Another Love Family
From Cumberland to Mecklenburg County

Our James Love Junior married Mary Ingram likely in Brunswick County, Virginia. He eventually ended up in Cabarrus County NC where, in the early 1800’s, he and wife Mary sold her share of her deceased brother’s Virginia estate lands. Not knowing exactly when James moved to Cabarrus County NC, researchers looked for James in the records of Mecklenburg. Cabarrus was formed from Mecklenburg County in 1792. In 1770, a James Love began acquiring land in Mecklenburg County. He purchased land in the Rocky River Presbyterian community near present day Harrisburg. At the same time, a John Love acquired land adjoining this same James Love. I short time later, James Love and wife “Elizabeth” sold some of the land. Knowing James Love Senior’s wife was named Elizabeth, some have believed this document to be proof that they moved to the Rocky River region of Mecklenburg before son James Junior. Others have used the documentation to rationalize that James Love Junior was married first to a person named “Elizabeth.” And yet others say that Mary Ingram’s middle name was Elisabeth. But none of this is likely true. The earliest deeded land transaction in Mecklenburg filed by James Love seems to point in another direction. I believe the James and John Love of early Mecklenburg were among the Scottish who settled in Cumberland County. They later moved west with the spread of the Presbyterian Church. Not sure of what eventually happened to this family, we can at least look back to Cumberland County where they can be solidly traced. Let’s look first at the records in Mecklenburg NC.

Love Records in Early Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

On 2 Sep 1770 and recorded Jan 1772, James Love and John McEachin jointly purchased land (9-42, Mecklenburg NC) from James Caldwell and wife Elizabeth in Mecklenburg County NC. Looking closely at the faint script, we see clearly that James Love and John McEachen are from “Cumberland County.” James Harris and Robert Harris witnessed the transaction. Being 140 acres, the tract was situated “near back creek two branches of Rocky River.” Flowing into Reedy Creek before emptying into the Rocky River, Back Creek flows east, passing just south of present day Harrisburg. Note that the witnesses both bare the name “Harris.” Looking at a map, we locate nearby Rocky River Presbyterian Church that was organized in 1751. James Love and John McEachin sold the very same tract (2-511, Mecklenburg NC) to John Davis on 28 Nov 1776. Witnesses were James Harris and Robert Rodgers.

The citizens of North Carolina were divided at the onset of the American Revolution. While some supported the king, others could not stomach the thought of imposed taxation. Eventually rejecting servitude to English royalty, the state of North Carolina created its own governmental structure built on the standard of liberty. As is evidenced in letters to the Governor and petitions to the state’s general assembly, a ground swell of citizenry was instrumental in defining who we are today. In April of 1778, the citizens of Mecklenburg County raised such a petitionquestioning land acquisition and the new government’s potential to regulate the same. The petition voiced concerns that the wealthiest of people had been allowed to acquire large amounts of land at the expense of the poorer citizens. It also questioned the value of free land as compensation for those who would serve in the state’s militia. Since the state was still politically divided and had not yet established a viable tax base, the best and only real option for compensation was to pay each soldier with land for service in the American Revolution. We know now that the process was corrupt as enterprising individuals took advantage of the military reservation established in what is north central Tennessee. Lastly, and from expressed fears of arousing the Indians, the petition further questioned large purchases made “West of the Mountains.” James Love’s name appears on this petition. The signature of Jno Love appears nearby. Also, the signatures of John McCeachern and William Caldwell appear near that of James Love. This is likely the same James Love as the one who jointly purchased land in 1772 Mecklenburg with John McCeachin. And as stated in the deed, they were from Cumberland County.

Found in the North Carolina Comptroller Army Accounts for the Revolutionary War (Vol. 12, Folio 103, Page 4), David Wilson granted 37 pounds 6 shillings to James Love. Logged in as having been filed in November 1780, the entry is identified as being #279. The matching comptroller pay voucher was issued out of Mecklenburg County and is punched twice indicating the voucher was received and paid out. This record reads as follows:

State of North Carolina             (No. 279)         L37.6.0
Mecklenburg County} This may certify that us commissioners for the same
County aforesaid ______ Purchased from James Love seventeen
hundred (PUNCH)----  -------------------------
at the prises aforementioned Spanish milled Do-(PUNCH) Resolution
of Congress Dated Feb 25th 1780 amounting in the whole to ninty
three & four the Spanish Milled Dolars for which Sum is to Bear
interest at 6 pcent until payed agreable to an act of General
Assembly in such case made by me this 15th Day of November
in the year 1780
David Wilson C. C.
(On the reverse side of the voucher appears the signature of Jas. White)

