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DiD yA eVeR gEt SoMeThInG fRoM a BsB cOnCeRt??? If Ya DiD, yOu CoUlD sEnD mE a PiCtUrE oF iT & I'LL pUt It Up On Ma PaGe....

HeReS sOmEtHiNg I GoT fRoM oNe Of Da BsB coNcErTs DaT I wEnT 2. iT's NiCk CaRteR's BoTTlE.

*Some of you might not believe me dat it's NICK's bottle, but think about it. Why would I lie??? I'm not stupid enough to take a bottle & worship it. But it's totally up to you if you wanna believe me or not. But I have NO reason to lie.*

Here's a pic of Kevin that I took while I was at the hotel the Backstreet Boys stayed at when they came to Toronto awhile ago. It's not a good pic, but it's KEVIN alright...

Judy D (

~*No info or pics are to be taken without my permission first.*~