Charles Cannon Love
Son of Thomas Love, Sr.

Born 20 Jun 1807, Charles Cannon Love is the son of Thomas and Susannah Polk Love. He is named for Susannah’s father Charles Polk and Thomas Love’s brother named Charles. Living in what eventually became Union County NC, Charles raised a family with consort Barbara Long. Barbara was born 5 Aug 1807, the daughter of Adam and Lydia Walters Long.

Dated 24 Apr 1848, Thomas E. Hagler sold C. C. Love nine slaves (2-49, Union NC) named Pleasant, Peter, Rachel, Lucenda, Spencer, Enoch, Westley, and Lena. Then in the possession of Thomas, Polly and James Hagler, the ages of the slaves are defined as “three years up to twenty-six.” Thomas, Polly and James are the children of John and Mary Love Hagler. Mary Hagler is Charles Love’s aunt. In the same year, a court record in Cabarrus County indicates the slaves once belonged to Charles’s grandfather James Love. For some reason post dating the deed of sale in Union County, George Tucker divided the slaves among the children of Mary Love Hagler. The record follows:

Cabarrus County Court October Session 1848
Page 231

Division of the slaves of James Love, Dec’d.

July 24 1848 in pursuance of the 8th item of
the last will and testament of James Love, dec’d,
I George Tucker proceeded to divide the lot of Negroes therin mentioned to wit:

Lot No. 1 boy Peter to James Hagler valued at ………………………………... $530
Lot No. 2 girl Rachel to Thomas Hagler valued at…………………………….. $550
Lot No. 3 girl Lucinder to Paul Hagler valued at………………………………. $500
Lot No. 4 boy Pleasant to John Hagler valued at..……………………………… $600
Lot No. 5 boy Spencer to Polly Hagler....... 
..............but now Polly Garmon valued at ........……… $600 Lot No. 6 boy Daniel to Charles Hagler valued at ……………………………… $350 Lot No. 7 boy Enoch to Martha Hagler ........
........but now Martha Sprinkle valued at ...........…… $325 Lot No. 8 boy Wesley &girl Lena to Elizabeth Hagler......
..... but now Elizabeth Hinson valued at …................ $400

George Tucker, Adm.

Barbara Long Love died 12 Apr 1871 in Union County NC and is buried at Zion United Methodist Church. The children of Charles Cannon and Barbara Long Love are:

Mary Ellen Love

Born 22 Apr 1827, Mary E. Love married Armstead Little on 11 Oct. 1847 in Union County NC. Born 16 Mar 1826, Armstead is the son of Aaron and Mary Polk Little. Serving in CSA Co. I, 48th Reg NC, Armstead Little was killed 17 Sep 1862 in the battle of Sharpsburg VA. Mary Ellen Love Little died 26 Oct 1913 and is buried at Antioch Church in Union County. The children of Armstead and Mary Ellen Love Little are:
A. George A. Little Born 1849, George married 13 May 1880 Mary E. Rogers. Born 1851, she died 1886. George died the same year.
B. Elizabeth Little Born 11 Dec 1850, Elizabeth married 15 Dec 1872 James V. Liles. She died 6 Nov 1885.
C. Mary J. Little Born 1854, Mary J. Little married 18 Dec 1873 Joseph N. Hagler
D. Aaron A. Little Born 30 Jan 1856, Aaron Little married 12 Feb 1880 Mary Ellen Baucom. She was born 8 Jun 1856 and died May 1914. Aaron died 4 Feb 1922.
E. Martha A. Little Born 1859, Martha married first 24 Sep 1875 James I. Duncan. She married second 4 Dec 1879 Marcus Baucom
F. J. Thomas Little Born 26 Apr 1860, Thomas Little married 17 Apr 1884 Sarah Elizabeth Tarlton. She was born 6 Oct 1868 and died 28 Nov 1945. Thomas died 5 Jan 1947.

