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AnGeL cArTeR

Full Name: Angel Chrisma "Barbara" Carter

Birthdate: December 07 1987

Birthplace: Tampa General Hospital, Florida

Residence: Ruskin, Florida

Brother: Nick & Aaron

Sisters: Leslie & BJ

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Pets: Dogs (Pepper, Salty and Simba), Cats (Bandit, Rocky, Roxy, Sam, Sugar, Hyper)

School: Ruskin Elementary School (she likes school and she is good at it)

Height: 4'8"

Fave Sport: Soccer

Fave sSnger: Robyn

Fave Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Fave Actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Fave Song: Let the music heal your soul (Bravo all stars)

Crush: She thinks Brian is cute