Charles Love
Son of James Love

The son of James and Mary Ingram Love, Charles Love was born ca. 1765. He does not appear in record until sometime ca. 1794 when his name appears side-by-side on a Cabarrus County petition with his father James Love and brothers James and Thomas Love. Charles Love married Pherby, the daughter of neighbor Christopher and Sarah McGruder Osborne. Dated 10 Dec 1788, Christopher Osborne wrote his last will and testament that was probated soon after on 22 Jan 1789 in Mecklenburg County NC. In the will, Christopher "bequaith unto my well beloved doughter ferve Osborne sume of twenty pound in monie or vallow." The will was witnessed by Michael Garman, Joseph Howell, and Archibald White. An addition to the will was witnessed by John Carothers and Archibald White.

Christopher Osborne Sr. received land grants #3185 and #3209, both situated on the east side of Rocky River near Anderson Creek. Just south of where Hwy 24-27 crosses the Rocky River, this land was very near that owned by our James Love.

Charles’s father James Love [or his brother?] was issued land grant # 291 in 1803 which was surveyed from a warrant for 320 acres "joining George Garman, Charles Alexander, Archibald White, Jonathan Osborn, and Christopher Osborne." These being the sons of the Christopher Osborne who died in 1789, it is important to note that they lived next to our known Love family. Of further interest, Phereby Osborne’s sister Sarah married Henry, the son of John Plott. They moved to Buncombe County where Henry acquired his father’s pack of hunting dogs brought over from Germany. Today a most valued breed of hound and a mountain range in western NC bare the name Plott.

Charles Love next appears in the 1800 census of Rutherford County NC where he is enumerated on page 126 as: 3m/10-, 1m26-45, 1f10-16, 1f16-26, 1f45+
This census record supports the possibility that Charles married Phereby sometime during the 1790’s. Settling in a portion of Rutherford County that would later become part of Cleveland County NC, Charles Love’s first known land purchase occurred in 1800. The definitions for his land acquisitions are as follows:

Deed 10/11-531, Rutherford NC) transaction date ________ recorded _________. William Magness sold to Charles Love 100 acres on the waters of Hickory Creek. Granted originally to Perry Green Magness, the land adjoined that of Josiah “Coventon.” The witnesses were John Roberts and Jas. G. Beaty.

Deed (22/23-88, Rutherford NC) transaction date: 28 Aug 1804. Pleasant Earles to Charles Love. Being four acres on the east side of Hickory Creek below the mill. The witnesses were John Wilson and Nathan Earles.

Deed (24-272, Rutherford NC) transaction date: 1 Jan 1807. Bennet Earles, Joshua Earles, Pleasant Earles, Nathan Earles, Labon Ledbetter, Elizabeth Earles, and Abel Harden to Charles Love, being 100 acres granted to William Earles and adjoining the lands of John Waterson. The witnesses were John Carruth and Zachariah Smith.

Dated 6 Mar 1818 in Rutherford County, Josiah Coventon (Covington) wrote his last will and testament. The eighth part of his will reads: “I leave to Charles Love My nabor two acres of land running up my spring branch from his sawmill to my land just be low my spring.” Charles Love was named to be co-executor in this will that was probated in 1818. Note that Josiah Covington moved earlier from Stokes County NC where Charles Love likely once lived.

In the 1830’s, Charles Love began selling off his lands. In the summer of 1832, Charles gave two hundred acres to the heirs of his deceased son John Love. In early winter of that same year, Charles gave land to his sons James and Osborne Love. The deeds area as follows:

Deed (37-142, Rutherford NC) transaction date: 27 Feb 1829. Charles Love to Samuel Green., for ten dollars being a tract of 2 3/4 acres joining Roberts and Green land on the south side of Shooly branch. Also another ¾ acre tract on the same branch. The transaction was witnessed by Perry G. Roberts. Jobbry Saunders, and T. F. Burchett.

Deed (42-490, Rutherford NC) transaction date: 1 Jun 1832, recorded 9 Dec 1836. Charles Love to the children and “Bodily heirs of John Love.” In consideration for natural love and affection, Charles Love gave 200 acres on the waters of Hickory Creek in Lincoln County. Adjoining lands belonging to “Watson” and Osborne Love, the tract includes “Improvements where said John Love lives.” The witnesses were M. R. Alexander and Alexander Beaty.

Deed (38-610, Rutherford NC) transaction date; 13 May 1832. Charles Love for “natural affection for his son James.” Being _____ hundred acres adjoining Samuel Green’s land on _______ creek at “the mouth of the branch at the mill pond.” The deed was witnessed by M. R. Alexander, Alexander Beaty, and __ Alexander.

Deed (38-611, Rutherford NC) transaction date; __________, recorded 3 Dec, 1832. Charles Love for “natural affection for his son Osborn.” Being one hundred acres joining Ledbetter lands on the _____ Creek with improvements made by said Osborne Love. The witnesses were M. R. Alexander, Alexander Beaty, and ___ Alexander.

Charles Love died in 1835 leaving a sizable estate that is found in the loose records of Cleveland County NC. Several of the children raised petitions against the estate. As appears in a spring 1861 petition of Thomas Wilson Sr. and wife Elizabeth, the estate and heirs of Charles Love are defined as follows:

" ...that Charles Love of Rutherford now Cleveland County died sometime in the year 183_ intestate leaving him surviving his widow Fereby Love and the following named children ...That is Elizabeth your Petitioner wife of petitioner Thos Wilson Senr., Charity Hendrick wife of Wm. Hendrick who is now a widow, Nancy wife of Wm. Poston, John Love, James Love, Oborne Love, Sarah wife of Levi Miller and Charles Love to where his real estate descended..."

Also accompanying and in support of the petition, Thomas Wilson produced a copy of the survey for Fereby Love’s dower allotment. Being 74 acres including the mansion house, the 27 Sep 1839 allotment survey had been requested by “James Love, agent for Fereby Love.” Thomas Wilson purchased most of the land and wanted it all for use in building a school, industry and for use as water supply for the town of Shelby. Fereby Love moved to Georgia with her son John Love. In the 1850 Gordon County census, she is listed as 81 years of age. Apparently, upon leaving North Carolina with her son John, Fereby sold the rights to her dower. The 1861 petition indicates that Fereby died sometime in the 1850’s.

The Children of Charles and Fereby Osborne Love are:

A. John Love Born ca. 1792, married Rebecca Hardin.

B. James Ingram Love Born 6 Jan 1796, married Susan Putnam.

C. Osborne Love Born ca. 1800, married Jane Fondren

D. Elizabeth Love Born 14 Mar 1800, married Thomas Wilson.

E. Caroline Love Born 1802, married William Hendrick.

F. Sarah M. Love Born 1804, married Levi Miller.

G. Nancy Love Born 1806, married William Posten.

H. Charles Love Jr. Born 1810, married Sarah Harden.


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