Three years after selling land and one year after signing the petition, again the name James Love appears in the records of Mecklenburg County NC. Entered 25 Feb 1779 and Surveyed 17 Mar 1780, James Love was issued a grant ( No. 3167, Mecklenburg NC) for 180 acres on 22 Oct 1782. Entered at the start of the war and issued near war’s end, this tract of land was situated on the west side of the Rocky River near Waddington’s land. The survey line runs to the river “at the swiarl hole thence down sd. River as it meanders to a white oak near [a] ford of sd. River.” The chain bearers were Wm. Mcanally and James Armstrong. On the same day, John Love entered land adjoining John Rodgers and a tract granted to this James Love. And not far away, a William Love was granted land on Crooked Creek in now Union County. On 22 Mar 1785, “James Love and wife Elizabeth” sold land (12 561, Mecklenburg NC) to Archibald McCurdy. Archibald was listed as “Blacksmith” in the deed. Granted to James and Elizabeth by Act of Assembly 1782, the 180 acres of land is situated on the west side of Rocky River by “The Swearl Pool” and near “a ford of sd. River.” It is near Waddonton’s land and adjoins that of William McAnulty. This is positively James Love’s grant # 3167. The transaction was witnessed by Will’m McAnulty, John White, and Archibald White.

font size=5>Not long after James sold land in Mecklenburg, neighbor John Love also sold his lands. The deeds are as follows:

Deed (13-659, Mecklenburg NC) Transaction date 28 Jul 1789, Recorded Jul 1789. John Love and Elizabeth his wife to Charles McCammon. The deed was for fifty-two acre on the south side of Rocky River that was part of the 87-acre tract. The tract adjoined lands owned by Archibald McCurdy and Thomas Watson. “John Rouch and J.” witnessed the transaction. Signed John Love and Eliz (x) Love.

Deed (13–88, Mecklenburg NC) Transaction date 24 Oct 1789 Recorded July 1792. John Love and ------- Elizabeth his wife freeholders of Mecklenburg to John White. Being 330 acres of land joining Rocky River, Cold Water Creek, and Buffalow Creek and adjoining lands belonging to James Campbell, John McCallum, and David Purrins. This tract was granted to John Love in 1787. Also sold was a tract of 35 acres adjoining the 330-acre tract and lands belonging to John Rodgers. The 35 acres is the remaining portion of John’s 1783 land grant for 87 acres. Note that in 1782 Mecklenburg, this John Love witnessed the last will and testament of James Campbell.

There are no further records for John Love in Mecklenburg or Cabarrus County. As a matter of fact, he left little other than the land deeds. James Love also disappeared ca. 1785. Though left squeamish by the fact that these two lived so close to where our Love family settled, the records seem to link James and John Love. Remembering the first documentation of this James Love states he was from Cumberland County NC, let’s look at records there.

Records in Cumberland County, North Carolina

In 1770, James Love and John McEachen purchased land in Mecklenburg County NC. The written deed states they were from Cumberland County County. Looking at the 1767 tax list for Cumberland County, entries for James and John can be found as follows:

1767                                  W         M        Ne
Robert Love                           1         ---      ---
James Love                            1         ---      ---
John McEachern                        1         ---      ---

Looking at land deeds, on 7 Mar 1785, John MacEacharan, John Love and Grissel McAllister of “Macklinburg County” jointly sold land (xx-xx, Cumberland NC) in Cumberland County to Alexdr McAlister. Being 100 acres on Trantham’s Creek the land was originally granted 7 Mar 1759. Being administrators for the estate of Alexander McAllister, the land was deeded _Apr 1764 to the three above. Signed by John Love and the others, the deed also includes the signature of Elizabeth (X) Love. Hector McAllister and Archbd White witnessed the transaction. The deed was filed Jan 1797. Note that Grissel is actually Grisella McAllister. Her signature appears on the deed as Grissel (her X mark) McAllister.

Found online, a Gedcom file provides more information on John “McKethan.” Apparently known as “Blind John,” he was born 1746 and died 1817 in Cumberland County NC. John married first Grisella McAllister, the daughter of Alexander McAllister. John married second Margaret Campbell. Could she be a daughter of James Campbell of Mecklenburg? How does John Love fit into the family as he witnessed the will of James Campbell?

I have not yet flushed out all the information that this scenario offers. But we do see clearly that James and John Love of Cumberland moved to Mecklenburg County NC before disappearing after 1785. At first glance my thought is there are no ties to our Love family who migrated from Brunswick to Charlotte counties VA before moving south through western NC. But the door is still left open. In the Cumberland County deed, the clerk of court was John Ingram. Our James Love Junior married Mary, the daughter of John Ingram of Brunswick County NC. The surnames MASON, MIDDLETON and others of Virginia can be found in the GEDCOM file presented above. Note these families are related to the LOVE family through records in Charlotte County VA. So….. even though it appears the James Love of Cumberland is not our James Love from Virginia, he still may be related somehow someway.