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Identifying and Pricing Dolls

Identifying Dolls:

Over the last 20 years, several experts have written books, magazine articles, and websites identifying fashion dolls, particularly BarbieŽ Doll and friends, and their accessories. Not only are these sources helpful in identifying the name of the doll or accessory, but they may also give you an idea of the value of your item.

Click here for a listing of books to help you identify your dolls and accessories.


Pricing of the BarbieŽ Doll and accessories depends on condition, visual appearance, and box condition (when you have the box.) .

Many collectors and dealers rely on online auctions to buy and sell fashion dolls. Many post pictures on their item pages. Go to Ebay for one of the largest selections of online fashion doll items for sale. Searching Ebay is a good source for identifying your items and seeing what prices the items are actually selling for.

Miller's Fashion Dolls Magazine ceased publishing in 2000, but back issues of the magazine have a pricing guide in them. Miller's is also an excellent resource for learning about your items. Look for back issues at doll and toy shows.

The Millers published an updated price guide in late fall of 2000! Miller's Fashion Doll Price Guide includes BarbieŽ Doll, Gene , Tyler, and other fashion dolls. The newest edition is larger and more inclusive than any of the older editions. The book is available through mail order at Sandi Holder's Doll Attic and My Favourite Doll. Check your local bookstore or other doll shops for a copy.

Barbie Bazaar Magazine issued a price guide in 1998. Each monthly issue includes prices for some dolls. Click here to go to their website.

Denise Van Patten is the Guide to Doll Collecting at She is putting up an online price guide to dolls of all makes, including Barbie Dolls. Click here to go directly to the price guide page. The url for Doll Collecting at is

It is important to inventory your dolls and keep track of the value, not only for selling purposes, but also for insurance purposes. If there is a doll or toy & hobby show in your area, check and see if a doll appraiser will be offering free appraisals. Otherwise, you might need to see an expert in BarbieŽ Doll appraisal, or try to assign values yourself.

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