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Obsessed Fan Checklist

Ok, here is the beginning of an obsessed fan checklist. Send us what you or your friends have done. Even if you don't do every single on of these doesn't mean your not a true fan.

Ways to tell if YOU'RE an obsessed fan

10. Make a Webpage.
9. Got 100% on our quiz.
8. Can recite all the words to every song.
7. Can recite all the words to the spanish versions.
6. Know all the dance routines they do.
5. Collect every scrap of memorabilia possible.
4. Have pets named after the BSB (ex: kittens named Frick and Frack)
3. You can't remember what color your walls are because of all the posters you have covering them.
2. Recruit fans daily (parents, siblings, strangers, lonely old people walking in the park, etc.)
1. You think about marrying Nick or AJ but quickly come to realize that Stef and Tara are going to marry Nick and AJ, there's always Brian, Howie, Kevin, and ::GAG:: Nstinc.

Disclaimer: Just because this list is in existance does ::*wink wink*::... DOESN'T mean that we do everything on this list.