Charles Hagler
Son of John and Mary Love Hagler,
and Grandson of James Love, Junior

Born 9 Jul 1803, Charles Hagler is the son of John and Mary Love Hagler. Dated 5 Feb 1825, he purchased several tracts of land (V-177, Union County NC) from Christian Kiker. The deed indicates Charles was then living in Cabarrus County. The next year, on 19 Dec 1826, Charles sold the same land to Charles Kiker. Charles Hagler married first a person named “Elizabeth” ca. 1838. From other family histories, it is believed that her maiden name is Roundtree. The 1850 Union County census lists the family as: Charles Hagler 46 Blackmith, Elizabeth 45, James 21, Paul 19, Charles 16, Mary M 15, Margaret 13, Julius M 9, John 7, John J. 4, Josephine 4. Dated 15 Jan 1852, Charles deeded 70 acres of the lands possibly being apart of the other lands on Crooked Creek to his son James.

Charles Hagler’s wife Elizabeth died 1 Aug 1862 and is buried at Zion UMC in Union County. The children of Charles and Elizabeth Roundtree Hagler are:

James M. Hagler

The oldest son, James was named for his Uncle James Merriman Hagler. He appears first in the 1850 Union County census as 21 years of age and living with his father and mother. Dated 15 Jan 1852, Charles Hagler of Union County sold to “James Hagler his son” 70 acres (4-74, Union County NC) on Crooked Creek adjoining the old county line. A few years later, James M. Hagler married first 5 Feb 1857 Louiza Jane Helms in Union County NC. Born 12 Jan 1841, she is the daughter of Tilman and Sarah Helms. James and Louiza appear in the 1860 Union County Census beside Brother Paul Hagler Jr. and near their Uncle Paul Hagler. The family is enumerated as: James M. Hagler 30, Louiza 19. Charles L. 1, Loranzy 1/12, and living with them is 8 year-old William Cuthbertson. James M. Hagler is by occupation a farmer and his wife Louiza is a “Spinster” or maker of the thread and cloth.

Though 40 years of age and possibly of age to be involved in the Civil War, I have yet to find a combined service record for James M. Hagler. The 1870 Union County census enumerates the James M. Hagler family as James M. 59, Louiza 29, Charley L. 11, Lorenzo 10, Julius A. 8, John E., 6, Amanda, 4, Sarah 2, Amos 10/12. The family is enumerated near that of 78 year-old Tilman Helms and his 68 year-old wife Sarah.

The children of James M. and Loiza Jane Helms Hagler are:

A. Lorenzo Hagler Born 1857.

B. Charley F. Hagler Born 1859, he married 1884 Margaret Jones.

C. James T. Hagler Born 1860, James married 10 Jun 1883 in Union County Susan Jane Shields. Born 1864, she is the daughter of James and Mary Shields.

D. Julius A. Hagler Born 1863, Julius married 3 Sep 1883 Mary J. Scott in Union County. Born 1863, she is the daughter of Wm. and Pheobe Tomberlin Scott.

E. John Ingram Hagler Born 1864, John is named for the father of his grandmother Mary Ingram Love. He married Mary Lou Cantrell.

F. Amanda Hagler Born 1866, she married 1884 Charles N. Jones.

G. Sarah E. Hagler Born 1868, Sarah married 1884 Hiram Jones.

H. Amos Hagler Born 1869

I. Allis Hagler Born 1874

J. Nettie Hagler Born 1874

K. Emma J. Hagler L. Richard Howard Hagler Born 1878, Richard married 1900 Lucy Cox.

Following the death of his wife Louiza Jane, James M. Hagler married 1891 Jane Liles. James died 1900 and Lucy died 1907.

Paul Hagler, Jr.

Born 1831, Paul was traditionally known as Paul Jr. in records as a means of separating his life attributes from those of his Uncle Paul Hagler. In 1850 Paul was enumerated as 19 years of age and living in his parents home. He married 7 Apr 1853 Jane E. Griffin. The young family is listed in the 1860 census next to that of Paul’s brother James M. Hagler. The family is enumerated as Paul Hagler Jr 27, Jane 28, James M. 6, Mary M. 3, and Lois C. 1/12. Paul is by occupation a farmer and his wife Jane is a Seamstress.

