No. 24619

WAR OF 1812

Act of Mar 9, 1878;
Mary Love,
Big Lick, N. C.
WIDOW OF James Love;
Capt Evan Wiley:
N. C. Detached Mil.
Died April 1, 1822.

Rejected Nov. 25th 1878

Received May 27, 1878.
H. H. Helpner,
N. C.


(Reverse Side)

Novr 23, 78. Atty notified of rejection of case by reason
of no service of soldier [during war] and remarriage of claimant.
C. T. W.

Claim No. 24619
Act of Mar 9, 1878
Cert. No. _______
Original case.
Reopened from
Act of _______________
War of 1812.

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Mary Love, widow of
James Love
Rank: Private
Captain Evan S. Wiley
StateNorth Carolina

Post office:Big Lick, County of Stanly, State of North Carolina
Attorney:H. H. Helper P. O.: Mocksville
County, State of North Carolina, Fee, Contract

Application filed May 27, 1878.

Alleged service {As private in Capt. Evan Wiley’s Co. N. C. Militia from 25 Jany, 1815, for 6 months.

Record evidence of service {Third Auditor reports, Oct 26, 1858, that James Love served in Capt. Evan S. Wiley’s Co. N.C. Mil. From 21 Feby to 7 March, 1815

Parole evidence of service { ______________________

Length of service No days,15 days after ratification of peace.

Proof of identity{ Identifying witnesses

Proof of loyalty______________

Admitted Rejected Nov. 23, 1878 [on grounds of no service having been rendered] to a pension of EIGHT DOLLARS per month from by soldier between time of declaration the date of war and ratification of peace; also because claimant has married since death of soldier. no

No pension previously applied for

Joseph M. Wilson., Pension Searcher.

Bounty Claim Not 84661 – 169 – 55 issued

N. E. Robinson, Bounty Land Searcher.



approved Nov. 25, 1878
W. F. Eaton,


WAR OF 1812
Claim of Widow for Pension, under the Provisions of Sections 4736 to 4740 inclusive Revisited Statutes, and the Act of March 9, 1878

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State of North Carolina

On this______ day of May 15th, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight personally appeared before me, (1) Mary Love aged 85 years, a resident of Stanly County, in the state of N. Carolina, who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is a widow of (2) James Love deceased, who was the identical (3) James Love, who served under the name of (4) James Love as a (5) private in the company commanded by Captain Evan Wileyin the NC regiment of Detached Militia commanded by Col. Irwin in the war of 1812; that her said husband (6) Drafted at Concord Cabarrus Co on or about the 25 day of January, A. D. 1815, for the term of 6 months and continued in actual service in said war for the term of (7) 14 days, and whose service terminated, by reason of (8) Discharge at Wadesboro on the ______ day of ___, A.D. 1815. She further states that the following is a full description of her said husband at the time of enlistment, viz: (9) ______________________________________________. She further states that she was married to the said James Love, at the city (or town) of _____________________, in the county of Cabarrus, and in the State of N C. on the 20th day of April A. D. 1814, by one (10)John Speers , who was a (11) Justice of Peace and that her name before her said marriage was Mary Tucker, and that she has not remarried since the death of the said soldier; and she further states that (12) neither her said husband nor herself was formerly married and that her said husband (13) James Love, died at Rocky River, the State of N. C., on the 1st day of April, A. D. 1822; and she further declares that the following have been the places of residence of herself and her said husband since the date of his discharge from the Army, viz:(14) Cabarrus and Stanly Counties, N.C.

She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the pension to which whe may be entitled under the provisions of Sections 4736 to 4740 inclusive Revised Statutes, and the Act of March 9, 1878, and hereby constitutes and appoints with full power of substitution and revocation H H Helpner of Mocksville, Davie Co. NC her true and lawful attorney, to prosecute her claim and she further declares that she has heretofore made an application for (15) Bounty Land and received the same and that her residence is No. ____________________ street, city (or town) of ____________ county of Stanly, State of N. Carolina, and that her post-office address is Big Lick, Stanly County N.C.

Mary (X_ Love (claimant’s Signature)

Attest:William R. Honeycutt
George H. Hunycutt

N. B. __All the blank spaces in this form must be carefully filled up in accordance with the instructions on the back hereof: and from the best information possessed, or obtainable, by the applicant.

(Reverse Side)

Also personally appeared George H. Honeycutt, aged 50 years, residing at No. _______, _____________Street, in Stanly County, and William Honeycutt, aged 45 45 years, residing at No. _________________, _________________ Street, in Stanly County, persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, and who being by me duly sworn, say that they have known the said Mary Love for 40 to 35 years, respectively; that they were present and saw her sign her name (or maker her mark) to the foregoing declaration; that they have every reason to believe, from the appearance of said claimant and heir acquaintance with her, the she is the identical person she represents herself to be; and they further say that they are able to identify her as the person who was the wife of the identical (16) James Love, who rendered the service alleged in the above application (in the company of Captain _____________________, in the regiment of __________________, in the war of 1812) by the following-named facts and circumstances, viz: (17) That of general report and the fact that she ????? Bounty Land for services of her said husband and that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim.

George H. Hunnycutt
William R. Honeycutt

SWORN TO and subscribed before me this 15th day of May, A.D. 1878 and I hereby certify that the contents of the above declaration, & c., were fully made known and explained to the applicant and witnesses before swearing, including the words ___________, erased, and the words _______________, added; and that I have no interest, direct of indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.

S. A. Morton
Justice of the Peace for
Stanly County


State of North Carolina
County of Stanly

I hereby certify that S. A. Morton whose jenuine signature is written to the above certificate is an acting Justice of Peace for Stanly County duly authorized to administer oaths and I also certify that Doctor Richard Anderson is well known to me to be a physician in good standing. Also that the family record of the applicant in the above case was this day exhibited before me and that the following is a true and correct copy of the marriage and death of James Love: - “James Love and Mary Tucker was married April 20th 1814. James Love died April 1st 1822”

J. M. ??????, clerk Superior Court for Stanly County NC

-------- * --------

Marriage. ___________________________________

Proof as to capacity to marry. _______________________________

Death of Soldier _________________________________

Widowhood. ___________________________________

-------- * --------

Papers in B. L. case of Mary Brooks show that she obtained a B. L. W. as widow of James Love, who died in 1822, and she afterwards married David Brooks who died in 1812. Declaration made before Justice of the Peace; informal medical certificate furnished.

Big Lick, Stanly County N. C.
May the 15, 1878

This is to certify that I am well aquainted with Mary Love a resident of this county and who has made application for a Pension, and know from personal knowledge that she is unable to go to the Court House in Albemarle in this County a distance of at least 15 miles to make her application by reason of old age and bodily infirmity.

Richard A. Anderson