 John Love
19 Nancy
61 Hiley Love
30 Mary Love
21 William Love
17 Susan Love
9 Matilda Love

Ingram Love died sometime in the 1850’s. Dated 19 Mar 1861, Campbell Coleman and Charity his wife, Allen Lee and Patsy his wife all of Wilkes County sold their rights in the estate of Ingram Love. As “part of the heirs of Ingram Love,” they sold rights in 160 acres to what appears to be their brother John Love. But this could also be their Uncle John the brother of Ingram Love. From the metes and bounds, this appears to be the same land purchased in 1830 from Peter Claywell. The children of Ingram and Hyley Parker Love are:

Martha “Patsy” Love

Born Ca. 1825, and named for her grandmother Martha James Love, “Martha” Love appears in the 1841 Wilkes County school census. In the 1850 census she is listed as the oldest child living in the home of her parents. Prior to 1860, she married Allen Lee. The 1860 Wilkes County census lists Allen age 33 and wife Martha age 35 in Traphill Township. Living with them is 14 year-old John Love. Looking back to the 1850 census above, it appears the single Patsy Love is the mother of 4 year-old John Love. In support of that idea, dated 5 May 1846, Wm. Shaterly was ordered to post bastardy bond in the sum of $500 for the benefit of a child born to the unwed Patsy Love. In 1861, Patsy and husband Allen Lee sell their share of the estate of Ingram Love to her brother John Love. Again listed in Traphill Township, Allen and Martha are enumerated in the 1870 census as having no children living in the home.

The child of Patsy Love is:

A. John Love Born 1846.

Elizabeth Love

In 1850, Eliz. Love is enumerated as 22 years of age and living with her parents. Later in the same year, “Betsy” Love married 19 Dec 1850 Absolom Shatley in Wilkes County. John Johnson served as bondsman and H. P. Waugh witnessed the documentation. Mike Cavenaugh pointed out that Absolum and Elizabeth Love Shatley removed to Ashe County where in 1860 they are enumerated as Absolum Shatley 53, Elizabeth Shatley 10, Jane 10, and John 4. A few entries below Absolum and wife Elizabeth are listed Mary Love 42, Matilda 19, and John 6/12.

The children of Absolum and Elizabeth Love Shatley are:

A. Jane Shatley? Born ca. 1850.

B. John Shatley Born 15 Oct 1856, John married Mary E. Love. The cemetery listing by George McNeil indicates she was the daughter of Rachel Love. But born 15 Feb 1872, the 1880 census lists the 8 year-old Mary E. Love living in the home of Matilda Love. Rachel is the daughter of Elizabeth Shatley Love’s sister Matilda. John and Mary E. Love Shatley are buried at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church near other descendants of Ingram and Hiley Parker Love. John died 25 Feb 1933 and Mary on 5 Nov 1949.

Charity Love

The 1850 Wilkes County census lists Charity as born ca. 1830. She married Campbell Coleman ca. 1852 in Wilkes County NC. The 1860 census lists the family as Campbell Coleman age 28, Charity age 32, John age 7, and Martha age 5. They are listed beside what appear to be Campbell’s parents John and Rebecca Coleman. In 1861 Charity and husband Campbell Coleman joined with her sister Patsy to sell their share of the estate of Ingram Love to what appears to be their brother John Love.

Dated 5 Apr 1862, the 30 year old Campbell Coleman enlisted for service in CSA Co. E, 54th Reg. NC. He reported for duty as per muster rolls through April 1863. On 5 Aug 1863, Campbell Coleman deserted from camp near Rapidan Station VA. He died of “pneumonia” on 22 Oct 1863 in hospital at Richmond VA.

Charity Coleman applied for a widow’s pension in ca. 1905 Wilkes County. She had never remarried. The children of Campbell and Charity Love Coleman are:

A. John Coleman Born ca. 1853.

B. Martha Coleman Born ca. 1855.

Mary “Polly” Love

From the 1850 census, Polly Love was 17 years of age and so born ca. 1833. In 1860, it appears she is enumerated as 30 years old living at the “homeplace” with her brother John Love. Could that be her? And who was the Mary Love in 1860 Ashe County living near Absolum and Elizabeth Love Shatley?

John Love

Born in 1833, John married 1 Aug 1860 Nancy Brown. Eli Franklin served as bondsman and C. Gray, J.P., witnessed the marriage bond. Nancy was born 1841. As appears above, John and wife Nancy were listed as head of household for the extended Love family in 1860. Though in 1862 his younger brothers began enlisting for service in the civil war, I have found no service record for John Love. Perhaps as head of house or due to age or health, he was exempt and allowed to remain at home. In 1870, John is listed as living near his Uncle John and wife Sarah Fletcher Love. Enumerated as 38 years old, the record for John otherwise names wife Nancy and 15 year-old Columbus Love who is enumerated as a farm hand. Is Columbus a son?

