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       Currently I attend SBC, a school in the middle of the Virginia mountains. It's a little school with about 600 girls and lots of horsies! The schooling is pretty good, too. The class sizes are usually pretty small. For example, my German class had 3 girls in it last semester. There isn't really a whole lot to do around campus though-- nor outside campus. You must drive about half an hour to get to the mall, the good walmart, and some good restaurants. Walmart is most popular hangout in Lynchburg, the city right outside Sweet Briar, it seems.

Yay, Vixens!!! ^_^



        Next year I will be going to Germany German! Inventive I know. So, I'll be back to SBC the following year, ready to slide down hills on cafeteria trays, be annoyed by those stupid tap clubs, and go to walmart weekly!


       I used to go to Unc but it just didn't work out. I don't know, usually fires, flying furniture, and rampant rapists aren't good.