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Well, I've decided to add this section, so I can talk about my thoughts on any awards or performances or any appearances I saw on the BSB. If you have an opinion and would like to talk about it, then email me and I'll post it up in here. Aighty?

I've seen for the first time the new bsb video last night. I know it's been out for a while, cuz my bestfriend and my boyfriend have seen it, but I didn't. Well, I FINALLY seen it last night on Muchmusic's Countdown. Okay, here's my opinion on it.. Umm.. it's not all that good.. Maybe some of you might think it is, but I don't. I mean, in a way it's good, just in it's own little way, I mean after all it's a bsb video, so of course it's good, but I don't really like it. That's my point. I mean... it's the same with everyone else with this millennium thingy going on.. I mean, I didn't like their performance at the MTV awards, and this video is bacially the same thing, so ya know what my opinion is.

Okay, so I saw the BSB performance at the MTV awards. Actually I missed it on THURSDAY (9.9.99) the day it air. I totally forgot it was coming on, and plus I was with my boyfriend. Anyway, luckily Muchmusic had a repeat on it on Sunday night. So, I watched it then. Well, yeah. BSB won the VIEWERS CHOICE award. They were great, but the performance? I personally did not like it. I thought it was a bad performance. Sorry to say, but they looked and acted like they were on drugs or something. And Nick? Whoa, what's with the rocker style, and AJ? Okay, AJ, that was just WRONG!! WRONG WRONG WRONG. What was he wearing??? That is definitely something a guy would not be caught dead in. Good one AJ!!! And Howie... My beloved, Howie.. the hair??? Whoa, what's he trying to prove? But hey gotta admit, it looked better on Howie, then it was on AJ when AJ had his hair braided also. Kevin? I just kinda don't like Kevin, not that I hate him, I can't hate a Backstreet boy, I just don't... what's the word? umm... I just had a problem with him, why? Cuz I totally think that he looks like one of my ex-boyfriend. They actually look kinda alike, and that's why Kevin's just not really close to my liking. Brian, he just looks the same all the time, which makes him the sane one of them all. Well, they were of course so obviously sitting with their girlfriends in the audience. AJ was with Amanda?? I thought they broke up?? Ummm... Did they get back together?? umm.. Maybe, he even said "Baby I love you" along with his thanks when he was up on stage. Well, that's my thought. Anyone have a different opinion??? Email me and let me know what is it, and I'll post it up in here