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ThE gIrLz In NiCk'Z lIfe

Did you ever wonder who Nick loves the most? Or who's the girl in his life right now? Or who's that special someone?

Well, I know the answer to those questions. And if you want, I'll tell you right now exactly who they are. No rumors, no jokes, no lies, here are some pics of girls who Nick loves very much. See if you look like any of them

Girl # 1 .....

Girl # 2 .....

Girl # 3 .....

So, now I bet you wanna know there Names eh?

Okay, girl # 1's name is Leslie Carter She is Nick's 13 year old sister...

Girl # 2 is BJ Carter who's also Nick's younger sister, but Leslie's older sister.

Girl # 3 is.... the one who's twins with the one and only Aaron Carter. Her name is Angel carter She's the youngest sister of Nick's.

Here's a pic of them, don't they look sooo adorable?

Judy D (

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