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Anita's Little World


This site dedicated to my three beautiful daughters,
Tonya Dee, Don'a Christal and Melissa Dawn.
Whom by all my smiles are made.

Forever and a Day, I Will Love You All.

Hello, My name is Anita
and this is my so-called place in this big ole world.

I would like to take you within, My Little World.
A place I have created to show others just how important it is to Stop Abuse.

A place many people, young and old have been and yet wish they could forget forever. This place I'm speaking about is called, Abuse.
A trip/ place that many can learn from and yet many continue to travel again and again by leaving the horrid legacy with their families to carry on yet, another generation.
The trip I'm talking about is "ABUSE"

Abuse, any kind of abuse can leave you in pain and with many "horrid and lasting" memories.
Memories that can  torment you a lifetime. Popping up when least expected and yet often taking safety and hiding away back in your mind like they never existed.

Sexual, Mental and Physical Abuse is in our world today, and it needs to be Stopped.
Abuse is not a new trip, but a trip where no one would enjoy going to. It has been touching the lives of thousands each day, hour and often minutes and many times touching the life's of those too young to protect themselves.
Our Children
Please visit the page "a small angel who was abused" to see how a small child was abused
These children know no other life, but that which is filled with the pain of abuse. These children grow up feeling unloved, and often they in return become abusers themselves.
This legacy is still being passed from generation to generation...even today.

I can only pray when you take this trip with me into my Little World, you can learn from it and share it with others whom you may feel are victims of, abuse too.

Help me to help protect those
who are too young to protect themselves.
"The Children" Please, Let's Stop Child Abuse
Look at the links and take note of them incase you need them, even for others.REMEMBER: The small ones can't speak for themselves. They need someone who cares to speak for them, It can be YOU!! They are tiny, please open up and yell for help for them.

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Updated June.2, 2010

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