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Starting a Club

Okay, so you are interested in starting a Fashion Doll Club.

Where do you start?

1. Identify your purpose in forming a club.

Do you want to get together with other collectors to share information or make field trips?

Are you interested in selling your doll products to other people?

Do you want to do community service projects?

Do you want your club to become a national force and work towards hosting a convention or sponsoring a doll show?

Defining your purpose will help you explain to members what the scope of the club is.

Some points to consider:

2. Decide where the club will meet.

Some points to consider:

3. If you want your club to function properly, you will probably need to elect officers and write by-laws.

Some points to consider:

4. Publicizing the club, or How do I Find Members?

5. Club activities

These are some suggestions for club activities. For more information about Clubs, look at articles from Barbie Bazaar.

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