John Love died 10 Nov 1926 and is buried at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. His wife Nancy Love lived to 85 years of age and died 10 Nov 1926.

Deborah “Deby” Love

”Deborah” Love first appears in the 1841 Wilkes County School census. In 1850, the population census lists “Biddy Love” as 15 year-old and living in the home of her parents. Dated 6 Sep 1852, “Deby” Love married Wesley Shew. W. Mastin witnessed the marriage bond. In 1860 the 26 year-old Wesley and 25 year-old Debby are enumerated in Wilkesboro with young children Henry age 5 and Sarah age 3. Dated 5 Apr 1862, 33 year-old Wesley Shew stated he was born in Iredell County when he enlisted in Wilkes County. Serving in CSA Co. G, 54th Reg. NC, he was hospitalized 19 Jan 1863 in Richmond VA for pneumonia. Returning to duty on 6 Mar 1863, Wesley was again hospitalized in Staunton VA on 30 Apr and 30 Jun of the same year. Captured at Rappahanock Station Va, on 7 Nov 1863, he was confined at Point Lookout MD 11 Nov 1863. Paroled 16 Mar 1864, Wesley was received 20 Mar 1865 at City Point VA for exchange. Returning to duty, Wesley Shew was captured 14 Apr 1865 near Farmville VA and confined at Newport News VA on 14 Apr 1865. He was released 26 Jun 1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance. At present there are no further records for Wesley and Debby Love Shew. Their children are:
A. Henry Shew Born 1855 in Wilkes County.

B. Sarah Shew Born ca. 1857 in Wilkes County

William Love

Born ca.1836, William Love married 17 Aug 1860 Susannah Combs. They were married by C. Gray, JP. Note from the census record above, that in 1860 the young William and Susan are listed as living in the extended family home. Dated 15 Oct 1862, William Love enlisted as private in CSA Co. B, 55th Reg. NC. Being 23 years of age, he enlisted for war. On 9 Dec 1862 William Love was hospitalized at Petersburg VA with acute dysentery. He returned to duty on 27 Jan 1863 and was recorded as being issued clothing on December 1864. William returned to Wilkes County where he and Susanna raised a family.

Dated 25 June 1901, William Love of Hunting Creek applied for a Civil War soldier’s pension. His claim reads as follows:

“That he contracted Dyspepscia while in the Service which disease has rendered him all most incapable of performing manual labor. He has his left eye entirely out”
From his death certificate we know that William Love died a widower on 15 May 1817. He is buried at Mount Sinai Cemetery in Wilkes County beside his wife. Their graves are marked with small stones bearing only their names.

The children of William and Susannah Combs Love are:

A. William Love, Junior Born 16 Oct 1861, William married 16 Mar 1885 Alice Victoria Shipwash. Born 12 Mar 1865, she is the daughter of William and Gipsey Jarvis Shipwash. From his death certificate, William Love, Junior died 11 Dec 1931 and is buried at Antioch. Alice died 28 Aug 1940 and is also buried at Antioch. Searching the cemetery and burial records for Antioch Baptist Church, I found no sign of William and Alice. However, while walking the graveyard at the church, I was able to have a good conversation with the minister, who was preparing the grounds for Memorial Day Weekend. He told me that the old Shipwash place was not more than a mile away and that there were a few graves there. I visited that roadside family cemetery and found only one remaining grave in a freshly graded power line right of way. The children of William and Victoria Alice Shipwash Love are: a.) Mollie A. Love b. Mar 1886; b.) John W. Love b. Jul 1887; c.) Martha E. Love b. Oct 1889; d.) Minnie J. Love b. Dec 1891; and e.) Julia Love b. Jul 1895.

B. Laura J. Love Born 1867

C. John Enoch Love Born 25 Mar 1868, John married 30 Nov 1892 Mary Elizabeth Hendren. She is the daughter of Solomon R. and Mary Ann Johnston Hendren. John E. Love died 14 Oct 1940 and is buried at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. His wife Mary died 14 Mar 1966 and is buried beside her husband. The children of Rufus and Mary Elizabeth Henfren Love are: a.) Noah Columbus Love, b. 4 Aug 1894 d. 21 May 1962 bur. Mt. Sinai Baptist; b.) Jettie Love b. 11 Oct 1899 d. 12 May 1987 bur. Mt. Sinai Baptist; c.) Ella Love, b. 26 Jun 1905 d. 15 Mar 1991 bur. Mt. Sinia Baptist, married Curtis Torrence Sr.; d.) Pauline Love b. 4 Jan 1908 d. 10 Jun 1990 bur. Mt. Sinai Baptist; e.) John Boyden Love, b. 4 Jan 1911 d. 6 Oct 1994 bur. Mt. Sinai Baptist.

