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Well, you obviously came here to see who the BSB are dating right? Well, you've came to the right place. Just let me tell you, all informations, all pics are not rumors. They are true. It is totally up to you if you believe me or not. I am personally happy for them. I mean, when I first found out, I admit I was really upset, especially the fact that HOWIE has a girlfriend. HOWIE!!! The one I totally love. But then I've realized. Okay, why am I gonna sit here and be miserable, when I can be the fan that I am, & be totally happy for them. They are just like everyone else, they are human beings, & they definitly deserve to be happy. & all you fans should be happy for them too, be happy for the fact that they have found some to love them, and someone that returns that love to them. It's a really great feeling to be in love, & I think that if anyone deserve to find love, it's the Backstreet Boys.. They have made US all so happy by their music and by being who they are. It's time for them to be happy too with someone to share their happiness with. If you wanna call yourself the biggest fan, or what ever, do yourself a favor, just be happy & not miserable cuz of the fact that they have girlfriends. I don't know if I made any sense, but I think I did.

This is Brian & his girlfriend, "LEIGHANNE"

This is Nick's girlfriend, "MANDY"

This is Kevin & his girlfriend

This is AJ & his girlfriend, "AMANDA" Well, AJ have admitted on YTV's LIST at an interview (in May) that he has broken up with Amanda..

AJ's New Love!!! This is AJ's new girlfriend, Christine

This is Howie's girlfriend, "CLAUDIA"

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