John E. Love

Born 1 Oct 1827, John E. Love married first 29 Jul 1851 Martha Garmon. Born 28 Aug 1829, Martha is the daughter of Adam and Mary Hagler Garmon of Cabarrus County. Mary Hagler is the daughter of John and Mary Love Hagler. Martha Garmon Love died 20 Apr 1858 and is buried at Zion United Methodist Church in Union County. The children of John E. and Martha Garmon Love are:
A. Adam A. Love Adam was born 1853
B. Frances Love Frances was born 1855
C. Charles C. Love Charles was born 26 Nov 1857 and died 28 Sep 1860. He is buried at Zion UMC.

John E. Love married second Mary Ann E. Efird ca. 1860 in Stanly County NC. Raised in St. Michael’s Lutheran church, she was born 16 Oct 1836 and died 18 May 1895. She is buried at St. Michael’s. John E. Love died 10 Jun 1901 and is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC. The children of John E. and Mary Ann Efird are:
A. James Love Born 1861
B. Ingram Cephas Love Born 1863
C. Dewbell Arrilla Love Born 1866, she married first John L. Furr and second 29 Nov 1917 Mumford Parker Love. Mumpford Love was born 24 Nov 1848, died 10 Apr 1939, and is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC
D. S. Caldwell Love Caldwell Love was born 1874 and married 21 Jun 1903 Ona Green in Union County.

Charles Cannon Love, Junior

Born 3 Feb 1831, Charles Cannon Love, Jr. married first Rosanna “Ressie” Little on 26 Dec 1853 in Stanly County NC. Rosanna is the daughter of Labon and Nancy Love Little. Dated 10 Aug 1862, Charles C. Love enlisted in CSA Co. I, 48th Reg. NC. He was detailed as a shoemaker in Richmond and later assigned to duty with Co. B, 2nd Bat. VA. Rosanna died _____ and is buried _______. The children of Charles and Rosanna Little Love are:
A. James F. Love Born 1856
B. Mary E. Love Born 1857
C. Charles Cannon Love III Born 25 May 1867, Charles C. Love III died 20 Oct 1934 and is buried at Zion United Methodist Church in Union County
D. Martha R. .W. Love Born 1869, Martha married 26 Mar 1884 David Alexander Price.
E. Daisy Mae Love Born 6 Jan 1886, Daisy died 25 Aug 1887
F. (Infant daughter) Born 12 Feb 1897,. She died 17 Mar 1897 and is buried at Zion UMC in Union County.

Charles Love Jr. met Franky Mullis, the daughter of Jacob and Nancy Hinson Mullis. Charles died 22 Oct 1896 and is buried at Zion United Methodist Church. The children of Charles and Franky Mullis Love are:

A. Nancy Ellen Love Born ca. 1857, Nancy married 14 Jan 1874 James E. Mullis.

James E. Love

James E. Love was born 12 Mar 1833 and married Narcisus Little on 26 Oct 1854 in Stanly County NC. Narcisus was born 19 Apr 1836, the daughter of James and Sophia Klutz Little. Narcisus died 19 Oct 1906 and is buried in the Lower Cemetery at Love’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Stanly County. James E. Love died 21 Feb 1913. He is laid to rest beside his wife. The children of James E. and Narcisus Little Love are:

The Wilt Love Family
(Back L-R) Raymond Shute Hinson & Roxie Emerline Love Hinson, Mrs. Mag Green (neighbor), Dillia Ann Hinson Love, Burnease Tarlton Hinson, James Pinkney Hinson, James "Wilts" Love.
(front l-r) Carie Tarlton Love and husband Martin Luther Love holding son Albert Love, Arthur Green (Mag's son), James Roy Love, Jason Love.