Dated 10 Aug 1862, Paul Hagler Jr enlisted at 32 years of age for service in CSA Co. I, 48th Reg. NC. He was wounded on 17 Sep 1862 at Sharpsburg MD. Returning to duty 1 Nov 1862, he was again wounded in the arm at Cold Harbor Va on 3 Jun 1864. Returning to duty, he surrendered at Appomattox court House VA on 9 Apr 1865. Dated 28 Jun 1901, 71 year old Paul Hagler applied for a Soldier’s Pension while residing in Madge community of Mecklenburg County. Stating he was wounded at Turkey Run in VA, the doctor examined him ad provided the following:

The applicant received a gun shot wound of right arm. Ball entered near elbow joint. It was extracted or pulled out near the arm pit, passing lenghthwise with the linb. He is disabled from performing more that 1/4th manual labor form age alone….
The children of Paul Junior and Jane E. Griffin Hagler are:
A. James Meangum Hagler Born 1854.

B. Mary M. Hagler Born 1856, she married 1880 Mr. Stinson.

C. Lewis Gleason Hagler Born 1860, he married 1890 Lizzie E. Osborne.

D. Calvin C. Hagler Born 1867, he married Emma Asbury.

Charles G. Hagler, Jr.

Born 29 Nov 1833, Charles G. Hagler, Jr. appeared in the 1850 census as 16 years of age and living in the home of his parents. At age 28 and while working as a blacksmith, Charles enlisted in CSA Co. I, 48th Reg. NC on 20 Mar 1862. Serving as wagoneer, he reported present through Oct 1864. Captured at Hatcher’s Run VA on 31 Mar 1865, he was confined Point Lookout MD until being released on 27 Jun 1865. Returning home from war, Charles Hagler Jr married first Mary Clontz on17 Nov 1865. Born 6 Sep 1834, she died 21 Nov 1884 and is buried at Zion UMC. The children of Charles and Mary Clontz Hagler are:
A. Leander Wilson Hagler He married Margaret Jane Carter.

B. Vernisa Hagler Born 1866

C. Bernice Elvira Hagler Born 1866, she married 7 Aug 1884 S. M. Carter, the son of James and Mary Carter.

D. Adam A. Hagler Born 1868, Adam married 21 Oct 1888 Elizabeth Chapman.

E. Newton F. Hagler Born 1872, Newton married 7 Jan 1893 S. R. Griffin, daughter of L. D. Griffin.

F. Thomas Hagler Born 8 Apr 1873, he died 19 Aug 1874 and is buried at Zion UMC in Union County.

Following the death of his first wife, Charles married second 2 May 1894. Charles died 28 Jul 1910 and is buried at Zion UMC in Union County. Marrying second to Mr. Adams, on 12 May 1937, Lucy Adams applied for a Widow’s Application for Confederate Pension. At age 65 and living in Charlotte, she applied on behalf of “Charles Hagler – 1st husband.” The children of Charles and Lucy Hagler are:
A. Virginia Hagler Born 1896.

B. Perry Hagler Born 1896, died 1896.

C. Charlie Hagler Born 1900, died 1900.

D. Johnnie Hagler Born 1909, died 1909.

Mary Matilda Hagler

Born 1835, Mary M. Hagler married first 19 Mar 1857 James P. Presson. He is the son of Samuel and Lydia Presson. Enlisting at age 26 on 10 Aug 1862, James served in CSA Co. A, 48th Reg. NC until being killed at Fredericksburg VA on 13 Dec 1862. Mary M. Presson married second 8 Feb 1866 Milas Medlin.

Margaret Hagler

Born 1837,Matrgaret Hagler married 30 Apr 1857 George Washington Mullis. Born 1833, he is the son of James and Nancy Mullis. Enlisting 21 Aug 1862 at age 28, George served in CSA Co. A, 48th Reg. NC. He was wounded in the hand and shoulder and captured 14 Oct 1863 at Bristoe Station VA. Confined at the Old Capitol Prison in Washington DC, he was transferred to Point Lookout Prison on 27 Oct 1863. He was paroled on 27 Apr 1864 and received at City Point VA 30 Apr 1864. The children of George W. and Margaret Hagler Mullis are:
A. Leander Wilson Mullis Born 1858, he married 11 Dec 1881 Mary D. Sells. She was born 1858, the daughter of Jane Sells.