D. Rufus Love Born Nov 14 1872, Rufus Love married first Rebecca Glass. Born 16 Mar 1870, she is the daughter of Henry G. and Elizabeth M. Johnson Glass. Rebecca died 21 Mar 1911 and is buried at Mt. Sinai Baptist. The children of Rufus and Rebecca Glass Love are: a.) Lloyd Love, b. 1 Dec 1891 d. 16 Aug 1914, b.) Samantha Love b. May 1892; c.) Cora Love, b. 28 Jun 1894 d. 16 Jan 1896 bur. Mt. Sinai Baptist; d.) Sina Love, b. Mar 1897; e.) Alta Love, b. Jun 1898.

Following the death of Rebecca, Rufus married second 11 May 1912 Pearlie Jane Oakley. Born 10 Jun 1885, she is the daughter of Lee M. and Sarah Brooks Oakley. Before marrying Rufus Love, Pearlie J. Oakley was married first to Daniel Call. Rufus Love died 1 Apr 1938 and is buried at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church beside his first wife. Pearlie Jane Love died 23 Jan 1952 and is buried at Antioch Baptist Church. The children of Rufus and Pearlie Jane Oakley Love are: a.) Ralph Love b. 9 Jul 1916 d. 24 Dec 1983, married Elle Re Pendegrass and b.) Kathleen Love, married Henderson.

E. Dicey L. Love Born 1875.

F. Thomas Settle Love Born Aug 1876, Thomas married 1900 Mary Elizabeth “Roxie” Parker. Born 7 Feb 1884, Roxie is the daughter of Lindolph P. and Millie Glass Parker. Thomas Settle Love died 14 Jul 1962 and is buried at Fishing Creek Baptist Church. Roxie died 20 Oct 1979 and is buried beside her husband.

G. Robert Love Born 10 Jun 1879, Robert died 29 Aug 1951 and is buried at Mount Sinai Baptist Church.

H. Minnie C. Love Born Mar 1886.

I. Susannah Love Born Aug 1888

Matilda Love

The 1841 Wilkes County School census fails to list a child Matilda living in the household of Ingram Love. So it appears she was not born or was less than 5 years of age at that time. And yet in 1850 she again avoids the census. Was she born after 1850? From above, we see that in 1860 there is a 9 year-old girl named Matilda living in the home of John Love. He was head of the extended Love family where his mother Hiley Love resided. Hiley was enumerated as 44 years old in 1850 and 61 in 1860. Keeping in mind the discrepancy in the census reports, could she be the mother of Matilda Love? And yet with this in mind, in 1860 Wilkes County, there is another Matilda Love enumerated 25 years old living in the home of the family of Irvin Reed. Who is she? Though not listed with the family in 1850, a Matilda Love is enumerated in the household of Ingram’s brother John in the 1849 Wilkes County school census. With great hesitation, I believe that the 25 year-old Matilda Love in 1860 is likely the daughter of Ingram’s brother John. And the younger 9 year-old Matilda living with Hiley in 1860 is either her child or a grandchild. Buried at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church amongst the descendants of Ingram and Hiley Parker Love, the tombstone for Matilda Love reads that she was born in 1846. The 1880 Wilkes County census enumerates this Matilda Love as being 27 years of age. Though it appears she may have never married, she is listed with the following children: John H. 11, Mary E. 8, Callie G. 5, Josephine A. 3, and Ulos G. 7/12. And as follows, the children of this Matilda are:
A. John H. Love Born ca. 1868, John H. Love left a son Millard buried near Mt. Sinai at Fishing Creek Baptist. He was b.17 Apr 1895 d. 7 Jan 1919.

B. Mary E. Love Born 15 Feb 1872, married John Shatley. Born 15 Oct 1856, John is the son of Absolum and Elizabeth Love Shatley. Elizabeth is Matilda’s sister. Both Mary and her husband are buried near Matilda Love at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church.

C. Josephine A. Love Born ca. 1976, she is known from the 1880 census.

D. Ulies Grant Love Born 1 Nov 1879, he married Mary Elizabeth Johnson who died in 1945 and is buried at Little Elkin Baptist Church in Edwards township, Wilkes County. Ulies G. Love died 22 Dec 1951 in Iredell County. Their children are: a.) Rev. John McKinley Love b. 12 Jan 1919 d. 12 Apr 1995, married Rita Vanhoy b. 1918.

E. Nervia Hiley Love Born 18 May 1883 and died 27 Jan 1969, Nervia H. Love never married. She is buried at Fishing Creek Baptist Church.

F. James I. “Dink” Love Born 15 Jan 1885, Dink Love died 8 Dec 1934 and is buried next to his mother.


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