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**hOwIe DoRoUgH**

Name: Howard Dwaine Dorough

Stage Name: Howie D

Nicknames: Sweet D, Latin Lover

Birth date: August 22, 1973

Birth place: Orlando, Florida

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Parents: Hoke & Paula

Sibings: John, Polyanna, Caroline & Angie

Height: 5'6

Weigh: 135lbs


City: New York, LA, & London

Actor/Actress: Tom Hanks/Demi Moore

Drink: Ginger Ale

Food: Fish & Chips/Oriental

Car: Corvette

Colour: Purple

Item of Clothing: Waist Coats

Book: The Firm by John Grisham

Movie: The Outsiders

School Subject: Math

Bands/Musicans: Jon Secada, Prince, Philip Bailey, & Boys II Men

Prized Possession: Family

Total Talent: Trained jazz, tap, and ballet

Turn On: Positivity and ambition

Rad fact: Ultra nice, he goes out of his way not to hurt anyone's feelings (awww.. Howie is sooo sweet)

Secret Interest: International cuisine

Cruises in a: Corvette


WhO's WhO?