B. Jeremiah Mullis

C. Jane Mullis

D. George Mullis

E. Mary A. Mullis

F. Jackson Mullis

G. James C. Mullis Born 1874, he married 6 Apr 1896 Flora Armeta Price. Born 1875, she is the daughter of Cyrus and Minerva.

Martha Hagler

Born 1839, Martha Hagler married James T. Griffin.

Julius M. Hagler

Born 1843, the young 18 year-old enlisted for service in CSA Co. I, 48th Reg. NC with his older brothers on 18 Mar 1862. He was wounded at Sharpsburg MD on 17 Sep 1862. Returning at an unknown date, he fractured his left forearm 15 Jun 1865 at White Oak Swamp VA. Returning to duty, he then retired from service 14 Mar 1865 by reason of disability from wounds. Dated 6 Jun 1904, Julius M. Hagler applied for a Soldier’s Application for Pension while living in Charlotte NC. The Doctor examined Julius and provided the following report:
I find on exmination that J. M. Hagler has two wounds one in the left fore arm caused by bullet breaking bone & 2 inch of bone was taken out & said arm has but little matter in elbow joint, the arm being practically at right angle, the 2nd wound was in left thigh breaking this bone leaving the ___________ injured. This inability is ¾ disabled.
Returning from war, Julius M. Hagler married 3 Nov 1864 Matilda Jane Liles. The children of Julius M. and Matilda Jane Lies Hagler are: A. Mary Clementine Hagler Born 1864, she married 5 Jan 1882 George Washington Scott Jr. Born 1850, he is the son of George and Nancy Scott.

B. Wm. F. Hagler Born 1868, he married Lilla Rogers.

C. Emma A. Hagler Born 1869, Emma married Calvin C. Hagler.

D. William Hagler Born 1869

E. Isadora C. Hagler Born 1875, she married 1895 William M. Osborne.

F. James Hagler Born 1879.

G. Ava Jane Hagler Born 1882, she married G. Russell Rudisell

H. Minnie Georgiana Hagler Born 1888, Minnie married John Calvin Ware.

I. Marion Lester Hagler Born 1889, he died 1907.

J. Caroline Hagler She married Hampton A. Stillwell.

K. James Lemuel Hagler He married Lillie Belle Teeter.

L. Sophia Jane Hagler She married George Miller Rudisell.

John E. or I. Hagler

Born 1845, John served in the Civil War as Camp Guard in Mallet’s Battalion. He transferred into CSA Co. I, 48th Reg. NC on 30 Apr 1864. Serving in the same unit with his brothers, he was captured 31 Mar 1865 at Hatcher’s Run VA. Confined at Point Lookout MD, he was released 13 Jun 1865. Returning home, John married 7 Feb 1867 Mary Ellen Clontz. Born 15 May 1844, she is the daughter of John A. and Pattie Blair Clontz. Ellen died 3 May 1923 and is buried at Zion UMC in Union County. John died in the same year. The children of John and Mary Ellen Clontz Hagler are:
A. Ida Hagler Born 1869, she married Jundge M. Brooks.

B. Theodore Columbus Hagler Born 1873, he married Lexie Winchester.

C. Eunice Hagler Born 1871.

D. Sandford D. Hagler Born 1879

E. Guthrie Blair Hagler Born 1883, he married 1916 Nancy Lathan.

F. Settle Hagler Born 1885, he married Miss May.

G. Oscar B. Hagler Born 1875, he married 1899 Emma Griffin.

Josephine Hagler

Josephine Hagler was born 1846.


Following the death of Elizabeth, Charles Hagler married second 15 Sep 1864 Obedience L. Price, the daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Price. Charles and Beedy appear in the 1870 Union County census. Charles Hagler died 8 Oct 1877 and is buried at Zion UMC. The children of Charles and Obedience L. “Beedy” Price Hagler are:

A. Andrew Griff Hagler Born 1865, Andrew married 1888 Rachel Elizabeth Taylor.

B. Caldwell Lafete Hagler Born 1868, “Cul” Hagler married Laura A. Taylor.

C. Isaac Newton Hagler Born 1872, “Newt” Hagler married 16 Jan 1893 Frances Keziah. Born 1874, she is the daughter of Alison and ____ Keziah.


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