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Well, u see dis is where u get 2 read a story dat

I wrote about da BSB. Honestly, I started dis way back. I was talkin' 2 a friend of mines one night on da phone & I started telling her dis crazy story 'bout us & da Backstreet Boys, & she started laughing her guts off. She couldn't stop laughing. Then she told me 2 write out da story, & so I did. But I totally lost dat story now. But from then on, I started writin' story 'bout BSB & my fave bands like 98*. Here's a story dat I've written last, like 'bout a year & a half ago. I never got 2 finished writing dis story, but I've let friends read it, & even my boyfriend who doesn't like da BSB or doesn't wanna read my story cuz he thought it was one of those stupid novels obsession stories 'bout BSB like I used 2 write. But I made him read this one & he actually thought it was good. So, I want ya'll 2 read it & let me know what u think. Please email me & let me know, if you don't like it, then I won't continue showing it on my site. But if you like it, let me know. I'll be posting one chapter per month. So, keep coming back for more chapters.

My story is called "LOVE & WAR". It's a story dat

involves da BSB of course, along wit 98* & all my friends who like da BSB. So far da two girls who is in da story is me who plays Jewel (AJ's sister, Nicky's ex-girlfriend & Tiffany's best friend) & my best friend, Tammy who plays Tiffany (AJ's girlfriend, Jewel's best friend, Nicky's cousin, & Howie's sister). The rest of the guys play themselves, for example:

Nick Carter plays Nicky (Tiffany's cousin)

Howie plays Howie (Tiffany's brother, & AJ's best friend)

AJ plays AJ (Tiffany's boyfriend, Jewel's brother)

Nick Lachey plays Nick (Jewel's friend & Drew's brother)

Drew Lachey plays Drew. (Jewel's new love interest & Nick's brother)

I really hope dat ya'll who reads dis story just

2 take a minute & email me 2 let me know what u think of my story. It would really mean a lot. Cuz I wrote dis story myself, I didn't get it from anywhere, its from my heart & my own imagination, & I really would like 2 know if I'm doin' a good job.

B4 u read, I would just like 2 say dat dis is NOT a true story, it

doesn't mean nothing, I just MADE IT ALL UP!!!