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Vatican Museums-Hellenistic Sculpture (Lacoon and His Sons)

Description of Laocoon and his sons

Fall of Troy

El Greco, Grove Art

Laokoon, Grove Art

The Library Sources

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The Aim/ Thesis

The aim of this paper currently is the discussion and analysis of the painting along with the comparison with the Hellenistic Sculpture of the same subject matter, Lancoon and his Sons. The Hellenistic Sculpture comparison is the vital element to the thesis since it allows us to see the differences between those whose myth it was and the more modern interpretation of it through the eyes of the baroque period.

New Painting Subject

Luca Giordano Neapolitan, 1634 - 1705 Diana and Endymion, c. 1675/1680 oil on canvas, 1.492 x 1.640 m (58 3/4 x 64 9/16 in.) Gift of Joseph F. McCrindle in memory of Mr. and Mrs. J. Fuller Feder and in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of the National Gallery of Art
1991.20.1 Diana and Endymion


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Catholic Encylopedia

Greek Mythology

Encyclopedia Mythica


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