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Here's where you get to read and see what's been being updated on my site..

February 4. 2000

~So, I finally have a chance to update my site. I'm sooo sorry about taking sooo long. The reason was b-cuz I didn't have anymore spaces to put anything on my site, so I had to wait till angelfire gives me more free space.

~~I've posted up a rumor about AJ & Amanda. Some exciting news reguarding Brian & Leighanne, and some shocking news about Nick & Mandy. I'm trying to add some pics I got from a bsb fan. But I'm having trouble with it. Hopefully I'll get it post up soon.

~~~Let see, a fan sent me an email telling me what the last word of Nick's pharse is in my facts section, and she also corrected the chinese words on AJ's arm. So check that out.

Well, that's it for today.


November 5 1999

~Well I did it! I finished what I said I would. I did all the bios, including the girl in Nick's life's bios... I put up little bios of each girl.

~~I also posted up all the lyrics!!! All of the songs on there, including the Millennium album songs!!!

~~~So, I had a little trouble with my new section with Nick's girl, but not to worry, it's fixed now

* *Okay, I'm outtie. I think I'll be updated my site after the concert on November 11th here in Toronto. I'll be to despressed to work on this site or even think straight. So, please understand... * *


November 3 1999

~Hey everyone! S'up? Well, I'm updating my site. Well, I'm trying to anyways, considering I had such a BAD weekend. All weekend I've been PISSED off.. Everyone pissing me off... Ok.... enuff about me, so I've added a new section called "The Girlz In Nick'z Life" If you wanna know what it's all about, then go check it out.

~~Also, I've added some simple info in the main page, I'm talking about the yellow text part.

~~~I'm actually trying to finish up my site, like complete the sections such as the Bioz, Lyricz, 'n' what-ever else I needs to complete. But it'll probably take some time. But I'll finish it by the end of the week for sure.

~~~*So, did everyone have a GOOD Halloween? Got lots CANDIES? Not me, I stayed home... *


October 21 1999

~Did new info in main page


Sept. 25. 99

~Well, you see instead of having to click on sooo many pictures to just get from da index pic to the main page, I have made it just as simple as one click. Isn't it better now?

~~Also, I added my opinion on da new BSB video.


Sept. 14. 99

~All I did today was added a new section called "Reviews" There I posted up my opinions about any BSB appearances, or performaces or anything like that. So far I have up my opinions on the MTV performance they did.


Sept. 5. 99

~I've added a new section called "A Message from the BSB" It's where you can read emails that BSB have sent me

~~I've also added a new section called "A BSB STORY" That's where I posted the story I wrote about the BSB. So, if you really feel like reading a story, then that's your place to be.

~~~New pics of the boys are in the images section. Pics are as recent as you can get.


Sept. 2. 99

~Well, I've updated the shedule cuz of course it was changed.

~~I've also added Howie's bio. I still gotta do the rest.
Well, that's all for tonight. I mean it's late and I'm tired. I'll finished tomorrow or something. aight?

*Sept 2*

Hey everyone! Well, sorry I haven't updated my site in such a long time. But it wasn't my fault. My damn computer screwed up on me, so I couldn't do anything with it. Finally I got it fixed, so chill. I'm here.. Tee-hee.. Hope you didn't miss me that much. I totally couldn't wish Howie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on his b-day all cuz of my stupid ass computer, grrrr... I feel sooooo bad.. So, here I just could say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HOWIE!! I love you!!!


Backstreet Boys on cover of TV Hits

Summer Special

Backstreet Boys Millennium Speical Part 2

August 1, 1999

Backstreet Boys Day - MTV Europe

August 3, 1999

Nick will be in a movie "FINAL FANTASY" based on the game

Year 2000 - Role: CLOUD STIFF

Seventeen Teen Choice Awards

August 12, 1999 - ABC
August 19, 1999 - FOX

Backstreet Boys: Coming Home (repeat)

August 21, 1999

Backstreet Boys' Kevin Takes You Flying

Teen People - August Issue 1999

Backstreet Boys exclusive CD Rom

for Sears available in Teen People (Aug '99)

Backstreet Boys signed a seven-figure deal for their own line of clothes at Sears "Back To School" commercial

MTV Music Awards

September 9, 1999
vote for them on MTV

Backstreet Boys Christmas Album



updated: August 1st.

~ added baby pics of aj, brian 'n' kevin
~ south park pic (very cute)

updated: July 21.

~interesting news!!!!!

updated: July 3rd.

~added pics of aj, brian, 'n' kevin

updated: July 1st. HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! (if ur a Canadian dat is.. tee-hee)

~ added baby pics of howie 'n' nick
~ added pics of howie 'n' nick