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Love & War


He was walking home from buying his present for his love one,

walking proudly and smiling. A man in a black cape wearing a mask came walking behind. So he started walking faster and faster. The man behind then starts to run. He then ran down the block and saw a police car. He ran towards the car. The man still running after him. Still running trying not to look back, he ran to the car. No one was there. He screamed, "HELP, Somebody HELP!" He looked around, no one was in sight. Couldn't see the man in the black cape, he started to catch his breath. Then he ran home, it was dark in the house, no lights on, the curtains were closed, and no one was home. He went up to the stairs of his front porch and unlock the door with his key. He walks in, reaches for the light switch, as he was about to push the light switch, someone grabbed his hand, "AHHHHHHH!" he screamed. "SHHHHH, it's me!" whispered his younger sister. "I forgot my keys, so I got in the back door, it was open. What's wrong with you tonight, man? Well whatever you're up to, I'll be out of your way soon. I'm just home to change, and I'm going back out," explained his sister. Walking away without saying a word, he walked upstairs. Went into his room, without turning on the lights walked over and turned on the music, blasted. He went and lay on his bed and relaxed. As he closes his eyes feeling all relaxed, a hand reached out and grabbed his neck. He quickly got a hold of the hand, but it was choking him. Trying to release the hand, he yelled, "Stop it, you stupid asswipe! Aren't you suppose to be gone by now?" No respond. He looked up and realized it wasn't his sister, it was the man in the cape. He tried to wrestle his way out, but the man took out a knife and pushed it right into his gorgeous blue eyes. Then the man stabbed the knife right through his neck. And took it back out and started stabbing him on his muscular body. He was in too much pain to do anything. In no time, he couldn't move, he tried to reach for the phone, he tried to get up, but couldn't. He was in too much pain, blood were just spilling out of his body. He couldn't breathe, he took one last look at the man. As the man whispered, "Can't say I didn't warned you, you fucker. This will teach you not to mess with me!" He was losing sight. Slowly and slowly he could only see darkness. Then he completely lost sight. Left in the darkness of sight, he was no longer breathing or moving. He was DEAD!

Then his sister opens up the door, it was pure

darkness, so she reaches for the light switch, and screamed, "Well, I'm out, see ya…" Then looking at her brother's dead body on the bed, she screamed with horror, "AHHHHHHHHH! OH MY GOD!!!!!"