What do their Faces mean?


Nick's full lips reveal the he is a person who loves to talk. Ask him something simple like directions to a hotel, and he'll give you a tour of the entire area.
Wide-set eyes mean that Nick is a laid-back and way tolerent of other people and cultures. That's why he does especially well when he travels with the band on the road.
Nick's square forehead indicates that he loves starting new projects and being on the move. His mind is always set on fast-forward. The downside is that he may occasionall leave things unfinished.
Nick's narrow jaw says that he isn't all that bossy or authoritative. He's more likely to sit back and let the others take the lead~like maybe kevin?
The curved bridge on Nick's nose says that he is a super-creative individual.


Brian's vertical forehead indicates that he likes to go through any process step by step. He is very methodical (no jumping around for him)~and he doesn't like to be rushed into judgment. He likes things planned out precisely, from a date with a special girl to a normal night out with friends.
Thin hair (though Brian has lots of it) means he is a highly sensative soul, and that his feelings can be easily hurt.
Brian's thin lips say that he has trouble verbalizing how he feels, like Kevin. That doesn't mean that he doesn't want to express himself, though. It just means that he will always have to work on being able to get things off his chest.
Brian's uneven ears say that he is a charmer who has an amazing sense of humor. He's also equally skilled at making all sorts of people around him feel totally at ease.
High cheekbones say that Brian has a very high sense of morals. Don't expect him to be easily swayed from the good, honest path he has carved out for himself.


AJ's vertical forhead means that he is a quick thinker who can make decisions that he's comfortable with in seconds. This quality probably comes in handy when the guys can't come to a decision quickly.
The relatively small space between AJ's eyes and eyebrows means that he is not a person who trusts easily. Friends and business associates alike must win his confidence before they expect him to confide in them.
AJ's close-set eyes say that he likes to be on time. It also means that he isn't tolerant of sloppy work.
His strong, straight nose says that he has an honest soul. It also says he likes to be the boss.
AJ's very angular face and pointed features say that he is a very happy person who can easily identify and go for his goals, personally or professionally.


Howie's roundish forehead indicates that he like the status quo-no quick changes for him. It also means that he likes the conforts of home.
Exposed eyelids mean that Howie likes to cut straight to the point. No long, drawn out discussions for him. One of the plus sides of this trait is that Howie knows how to get people to open up easily.
Howie's thin strands of hair mean that he is very sensitive, not only emotionally but physically. That means loud noises or unpleasant smells affect him more than they would, say, Kevin.
The relatively large space between Howie's eyes and eyebrows mean that he is a very forgiving person.
Howie's big irises mean that he is oh-so-sensitive. If he becomes your friend, you've got him for good!


Kevin's big beautiful irises mean that he feels emotion deeply, and that he tends to fall in love in lightening speed.
His small, longish lips indicate a reserved, oh-so-private person who has a tendency to keep the many things going on inside under wraps.
Kevin's close-set eyes say that he is someone who is very focused. It also means that he can get irritated easily if interrupted!
Kevin's lush locks say that he loves the great outdoors much better than the confinement of a four-star hotel. They also indicate that he likes his music loud and that he has a strong, sexy voice (bingo!!).
A strong jaw reveals that Kevin is highly authoritative. You can bet that the goys look to him for leadership and advice-and that he gives it with ease.

Source:Entertainment Magazine
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