A. James Wilson "Wilts" Love Born 19 Jun 1859, died 1916 buried Antioch Baptist, Union County, James W. Love married 16 Oct 1869 in Union County Dillie Ann Hinson. Born 22 Jun 1858, she is the daughter of William B. Hinson. Dillie died 29 Jan 1924. James W. Love died earlier in 1916. James and Dillie are buried at Antioch Baptist Church in Union County.
B. Arena Love b. 1861
C. Martha Love b. 1868
D. William Hampton Love Born 17 May 1870, William H. Love married Loretta A. Green. She was born 7 May 1870, the daughter of James and Mary Love Little Green. William died 13 Jul 1942 and Loretta died 13 Jul 1949.
F. John Alexander Love John A. Love was born 1874 and married 31 Mar 1907, Minnie S. Baucom.

Thomas A. Love

Born 28 Jun 1836, Thomas married Beedy Ellen Green 12 Jan 1868 in Stanly County NC. Beedy is the daughter of John and Eliza Green. Thomas Love died 20 Jan 1907 in Stanly County. The children of Thomas A. and Beedy Green Love are:
A. Robert E. Love Born ca. 1870
B. Stonewall J. Love Born 19 Jul 1871 and died 4 Sep 1900. Stonewall J. Love is buried at Love’s Grove UMC.
C. Wade H. Love Born ca. 1873, married 24 Nov 1895 Ida Bell Dry, the daughter of D. M and Ellen Dry
D. Rettie A. Love Born ca. 1875
E. Elizar Love Born 1877
F. Mattie Love Born 1879

Elizabeth Jane Love

Born 2 Oct 1838, Elizabeth married Israel Bidwell Little 22 Mar 1860 in Stanly County NC. He was born 5 Sep 1838, the son of James and Sophia Klutz Little. Dated 25 Mar 1862, Israel B. Love enlisted in CSA Co. H, 42nd Reg NC. Enlisting in Stanly County NC, Israel deserted on 25 Jun 1863. Returning to service on 4 Oct 1863, he was accounted for through the end of the war. Elizabeth Love Little died 10 Sep 1911 and is buried at Love’s Grove United Methodist Church in Stanly County. Israel died 4 Mar 1929 and he is laid to rest beside his wife. The Children of Israel Bidwell and Elizabeth Love Little are:
A. Thomas Franklin Little Born 1860
B. Ransom B. Little Born 1862, Ransom Little married first Fannie Purser, married second Mary Lewis, and married third 12 Feb 1881 Serena Furr
C. Deberry James Little Born 7 Mar 1865 and died 13 Feb 1935, Deberry James Little married Mollie Hartsell
D. Arvena A. Little Born 1867
E. Joanna B. Little Born 1869
F. Charles Cannon Little Born 1871
G. John McCollum Little Born 1873
H. Lula B. Little Born 1876
I. Lanna I. Little Born 1878
J. Mary E. Little Born 1880


Two years after the death of Barbara Long, Charles Cannon Love married Elizabeth I. Kiker on 19 Sep 1874. Born 8 Mar 1840, Elizabeth is the daughter of Charles and Martha Cuthbertson Kiker. Charles Cannon Love died 14 Aug 1887 and is buried at Zion United Methodist Church in Union County. Elizabeth died 11 Dec 1914 and is also buried at Zion. The children of Charles Cannon and Elizabeth Kiker Love are:

Jonah A. Love

Born Aug 1875, Jonah married Lexie C. Mills on 1 Sep 1891 in Union County. The daughter of Simeon and Betsy Mills, Lexie was born ca. 1873. The children of Jonah and Lexie Mills Love are:
A. Loretta Love Born 1899
B. Vann Love Born 1905
C. Myrtle Love Born 1908
D. B. Love Born 1910
E. Janice Love Born 1913
F. Mattie Love Born 1914
G. Alan Love Born 1917

Susan Love

Born 1881, Susan married Rufus L. Griffin on 4 Apr 1897 in Union County NC. The son of ____________, Rufus was born 26 Feb 1876 and died 11 Dec 1899.

William A. Love

Born 1882, William married Maggie Kiker on 17 Sep 1900 in Union County.


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